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    The word on the web is ....


  • cantleave

    You appeal to emotion however cleverly worded regarding CoC doesn't hold up in the face of it's commercial history. It was published and provided Ray with money to live on among more publications he did on witnesses.

    The moment he made any money on it takes away any credibility of him being this hard done by person

    Debator, once again you are talking complete crap. First of all you are forgetting the for decades your beloved organisation of false prophets sold books in order to raise funds (and still do by coercing "voluntary" contribution from the "publishers" (interesting terminology).

    Secondly, Ray needed to make a living somehow once he had been unceremoniously kicked out of bethel after a lifetime of service to the false prophets. What skills did he have after his WT$ experience? How to write and how to publish. It was his career. So naturally he did what he knew and wrote a book. At least he didn't sponge of the State or fool a bunch of idiot followers into giving him money for nothing.

    Also bear in mind he self published which means he took an enormous risk did not have the marketing back up of a publishing house.

    Debator you deserve to be called a four letter word but I won't waste my vocabulary on a waste of space like you.

  • debator

    Hi designs

    What totally different set of beliefs?

    The main doctrines from the Bible remain unchanged from when they are penned in the Bible to now for those that actually see them.

    Understanding how we fit into the prophetic Bible timescale is another issue and isn't just looking at the Bible but at fulfillment in the world around us!

    What makes Jehovah's witnesses Jehovah's only people in this time from 1919 onwards. They do what no one else does and that is simply preach about Almighty God Jehovah recognising him as our One true God and father by name and action. spreading his Kingdom message from his son.

    Who are the faithful and discreet slave? The ones doing the will of God Jehovah when Jesus came looking and we have been blessed by this.

    You cannot change the reality of the world around us with your hatred of Witnesses. You cannot change the easy to see delusion that Christendom is under.

    Are you saying the true religion Will be seen by how good it is at interpreting Bible prophecy yet the alternatively Bible says they will be shown by Simply doing the will of Our father Jehovah God despite imperfection.

    We are the Jehovah's people simply because we are Jehovah's people when no one else even recognises him as God by name, deed or knowing him.

  • jookbeard

    Ren/Debator ; there are countless sacred name movement groups using the name Jeehoovah/Yahweh, a Google search proves this and why do you constantly use the stupid comparison to the "churches of Christendom" like your stupid GB does ?most here on this forum have no connection or affiliation to any such churches. Have you read Franz' fine sequel to CoC In Search of Christian Freedom? highly recommended

  • isaacaustin


    Reniaa is just talking out of her @$$. Ray made a modest compensation for his work...so?? That doesn't effect whether what he said was true or false. It also did not compensate Ray for all the time he put into his writings AND his correspondence with those who read his book. Ray never charged for that..and gave endless time to talk to others who needed.

  • cantleave

    What makes Jehovah's witnesses Jehovah's only people in this time from 1919 onwards. They do what no one else does and that is simply preach about Almighty God Jehovah recognising him as our One true God and father by name and action. spreading his Kingdom message from his son

    again you are talking crap. The witnesses are not the only ones preaching. Not only that, they are "transferring from house to house" some Jesus said not to do! (luke 10:7)

    Besides why do they choose such an ineffectual method?

    How effective is it? 2008 worldwide report there were 1,488,658,249 hours spent in preaching activity.

    How many baptisms 289,678!

    How many of those were brought in by parents? Prabably the vast majority. But lets say 100,00 were result of D2D preaching (that is a generous estimate).

    The Ave Publisher preaches 10 hrs a month.

    So it would take an Ave Publisher 124 years to convert one person.

    How effective would you say that is? (Figures courtesy of Awakened at Gilead)

  • debator

    Hi cantleave

    Your dishonesty does you no credit.

    Donations for a recognised religion is not the same as someone selling a books for their own personal profit!

    where the early Christians profiteering by getting donations for the congregation?

    Two imperfect men....

    Did franz go on to search for the true religion or did he just sit back and enjoy and live on the profits from his books?

    In contrast Russell put all his money in searching for truths in the Bible and others then joining also committing their life's and money to the truths they found About Jehovah God in his word.

    Are you so worried about imperfect people that you would give up the Bible truths that we have as Jehovah's witnesses?

    I saw and continue to see how quickly the blinkers go back over people's eyes when they leave Jehovah and it is sad.

  • cantleave

    Isaac I appreciate that! I am grateful to to the letters he wrote to me and I realise that he worked tirelessly for very little compensation.

    The argument I was making to Miss Mrs unreasonable, is that there was nothing wrong in him making money out any book he wrote.

  • isaacaustin

    Cantleave, I agree completely. Reniaa is basing her arguments (if they even qualify to be called arguments) on baseless assertions- that it is wrong to be compensated for your work, and that there is a true religion.

  • designs


    Please read Charles Russell's writings from 1878 to 1916, see how he defined jehovah, Jesus, and the Kingdom and compare it to JWs understanding from 1935 to the present and note the differences. This is crucial because the claim is that God chose the group who held the Beliefs in 1919 which were the Bible Students who still hold to the same Beliefs and are still active.

    As for a comparison to other Christian Faiths, my view of them is pretty low, lower than my feelings for my former religion as a Jehovah's Witness. Their history and conduct has been a travesty on humanity of monumental proportions.

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