BOE LTR Dec 26, 2010 "Increased Activity April 2011"....Transcript....

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  • Gayle

    okay, it could give them a type of initial excitement, a jump-start of weird excitement for them but not long. Who cares how many aux. pioneers there are anyway?! Okay maybe some will manage to Aux. pioneer once or twice a year. On the other hand, if the perks of recognition or temporary self-righteousness are the same, like an additional meeting, truly meaningless, with the CO, so what, how many now reg. pioneers will eventually just go eventually into regular aux. pioneering as it will eventually be offered.

    Most pubs, hardly can stand to do the basic 10 hr/mo publisher.

    2008 - avg aux pio each month - 321,986. 2009 - avg aux pio each - sizable drop (5%) - 304,551. Don't know what it was for 2010 yet.

  • Open mind
    Open mind



  • Gayle

    correction, according to numbers from 'possible-san', avg aux pio for 2010 - 287,960. Oh, I see now,,I get it,, another drop, another 5% decrease.

  • treadnh2o


    Now my Dad, who should be looking for a job full-time, will probably start to auxilary pioneer if it is reduced to 30 hours.

  • Listener

    As a negative this could tempt others into a bit of gossiping. There will probably be a bit of speculations as to whether this bro/sis volunteered to do 30 or 50 hours.

  • yknot

    Well I would love JWFreak to respond seeing how he saw the actual 35 hour letter way back when...

    I think depending on response this could be the catalyst for the 30-35 hour pioneer hour reduction and it is a 'win-win' for the WTS (not those pio-sneers who have long used this as a way to look down on others).

    More publishers become pios and the WTS gets to report more pios & increased hourage as proof of Jah's blessing!... THE END IS SOOOOO NIGH!!!

    And yes it could create a definite reason for many to work fulltime and still put in pio hours......thus they could reduce SP hours too and get them folks off of the medical insurance and lower stipens.....

  • OnTheWayOut
    ....the Governing Body has arranged for a special period of increased activity .....

    I love that. They don't do anything but tell others to increase their activity. "You elders, have more meetings for recruiting. You members, go out recruiting more." Then they want some kind of accolades for what they have "arranged" for the members as if it was so difficult of them to break from their normal routine of shitting on the members to shit on them in some special way by giving them a title for committing to 30 hours instead of 50 in one month.

  • chirac

    when I was 1967 special pioneer had to preach150 hours,ordinary pioneer100hours,vacation pioneer the first month 75 h the month after 100

    I was a theacher in 1968..we had 2 and a half month of holidays..and said the "society" can i do 100 in july 100 in august and 75 in september because I work up to 15 september...."NO NO NO"...

    what a change only 30 hours just one hour a day


  • dozy

    I know a few self-righteous regular pioneers who already look down their nose on those who are regularly auxiliary pioneering , so they will be very critical of people doing 30 hours & being regarded as "a pioneer".

    Do I get the feeling that the WTBTS are doing this as a one off and seeing how it goes? If there is a big take up for the 30 hour option (from those that don't normally pioneer) then perhaps they might create a new position of pioneer - a third class if you like.

  • JWFreak

    Hi Yknot

    When I mentioned the lower limits a couple of years ago, the "bethel gossip at the time" was that Teddie was the one that blocked it.

    That gossip makes sense now.

    Thanks for the upload....

    BTW for your info, there are 2 costume dramas next year, a 13 person and a 33 person, waiting for the themes...



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