Do you miss "dressing up" for the meetings?

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  • ~Question With Boldness~
    ~Question With Boldness~

    You know, I dress up when I go to church now. It is much more enjoyable and I WANT to dress up now that I don't HAVE to. I HATED it when we went to KH...

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    There was an alternative to the tie. I haven't seen one in a while. The ascot was worn instead of a tie. It was a man's scarf (a foulard or paisley print usually) that men worse loosely with an open necked shirt. I don't know how old ascots are. They seemed to come from Britain in the 1950s and 1960s. It was never an American custom. The Americans I saw were in the arts and lived in LA or NY.

    With all these cable stations, there is much more British programming and I have not noticed one. It seemed to work between casual and formal. I feel bad for men wearing ties. Of course, they haven't tried walking in heels, let alone stilletos.

    Once I was young, and people were obsessed with the baby boomers. Somewhere i crossed a line where you must spend most of your conversation with younger people establishing a reference point. I always thought those nursing home reminiscene groups were hokey. Time has changed my opinion.

  • NewChapter

    I think bolos were American alternatives to ties.

  • TheWanderer

    I wore a bolo tie once, it just felt weird, I was so used to the traditional necktie.

    But wearing a suit & tie from around age 5 until 19? Yes, I actually do miss it a bit. My crew at work used to have Formal Friday - since they wear casual clothes anyway (for the work we do), they would dress UP on Friday.. slacks, tie, suit coat.. very stylish. Unfortunately, when they started wearing top hats and walking canes, the owners decided it was too much and put a stop to it, sigh.

    It would be a little strange having a necktie on again, but I wouldn't mind being all dressed up again. Kind of twisted, I know, lol...

  • its_me!

    Bwaaaahahahahahaha! No. I do not miss it at all. I was a tall thin girl and no matter what I wore I always got called onto the carpet or into the library for it because there were two older frumpy sisters who were pioneers and "pillars of the congregation" who always had a problem with it. They were mother and daughter and the father was an elder, (a very corrupt one at that). I really tried to be as modest as possible. Never anything above the knee. Never anything skin tight. It didn't seem to matter. I only dress up for weddings, funerals and job interviews now. I love my jeans and tees! That is something that I forgot to mention in the thread about "Gee isn't it great not to be a witness" moments.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I used to wear short skirts. They were longer than what I wore to school. I was in high school and fashion forward. When my father died, my mom let me purchase ultra short skirts from a Greenwich Village boutique. I still have them after all these decades. Ny was so different. It seemed I was one of the first in NJ to wear blue jeans, bell bottoms, Beatle garb. I had groupies and opponents. I had a part time job and I routinely switched from my well worn jeans into a short skirt. I always wore tights, never stockings. No one said anything at the KH but it was toned down. It was not routine Witness apparel.

    I have a question. If a woman wore very corporate attire, say skirted suits and carried a nice leather briefcase, would she in trouble for behaving too much like a man?

  • wallsofjericho

    I like looking sharp in a suit. Hate the constant changing of clothes from casual to suit and back to casual.

    My past and present experience is that most JW's wear ugly suits and ties, if not ugly then old and blah.

    half the bro's in my KH still wear double breasted suits! I don't think those have even been sold at stores for over 10 years now.

    and often you see unironed, wrinkly puffy collars that should have long ago been tossed in the bin, but they keep wearing them. Those and their worn in "meeting shoes".... you know, the "good black shoes" they own - that are worn right through the finish at the toe and the sould is completely smooth? ya, those shoes.

  • thetrueone

    Do you miss "dressing up" for the meetings?

    Absolutely not, wearing a tie for most men is just uncomfortable and most suits can be uncomfortable to wear as well.

    Particularly so in the summer when things get hot.

    The question of apparel was always a big thing in Kingdom Halls.

    The WTS. wanted their own sales representatives looking their best always, presenting an image for the public to see and observe.

    To the way you groomed your hair even to the colors of your cloths.

    And god doesn't like woman to wear pant suits. This is detestable and disgusting in god's eyes.

    And he doesn't like men to wear beards even though that was his own creation for men.

  • besunny
  • C6H12O6
    C6H12O6 I miss wearing the congregation's "hand me downs?"


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