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  • wasblind

    Debator says: " To be a false prophet you have to make False prophecies"

    Hey Outlaw,

    you have any asprin, Debator has given me a headache

  • Lozhasleft

    The WTBS governing body and its elders are reprehensible in so many ways...not least their damage to individuals and families by their unscriptural DFing and shunning ....and bogus 'reinstatement' rules..they make the Christendom priests/vicars look fairly harmless by comparison I'd say.

    Loz x

  • moshe
    Would you rather have the neutered and empty Christendom shepherds that allow you to ride any wind of opinion you flutter towards?

    Strange, but doesn't that describe the last 100 years of WT history? JWs unquestioningly fluttering toward the opinion of whatever the WT leaders tell them is, OOOOHHHH-

    Meat in due season from the un-named, un-seen and un-speaking Faithful and Discreet Slave.

    All the WT books for the last 110 years or so have ended up in the trash heap, as all of today's books will be in another generation, too.

    Any sane JW with a logical mind ( a stretch, I know) should recognize the 1914 overlapping generations teaching for what it really is---- just new shit to cover up the old WT shit.

  • thetrueone

    Interpretation of already written bible prophecies and chronology is not false prophecy!

    It most certainly is if you exploit bible prophecies and propagate interpretations in a pretentious endeavor to sell books and magazines.

    Thats exactly what the WTS. has done from its earliest beginning.

    Your always trying to show how spiritually clean and wholesome the WTS is in comparison to the rest of the corrupt BS religions out there.

    Your indoctrinated programing shows.

  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    Debator said;

    In what way corrupt?

    Their general dishonesty. Even though the WTS talks of "refinement" and talk humbly about "admitting mistakes", can you show me one quote where they said "We were wrong"?

    They have no palaces or private Jets,

    Neither do Baptists. But then Baptists don't have the property holdings that the WTS has either.

    They refer everything to the bible,

    So do Baptists.

    They work hard dedicated life's to Jehovah

    So do Baptists.

    and for us in way that shows up Christendom with its shepherds that have fine robes and words…

    Baptists don't wear robes.

    …yet allow the people to do great sins against Jehovah's word un-rebuked and…

    Baptists are hardly known for being soft on sin.

    …letting the preaching work lapse into obscurity.

    You're kidding. Right? The world knows far more about God from a Baptist perspective than they do from the WTS perspective. In fact, Pentecostals started about the same time as did the Bible Students. However, Pentecostals now have about 100 million members while JW's can only muster about 7 million. Now tell me: who is slack in preaching? Anything said above about Baptists can also be applied to the Pentecostals.

    Maybe you are simply confused by Jehovah's witnesses actually having shepherds that take their Biblical directives seriously in the same manner that Paul, The Apostles and older men of the First century did.

    Umm… No confusion here.

    Clear examples of having to make autonimous decisions for the whole under spirit guidance as Shepherds. Would you rather have the neutered and empty Christendom shepherds that allow you to ride any wind of opinion you flutter towards?

    "(W)ind of opinion"? You truly can't be serious here. JW theology has changed more in the past 100 years than "Christendom" has in the past 1000. I can pick up any text that was written by the church fathers in the first 10 centuries and recognize my faith fully in the pages of it. You are FORBIDDEN to read what your founding father - C.T. Russel - wrote 100 years ago. If you did read it, you would not recognize your faith of today. In fact your elders FEAR that you will read it because they know that it would cause you to have doubts about "Jehovah's organization". It is, in part, because they deny their past that they are corrupt.


    Hey WasBlind..

    Don`t get too Emotionally Invested with Debator/Reniaa..

    You won`t get throu to her..

    We have pages and pages of pointless dialogue with her,on many threads..

    It would be faster to train a monkey to crap on a Watchtower,than to get Reniaa to think..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • wasblind

    Debator said: "To be a false prophet you have to make False prophecies you claim are directly inspired from God's lips!" Sept 15, 2010 WT page 13 paragraph 8 states: " Thus, what is taught is not from men but from Jehovah." You see Debator, what they taught as a fact in the picture Outlaw posted,was claimed to be directly from Jehovah.

  • jam

    Debator; "We do not put unrealistic expectation on the Shepherds to do

    all the work for us. OH Really!!! Don,t you mean all the thinking for you.

    So in other words if you know in your heart what is taught by the WT

    is erroneous and you teach others the same lie, all to keep unity,

    maybe that,s why we left. So I guess as long as everyone is in unity

    with their lies that makes for the true religion. I love you man, you

    help us so much on the logic of JM,s..

  • jam

    the logic of JW,s.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep






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