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  • watersprout

    Is a little baffled! Why has a thread about window cleaners turned into a witch hunt for Farkel???? What has Farkel done?? I cetainly can't find anything that he posted that would be deemed ''hurtful''...All he did was open up and start to tell us his life story.

    Hi Farkel *waves*

    There seems to be a lot of angst among certain ones and it ain't pretty! Can't we all just love one another and put up with each others imperfections?? Not one of us are perfect and we all say and do things that hurt one another...So can we all just have a big ''virtual'' hug??

    *Opens ''virtual'' arms*

    Come on everyone after three....One....Two....Three.....HHHHUUUUUUGGGGG!!!!



  • eddie c
    eddie c

    WOW....i am almost scared to post .I am surprised to find that a thread about window cleaners has generated so much heat.

    Can i just add that just because someone is a window cleaner that does not mean that they dont have others strings to thier bow. My jw window cleaning partner was a qualified accountant. He aslo dabbled in stocks and shares, and when he died a few years ago it was found that he had about fifteen standing orders giving money to various Charities. He also mastered the German language as well as becoming an acomplished athlete/runner. This and much more while plying his trade. I should add that he became an ex jw.

    I remember many years ago a scruffy old man who used to come around the streets where i lived on a bicycle that was adapted in a way that meant he could sharpen knives. For a small amount of money he would sharpen your kitchen knives. Some people would laugh at him, thinking him a nobody. After work he would go to the pub and enjoy a few drinks. He kind of kept himself to himself. I still recall how one night in a very crowded pub he strolled over to the piano. This raised a few chuckles....until he started playing. People stared in wonder, it was a bit like a Susan Boyle moment, he made the piano speak. He then closed the lid and without a word finished his drink and left.

    Sad to see such animosity between posters. We are all fellow travellers with a story to tell. And we can enrich each others lives by sharing our stories. Peace....

  • dontplaceliterature


    I apologize for insulting you, and in no way meant to encourage other forum members to join in an attack on your dignity.

    You posted this my initial thread:

    Stay in the Watchtower Corporation. Cowards who want others to fight their fights do not deserve real freedom.

    I really felt bullied by this insult to any current poster who is "on the fence", and subsequent posts I read of yours within threads I had commented on seemed abusive and disrespectful to me. If you agree that this was not their original intent, then I will redact my challange of your character. No doubt, anyone would understand that this is a highly emotional time in my life, and I felt the need to put my foot on the ground and defend myself from being cast as an idiot.

    In my own defense, and for what it's worth, maybe you could consider being less abrasive in some of your posts (since you seem to be somewhat known for it), especially those that relate to a newcomer to the forum. I feel that people who come here (especially me) are looking for acceptance and an open environment to express themselves, because they do not find this to be the case within in organzization that claims to "love" them.

    People don't need to be insulted in order to "wake up," as you also mentioned was your aim in that post. They need facts, reasoning ability, and most importantly, time. I've been programmed by The Watchtower since birth. A couple of radical (althouh well-meaning) forum posts will not automatically undo that. Please forgive me if that seems naive on my part, it's just my opinion.

    I respect IMMENSELY, honesty and straigh-forwardness when they are paired with taste and tact. I'm sure that I will learn to appreciate your "style" the longer I am here, so don't feel like I would view you as an opponent for the future of my membership here. That would not be the case. I also hope that you would not view me that way.

    Not that it is any of my business, but I encourage you not to let this prevent you from sharing your story. I did not read the first section before I made that post yesterday and it had no bearing on my comments whatsoever. I can't say the same for anyone else who posted adversely about your character.

    Thanks in advance for understanding my position and accepting my sincere apology.


  • sooner7nc

    You MOFOs think this thread is bad? Just wait until the carpet cleaning thread. It's gonna be like f****** Armageddon.

  • Finally-Free

    If anyone is interested, I still have some pre-1995 squeegees and extension poles I'm no longer using. They are authentic, and even have some leftover soap residue from my pioneer days. They are quite valuable, but I'm willing to part with them if the price is right.


  • bohm

    storm in a cup of water. DPLs last post should truly be the end of all this

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    I think that window washing is good honest hard work. (There are lots of work that aren't)

  • AGuest

    Dear yes and Beks... the greatest of love and peace to you both... and I "hear" you. My position was with regard to THIS thread (where I didn't see anything offensive with what Fark posted)... and dear Yes' statement about no one accusing him of being loving. Hard candy shell that he is on the onside, I have experienced that love.

    With that being SAID, however, I have to say, dear Daddy-O... that given your... ummmmm... "rage" above, the ladies might have a point. You are absolutely always kind with me, so I cannot take issue. But that hasn't always been the case and so my Lord told me that you needed to get to know me. Once that occurred, our relationship totally changed. Is it possible that NONE of us should judge any others SOLELY by what we see posted here? That there is more to ALL of us... which can go either way, of course... but without having made some other kind of contact, there's really no way to KNOW that (sans the Holy Spirit, IMHO)?

    You're a hugely intelligent man, dear one... and we all know that. Sure, it's an irritant to some and vice versa. You know I know that more than anyone. But don't let your impatience overshadow the fact that others are, too. Maybe not as much as you are; maybe more. Shouldn't matter, though: in the end... we're all some of us have.

    But, dear Bohm's comment (peace to you!) was dead on and so I am going simply wish peace to ALL of you chickens and move on! Now, let's ALL play nice in the JWN sandbox! Or I'll be forced to have dear Gramma Grace (peace to you!) whip us ALL soundly and send us to bed!

    A slave of Christ,


  • SixofNine

    Six of Nine- Sit on your thumb and rotate . Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    Done. What next? (surely there's more to it than this)

  • moshe

    Great! Apology time.

    Now we can hear part 2-

    Windshield washing for fun and profit- for those who are scared of heights.

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