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  • TD
    CoC is not the holy Grail. It is just an imperfection of men fallacy argument! I'm surprised it still works on people. Only those who expect perfection from imperfection IMO would be rocked by it.

    Obfuscation and special pleading.

  • debator

    Hi wasblind

    Imperfection means we can and do make mistakes and The bible gives us ample proof of that. We are given the bible to help correct and avoid those mistakes but it doesn't stop them happening.

    God's people are not marked by their lack of mistakes but their reliance on Jehovah and his word to be refined and be corrected from them.

    You use one example which is prophecy interpretation (an easy target) since it involves recognising signs in the world around us for Biblical prophetic fulfilment.

    If you example was more honest I would give you more credit. When has any biblical prophecy been 100% except in hindsight?

    It is a biblical fact that we do get surprised by how God's prophecies work out despite being told about them. The best we can do is be prepared "keep on watch" Which is what we are doing as Jehovah's witnesses.

  • debator

    Hi Td

    CoC is all about showing Ray's personal opinion on the fallibility of human interactions in parts of our organisation we never really had much contact with as a whole. What were people expecting? infallibility? We have never claimed perfection or infallibility. So why be stumbled by a book that shows our innate human fallibility in all parts of our organisation?

    I plead nothing that we haven't always said!

    We lost some mystery and gained some reality but nothing surprising unless people were putting false expectation of perfection onto our shepherds.

  • serenitynow!

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  • mrsjones5

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    The best we can do is be prepared "keep on watch" Which is what we are doing as Jehovah's witnesses.....debator/Reniaa

    Jehovah`s Witness`s..

    Waiting on Jehovah..


    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • cantleave


    If the WTS is fallible, why does it Disfellowship those who challenge / disagree with it's current doctrine. Why will elders be removed for "running ahead of Jehovah's chariot"?

  • moshe

    Keep on the watch debator, we predict another WT

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  • Finally-Free
    CoC is not the holy Grail.

    I don't think anyone said it was. Many of us, myself included, saw through watchtower BS long before we ever read CoC. I never read it from cover to cover, but I found it useful as a reference, and it helped to fill some gaps. It confirmed what I had already learned on my own.

    Personally, I think the watchtower's own literature is the most potent weapon in an "apostate's" arsenal. Nothing condemns the watchtower as effectively as their own literature.


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