Are they really that bad???

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  • anonymous4

    Now i'm getting more confused.

    Hi Outlaw
    Is mockery the only currency you use? It is a barrier that I feel disinclined to try and
    reach through when you seem unable to address any point without resorting to it?.....debator/Reniaa

    You picked out one line from my post and ignored the rest..

    You ignore,we know your not an Active JW..


    You ignore there are no Bible Studys in Watchtower World..

    Thats a lot to Ignore..

    You make Yourself look Stupid..I simply point it out..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • The Finger
    The Finger


    "This is an anti-witness site you will only get hatred and bitterness from the majority on here against witnesses"

    Isn't it true that as a witness you MUST hate what is bad and isn't it true that you view those who have been JW's and left as apostate, as trampling on Christ's sacrifice. So isn't it true that YOU have a hatred of those on this site?

  • DanaBug
    Debator said: They avoid discussing the Bible truths (as you noticed) that witnesses live by and focus on imperfection of men issues and a few cleverly worded fallacious arguments designed to deliberately create doubt in you. It's not just the Witnesses either: they are also anti-Jehovah too. They would drive away any spiritual desire in you to find the truth according to God's kingdom. By telling you that no imperfect group of followers could be in receipt of God's blessing yet they are wrong. The Bible proves anti-witnesses wrong.

    Now, obviously you didn't read any of the replies or you would have noticed how this statement is false. A lot of replies have suggested Anon4 study the Bible alone, a lot of replies have used the Bible to show how what Witnesses teach is actually contrary to what the Bible says. And it is true some of us said no group of followers can be in receipt of God's blessing; as the Bible teaches it's not a group, it's individuals and it's available to all. Some of us may be anti-Jehovah, but we are not anti-God, there is a difference. The truth is according to the Bible and Jesus Christ. Where's the scripture about truth according to God's kingdom? The Bible proves Witnesses wrong, all it takes is studying the Bible alone.

  • diamondiiz

    Dabator views the whole world is out to get him and the rest of jws but it's odd he comes here where the devil is most active :) Watchtower is anti-everything outside of their little organization. According to the debator and wts the historians are liars and there is a big conspiracy to hide the real dates about Babylonian chronolagy while uneducated wts officials can tell you exactly what the dates should be and you should just take their word for it. Everyone here is anti-witness but witnesses are only anti-all others and yet that's ok. There is very little evidence outside of the bible that Jesus was who the bible claims he was. One would think that if there was someone that performed this many miracles there would be more written about him by the Jews of his day who would have seen these acts - ahh yes another conspiracy to hide all the evidence because of the boogie man. It's debator's logic that many die not realizing their hope and these idiots lead kids into following a blind fools who will also grow old and die in poverty without realizing eternal life in paradise. WTS follower doesn't need any proof but wts current publication and it's hard to say what current really is as yesterday's mags may be old light. There is no confusion in wts since there is no thinking or logic required - just be faithful follower of man in Brooklyn.

  • Mary
    designs asked: Why have so few of you 'Christians' never been inside a Synagogue or studied real Judaism to know for yourselves what is true or false about the NT diatribes against the Faith of your Jesus.

    Actually, I have been to a Synagogue and I have taken a few courses in Judaism. I was really surprised to discover that Jews and Christians do not necessarily interpret the Hebrew bible the same way. Very fascinating research and I've enjoyed it so far.


    It is irrefutable . I am fully convinced nonef you will not find me another one unless you an indpendent Bible student and came up with some new good ideas from the Bible.

    If you belong to any other church organization it will be in contradiction to the Bible.

    Harold Camping from who has the same year 2011 AD on table when Jesus should return is against all local churches and he got good points you can hear by tuning to his interesting Open Forum program.

    Whatever mistakes on the part of the Watchtower , they might not accept me with my biblical views , they still surpass all other churches on this planet earth.

    The timeline I came to concerning our last days which are the endtimes points to the Internatonal Bible Student Association and Jehovah's Witnesses as the only true christian organizations in our time.

    7 BC .. 2 BC ... 29 AD - 33 AD - 36 AD

    has a duplicate in :

    1879 AD .... 1884 AD ... 1914 AD - 1918 AD - 1921 AD .

    Times when Jesus and his first disciples lived and taught a new religion can be superimposed upon the times of the International Bible Student Association.They revived or restored the defunct true christian religion.
    And by sticking to the name wachtower Jehovah's Witnesses became a legitimate organization approved of God and they in turn has a 7-year period of tribulation in the precise time:

    1935 AD - 1939 AD - 1942 AD.

    The next 7-year period is 1984 AD - 1988 AD - 1991 AD .

    Note the distances between the dates:

    1914 AD - 1935 AD - 1984 AD beginning dates : 21 years + 49 years .

    This how 70-year period can be split into two parts.

    A special jubilee year was 1984 AD.

    1984 AD - 50 years - 50 years ... 1884 AD.

    1984 AD + 50 years = 2034 AD.

    1935 AD - 1984 AD - 2034 AD shows there two ways to count jubilee years: every 49 year or every 50 year.

    Go to

    and note I am speaking about 23 year period : 2011 AD - 2034 AD.

    2034 AD - 3034 AD = 1000 years.

    7 BC was a jubilee year in line of 607 BC ..... 457 BC ... 7 BC and 1994 AD was a jubilee year and the next one is 2044 AD.

    1935 AD ... 1984 AD .... 2034 AD .... 2044 AD .... 990 years ... 3034 AD ..... 3044 AD ...... 990 years ........

    49 50 10 10x99 ( 49+50) = 990 10 10x99 = 990

    We can see how beautifully the future times will be arranged ! This time pattern will go into eternity.

    Read and examine my posts on alt.religion.jehovahs-witn how I came to that God's name represents the number 99 which is 49+50 .

    By God's grace ( HalleluYAH ) I am using Luke 9.49-50 to claim my independent status and I am defending Jehovah's Witnesses and it must be so as God YAHWEH prearranged that. God's name 99 is on Jehovah's Witnesses with their date 1934 AD .

    By God's grace ( HalleluYAH ) I am using Luke 9.49-50 to claim my independent status and I am defending
    Jehovah's Witnesses and it must be so as God YAHWEH prearranged that. God's name 99 is on Jehovah's Witnesses with their date 1934 AD .....OBVES

    Gods name is 99?..

    Then Jesus must be Maxwell Smart..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW


    If you see some information that is a matter of life or death and which religion is true or false you should do something about it and try to examine these matters once for all as it can help you a lot in the time when we are closing in on the important year 2011 AD when lives of 7 billion people are at stake and you might be among those in danger.

    Put aside hundreds of hours for investigating this matter of the endtimes with the Bible handy .

  • mrsjones5

    Pats Obves on the head and whispers "It's OK, everything is going to be alright. Have you taken your meds yet?"

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