BOE LTR Dec 26, 2010 "Increased Activity April 2011"....Transcript....

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  • wannabefree

    I can't imagine another reduction in Pioneer hours, and the gap between regular and auxiliary would be quite wide to encourage stepping up from aux to reg, but who knows?

    If the 30 hours is successful, perhaps they will make a permanent addition as regular third tier pioneer.

    Brothers, because of the overwhelming response to the reduced Auxiliary Pioneer hours during April, the faithful slave recognizes that it is Jehovah's will to incorporate this as a regular feature in our Christian ministry. Beginning September 2011, the faithful slave and the holy spirit favor adding a new rank of ministry classification to the already existing five levels. For simplification, the wording will be changed.


    Level 1 Publisher (formerly "irregular publisher" - at least one month with no report during a sixth month period)

    Level 2 Publisher (formerly "low hour publisher" - averaging below 10 hours per month per 6 month period)

    Level 3 Publisher (formerly "publisher" - averaging 10 or more hours per month)

    Level 1 Pioneer * NEW (commitment to a minimum of 30 hours per month)

    Level 2 Pioneer (formerly Auxiliary Pioneer - minimum 50 hours per month (no change))

    Level 3 Pioneer (formerly Regular Pioneer - average 800 hours per year (no change))

    All brothers who have appointed positions in the congregation or wish to be considered for appointment must maintain the rank of at least a Level 1 Pioneer.

  • sir82


    Wake me when the requirement for aux. pio. drops to 10 hours.

  • WTWizard

    And I suppose May will be an excellent chance to pio-sneer, because it has five Sundays. Big fxxxing deal--suppose I have to work weekends? And, since when is the extra 4 hours going to allow people to pio-sneer? Most weekend publishers get in 1 1/2 or 2 hours on Saturday and 1-1 1/2 hours on Sunday, and that crowds out their whole weekend. That adds up to around 10-12 hours a month; if there are 5 Saturdays, maybe 1-2 extra hours. That is nowhere near 50! This forces them to go out during evenings, and waste all weekend pxxxing off householders instead of doing spring cleaning and repairs.

    Also, I wouldn't be surprised if there is going to be another Waste of Paper Distribution Campaign preceding the REJECT Jesus Party this coming April 17. If it is anything like recent years, they are going to allow a scant 3 weeks for the witlesses to reach everyone in the whole territory. I can only hope it is a very rainy or snowy April this year so the witlesses will have the worst of luck getting their time, and wastes of paper placements, in.

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Yea all the dubs will be soooo excited to waste the month blanketing doors with those invites- it's easy service to just drop off the invites (no presentation required) & you get to feel all warm and fuzzy about being an aux pioneer. I always wondered what was the big deal about the special talk given by the CO to all those who pioneered in April?? I did attend the "special super secret" meeting before the CO met with the regular pioneers a few times and it was very anti-climatic....he droned on about the same old thing he could have just spoke to the entire congregation- there were old people and full time workers who could have benefitted from the same "encouragement" right??

    Thanks Ynot and secret source- now I know to hide in my appt. for the month of april


  • kashkrunched

    The GB claim that this increased activity is to the ‘praise of Jehovah’. Actually, it’s a holiday/celebration to ancient Pagan gods, such as Mithras and Dionysus.

    Sacred meals to the gods is not a new concept to Christianity.

    Here's how the Catholic Encyclopedia describes the Pagan Eucharists of the Mystery Religions:

    "There was usually the meal of mystic foods -- grains of all sorts at Eleusis,bread and water in the cult of Mithra , wine ( Dionysus ), milk and honey ( Attis ), raw bull's flesh in the Orphic Dionysus-Zagreus cult."
    [Paganism, in The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XI]

    A quick Google search will reveal a plethora of information exposing the ‘Memorial/ Eucharist” for what it really is NOT.

    Christians share a sacred meal with their mythic god.

    Pagans did it first.

  • BluesBrother

    Thanks Yknot......invaluable info.

    Who else remembers when Pioneers HAD to make 100 hours a month or have a damn good reason why not. Vacation Pioneers (then called) had to do 75..and it was supposed to be 50 in the fortnight and the rest during the month

    Phew !

  • EverSoGrateful

    Wow, and to think that I used to strive to aux pio... it was more important to me than my non wittness husband...AND to see the control they have on the Elders to READ this VERY IMPOTENT INFO... gosh, I am surprised they don't tell the brothers what TONE to use & what clothes to wear WHILE reading this valuable info on wasting time!!!!! I am sooo happy that I saw the light... thanks to RANDY... and this site, and now one of my neices has seen the light & has left the ORG!!!!!! It will be tuff for her because her mom & brothers live nearby & they are still in...we are 100's of miles away so we have to keep her positive that she's doing the right thing! She didn't leave GOD... she left a multi billion dollar publishing co...AND she's about ready to give birth to her first baby!!!!!!!!!

    I remain " EverSoGrateful " that I am out!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Have auxiliary pioneer numbers been down in recent years? (I don't keep track)

    This seems like a good way to get a big boost in aux. numbers for 2011. I can see a special letter being read in August or September at the end of the service year praising the Borg for its massive increase in aux pioneers in the 2011 year (without reminding the publishers that it was the result of dumbing down the requirement).

  • DagothUr

    It's in the trend. Over the years the hourly requirements for pioneering were reduced. This is clearly a measure directed towards the bulk of the rank and file JWs: those who do between 10 and 30 hours a month. I think in april there will be an explosion of auxiliary pioneers (30). And the GB, in their shrewdness, will soon after officialize this arrangement and whip the R&F into enlisting into the (30) auxiliary pioneering.

    "It's just an hour/day for Jehovah!"

  • agonus

    To be honest, I have to wonder if they'll drop the Memorial soon. The non-GB "anointed" are becoming too much of a logistical problem and a nuisance and you know how stingy the WT is with "their" Jesus. Anything they can do to keep the flock at arm's length from Christ, they will.

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