Window Washers

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  • AGuest

    You know, as the resident "crazy lady" I usually stay out of personal frays, particularly when I don't know what the "beef" truly is between two or more (may you all have peace!). But there's something to be said about loyalty... and I am a very loyal person. With that said, I would like to say:

    Farkel is yet to be accused of being loving.

    I absolutely accuse him. Contrary to what some might believe, Fark and I have been dear friends for quite some time. Seriously. We have shared meals and helped each other is many ways over the years. We're a bit like the unlikely animals who often befriend one another on those "Amazing Animals" type shows. Wolf/kitten, elephant/dog, lion/puppy, monkey/tiger, etc. For some reason, those animals have no consciousness of their differences... that, by nature, they are supposed to be enemies, even predator/prey. Somehow THEY clicked... regardless of what nature... and others might say. Fark and I are like that. We "get" each other. So, I accuse him and I am sure there's a few others out there who will stand as a second witness.

    Next, I would like to say that you're kind of out of line, dear DPL (peace to you!). I mean, from what I can tell, dear Fark commented on-topic, without sarcasm or ridicule. You opened a thread and asked a valid question. He explained the living HE made doing what some obviously look down on (BTW, dear Daddy-O, my ex and I started a "janitorial" business with $184.36, which we used to buy window-cleaning supplies. That business netted us a little over $60k our first year. Well, you know the story. I digress). Anyway, dear DPL, I can see if perhaps you and Fark had a "beef" somewhere else, but it doesn't appear to me that he brought it here. So, why the sarcasm and, well, pretty mean jab?

    Next, I would like to say, what gives, dear Yesidid (peace to you!)? It appears that you, too, must have some "beef" with Fark, but I have to say that, being a newcomer to this thread it isn't him that I would say embarrassed himself. I mean, without something to go on (like, whatever it is Fark did/said to you somewhere/time else)... I would say that your comments caused me to "blush" the most. I can't see where you're coming from. Now, true, it may be none of my business... but I'm just sayin'. I mean, if we're going by what it "looks" like and all.

    Finally, I would like to say... oh, no, dear Daddy-O... huh-uh. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No way I'm gonna let you take me... and a whole lot of folks halfway to heaven... in anticipation of the rest... and then drop us off like that. Just because a couple of sour-pusses (and I mean that in the nicest sense, truly, but that is what a couple of you kind of acted like, here...). Not gonna let you off the hook THAT easily (I mean, unless you want off the hook, in which case, you're off the hook). But you would be all over some of us like white on... well, okay, I know you're into spanish rice, so... but you know what I mean. You would call us on it and tell us we were mamby pambies (forgive the theft of your term, dear BroDan, and peace to you, as well!).

    Don't let people take you there, dear one. You got a story to tell? Tell it. Some will love and appreciate it... and some won't. And some will use it as an excuse to ridicule (but you gotta know THAT before you ever even start - people can be like that. Even you and me, given the right circumstances). But you know I already know you're a hard candy shell... with a soft candy center. So, go on and tell us why that's so.

    Again, peace to you all and... play "nice"!

    YOUR servant (all of you) and a slave of Christ,


  • BabaYaga

    AGuest said:

    We're a bit like the unlikely animals who often befriend one another on those "Amazing Animals" type shows.

    Shelby, I dearly love you.

  • AGuest

    and dear Baba (the greatest of love and peace to you, dear one!). Just don't let my "smooth taste"... and Daddy-O's "rough edged" fool ya: I'm the wolf/elephant/lion/tiger. Which makes HIM, the... well, you get my drift - LOLOLOLOLOL!

    Peace, dear one!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,

    SA, who likes playin' in the sandbox with dear Baba!

  • transhuman68

    They are all window washers... except for some of the elders who make big money exploiting their pigeon-brained followers.

    They are the same the world over.

  • Lozhasleft

    DPL are you unfamiliar with forum etiquette? or are you just plain rude? I really dont understand why you would come here and be welcomed aboard and then almost within a week start attacking a long time member - a respected one at that - in such a way. Nope I just dont understand.

    Loz x

  • JRK

    Them damned whippersnappers have no respect.


  • OnTheWayOut

    I've washed windows as a young JW, but was mostly a floor scrubber/waxer/buffer kind of guy.

    Farkel describes one aspect of window washing and he is correct. Some people are faster than others, but Farkel explained the tricks of the trade. It may have been second nature to him and even easier for him than for others, but just about anyone really can learn the actual work of doing that for a living.

    The other important aspect that wasn't so easy for me was keeping the jobs and getting new clients. If anyone can do it (some faster than others) then some homeless guy with a bucket and squeegee might get the job for 5 bucks and you are out. Often, the store manager learns to buy the equipment and do it himself or teach an employee to clean the windows.

    I decided only to do the windows as part of the complete janitorial package for clients that trusted me with alarm codes and keys to clean at night. Auto dealers typically had a bunch of indoor glass that the customers would put their hands all over. I wound up cleaning two auto dealerships a night for a few years until I attempted to go into a different business.

    WHY? So I could go to all the mind-control meetings all the time. No conflict of schedules between work and meetings.

  • Lozhasleft

    After years of hating cleaning my windows as a housewife I learned that it can be so easy after squirt the window cleaner stuff on the window and use kitchen roll to clean it and then...DONT try and polish it up...just leave it....perfect every time !

    Loz x

  • Leolaia
    what the hell is wrong with you people!!!??? Farkel's instructions are the best thing on this thread.

    I was thinking the same thing. It was a nice thoughtful witty post, giving a good deal of personal insight, and he gets slammed for it (oh Mr. Know-it-All nyuh nyuh), and then someone else makes a very personal attack, and then ??? the OP has the gall to tell him to go elsewhere unless he has anything constructive to add to the thread which he did in the first place (!). Reminds me of the times when I wanted to pull out my hair in frustration because things were turned on their head.

  • Farkel

    dontplaceliterature and yesidid,

    I may not be loving, I may be old, I may be "unloving", I may be bitter and I may not fit your preconceived notions, but I definitely have more friends in here than you.

    What does that say about me and what does that say about you two twits?

    Here is what it says about you: FUCK you. That's what it says about you.

    But of course, yesidd got its wish too. I will not write any more personal things about my life. So you win in your own way. I hope that gives you joy.


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