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  • misguided

    ...has very much appreciated Farkel's input over the years. Hope he ignores the idiots and continues with his life story, I would sure like to hear more... and thanks for your window-washing advise, Farkel, I never actually got the art of window cleaning until you explained it to me.

    ...and I knew many JW window-washers and janitors in the org. I even worked for one for a while (janitor-office cleaning in North Vancouver) he was originally a teacher in Saskatchewan. Never knew why they moved to BC to be a janitor, until he sexually abused me, once while at work.

    ...I think the point of the window-washer thing is not that you can make a lot of money doing widow-cleaning, janitorial work, because obviously you can; I think the derogatory statement about JWs being these things is that many of these people could have been so much more - they may have been able to make a difference if they were able to get an education. Kind of like 'bandontherun'. Spelling mistakes happen, but the poster has valuable things to say.

    Myself included, I may have made more money being a janitor, but I am so much happier doing the work I`m doing now, ten years after finally getting my college degree. (and I do make good money) It`s not all about money, it`s about respect and self-confidence.

  • garyneal

    I went over to one witness's house and he was a janitor for Ferguson Enterprises. (A company that I thought made those super fantastic toilets Al Bundy loves.)

    Then, at an assembly, I recall them making an example of someone who, in spite of doing well in High School, gave up his chances to go to college and instead decided to work in his father's window washing business so he can spend more time pioneering. I remember thinking, what a waste.

    I agree, window washing is an honest job and I don't put down anyone who does it. I just don't like how the society makes an example of these people like that. Where are the examples of doctors, lawyers, teachers, people who worked hard to get a degree and can be very valuable members of the society?

    This kind of propaganda works against me as I am trying to encourage my wife to complete her studies at the University and attain her Bachelor's Degree. Inspite of my repeatedly telling her that it will pay off in the long run, she just does not see it that way. Our only saving grace is she is required to finish it or else she will have to pay off all her grant money in the form of a student loan.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    If you are in a USA congregation, chances are greater than 95% that you have a window washer (or other sort of janitorial worker) in your congregation. If you deny having any, chances are great that you're full of crap. There's the slight chance you're being honest but it's unlikely. No offense intended for doubting you but the odds aren't favor of your being honest.

    As for using it in a derogatory way, derogatory means "Showing a critical or disrespectful attitude" according to an online dictionary. Respect needs to be earned and the "elder arrangement" demands that the flock respect their authority as shepherds and wise counselors even though their education and career expertise do not merit such respect. They deserve a critical response.

    So I don't think any of us really disrespect professionals of the custodial arts. We disrespect people who are in the custodial arts who demand our respect as shepherds and wise counselors, careers they are untrained and unqualified for.

  • aquagirl

    One of the most attractive men that Ive ever met is an exjw window washer.he likes being his own boss,being outside and being active.I see nothing wrong w/it.Or him.Not at all.Makes me wish that I had some windows to

  • poopsiecakes

    Just poking my head in to share this smiley

    carry on

  • blondie

    Surprisingly enough, I have not been in every congregation, but the last 3 I attended are in an area with several large universities, professional businesses, strong trade unions, government agencies, etc., where the jws in those congregations worked. I knew of some in cleaning in a couple of nearby congregations but not the ones I attended. But there is not a preponderance of men (or women) working as window washers. A couple run large cleaning services and pay a living wage to all their employees, not just jws. As to part-time, there are a large bank of good paying jobs partly due to the government agencies in the area where the pioneers I know of work.

  • GrandmaJones

    Why are people tagging on Farkel? What's with these "group oriented" attacks? And what's with the comments about age? Y'know there is nothing especially good about being young or middle-aged. I've been both, and now I am old. You know what? I know what it's like to be young. I know what it is like to be middle-aged. You, who weren't even a twinkle in your daddy's eye when I was a young woman, don't have, by reason of youth, any special insights that qualify you to make comments about your elders. Why don't you listen and learn? I am disgusted with some of the comments I have seen on this thread. You may or may not like everything that Farkel says, but you should be respectful, not only to him, but to everyone else as well. For shame!

  • blondie
  • blondie

    Wow, I hope no one thinks I was saying Farkel "thinks" he knows...the man does know a lot. I appreciate his input. I was just saying that sometimes he doesn't know how special he is.

    Blondie (no sarcasm intended)

  • yesidid

    Fret not Blondie, I am sure everyone knew what you meant…

    No one on this board would denigrate Farkel’s intellectual capacity, or his musical prowess.

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