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  • moshe

    Just a Few days ago Farkel commented on being mentioned many times as one of the most influential posters of this forum-- I'm old and cranky, too- so forgive me, if I get out of line once and awhile.

    -Oh, by the way: I'm well aware that my "influence" in here is waning, but that is okay. Boards like this morph all the time and my stuff doesn't play like it did in the past. My best piece in perhaps 5 years on the 90' tall golden image in Daniel took me 3 weeks to write and polish, and it hardly made a ripple here. Maybe I'm getting stale, or maybe people's tastes are changing, but it's all good. Nothing is worse than an old clown who is bitter because people are tired of his schtick. If others can move on, I can move on. I'm proud of what I have done, and that is all that matters to me.
  • flipper

    In going back and re-reading this thread - I feel some of you need to see WHO threw the first verbal darts here ( or punch ) towards Farkel. The person who started this thread did. He gave an insult towards him, then Farkel sent one back. It's not like the congreagtion where we let ourselves get STEPPED on when insults are thrown . Or " turn the other cheek ". There is nothing wrong with someone standing up for themselves if they feel they've been personally insulted. And that's what Farkel did. Plain and simple

  • yesidid

    Poor little Farkel!!!!!

    It's so sad he cant stand up for himself.

    Perhaps you would like to reread some of the things he has said to other posters, in the past couple of weeks.

    Whiners do not get much respect in here. Quit whining and start learning.

    It doesn't surprise me that you have no arguments and only bullshit and pathetic potshots to offer. Make an argument and defend it. I can offer flash cards if you like or remedial courses in thinking provided your brain is still functional.

    You just have a reading comprehension problem. A big one. It's obvious from the crap you keep posting

    And you? ADS is what comes to mind. Or, it's possible that you are just stupid. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for now.

    Your bullshit about McDonalds is a Strawman. It's a typical WT trick, the Strawman argument. I don't know how long you've been out of the dubs, but you still think like one.

    Mostly, I dodge red herrings like that one and I expose the silliness of naive and stubborn twits like you.

    If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest soul on this planet.

    Farkel has since apologised for the comment in red.

  • Finally-Free
    It's so sad he cant stand up for himself.

    He's more than capable of standing up for himself. The question is, are you worth it? I think not. As far as I'm concerned, your earlier comments class you among the lowest of the low, and worth no consideration whatsoever.


  • JRK


    When did Farkel piss on your Wheaties? You apparently have an ax to grind with him. In my opinion, he is not a self-righteous ass as some former posters have been. With Flipper's endorsement of him, I think he must be a good guy.

    Maybe you are the one full of himself.


  • yesidid

    Farkel and I have never exchanged posts, or, to my knowledge posted on the same thread.

    It is his demeaning attitude to others, either those who disagree with him or newbes that upsets me so much.

    I have posted examples above. If you think that sort of thing is OK obviously you think like him and would support him.

    That, my friend, is your privilege.


  • Violia

    I always read Farkel's posts . He is one of the few original amazing posters we have left here. I always hope to learn something when I read his posts . I'm sure he has bad days, like all of us. He seems to enjoy spirited debate. If you don't like what he says then prove him wrong . Debate done properly is very stimulating.

  • AGuest

    I see what you mean, dear yes (peace to you!)... and you, too, dear Beks (the greatest of love and peace to you, dear one!) but I have to stand by MY accusation: I have found him to be quite loving... outside of the contentious environment this forum can sometimes be. I did not see... from this thread... how he was in error.. and the comments you brought up seem, to me, to be between you and him. Since I wasn't aware of them I couldn't corroborate your statements.

    If you read his story you might be able to see where some of this comes from. Indeed, HE might be able to see it. I mean, given the kind of communication "lessons" he often received, perhaps it's really only his "way." But if he never gets to tell it (and why would he, if he is so ridiculed) I am sure he won't see... nor will we.

    But... he is a dear friend to me... and I know another "side" of him. So, I can vouch that he is loving guy. I can also say that two wrongs never make a right. I don't thinking acting in kind (which such comes a place of negativity) makes ANYONE look "good." Even the "victim."

    Again, I bid you peace!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


  • yesidid
    If you don't like what he says then prove him wrong . Debate done properly is very stimulating.

    It isn't what he says I am taking umbrage with, it's the way he says it.

    Here are a couple more examples:

    By the way, outside of all the logic stuff, your statement was so stupid that I almost gagged in laughter.

    You ideas are so stupid you make Joe Biden look absolutely brilliant. Trust me, that is difficult to do.

    I was voting when you were shitting in your diapers. Go to hell you worthless Government toady.


  • flipper

    YESIDID- If OTHER people have had issues with those quotes you posted of Farkel's - then why not let THEM deal with those issues ( if they so choose ) in a private mail with him personally ?? Who suddenly made you queen of exposing people's faults or Pope pious of JWN ? It's totally not etiquette on your part or socially inhibiting to peaceful relations to act like you are making an announcement in front of a congregation of JW's by posting ALL those quotes in bashing someone .

    When was the last time someone verbally shared many of YOUR quotes in front of thousands ?? Figured you couldn't remember. Please chill for Christ's sakes. No, better still, for your own sake and dignity

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