Are they really that bad???

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    The Bible is the most complex book in the world to study . There is no person in the world that got all things right from the Bible the first time around . First time around ? Hundreds times around ! Just listen to the news about car makers how they produce faulty cars after so many years of experience ?! With learning from the Bible it may be even worse !

    You should learn also how any organization function to stay alive . Jehovah's Witnesses must be very well organized on strict discipline as they have many enemies around who are interested in their downfall .

    Just read the story about the Soviet Russia how it stayed afloat having enemies all around.

    Any public dissent,known to authorities - could have meant execution or sending to a labor camp usually .How many people Stalin killed ?!

    The Watchtower did not kill you . If you don't want to be with them you can be like me . I am an independent christian all the way now and don't belonging to the Jehovahs Witness organization but I am not opposing themas I see them as the best christian organization decisively.

  • mrsjones5

    I am an independent christian all the way now and don't belonging to the Jehovahs Witness organization but I am not opposing themas I see them as the best christian organization decisively.

    This is something that you apparently don't get: If you are not a jw and in the organization as far the organization is concerned you are in direct opposition to them. You are part of false religion and part of Satan's world. There is no middle ground or sitting on the fence with the WT organization.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    This is something that you apparently don't get

    Ummm yeah - one of many things that Obves "doesn't get"

    You know what else Obves doesn't get? His medication.

  • freydo
  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    The party is at OBVES place, May 22nd. The booze is on him.

  • isaacaustin


    Read 1 Thessalonians 5.1-3 in its the entire chapter. It is not a long-range prophecy...but simply telling the people of that time that when they think they are secure in life death will come and they do not escape judgment.

  • isaacaustin

    LC, here was Reniaa's final post...and then she came back as Debator...perhaps this would explain why seh won't admit to being Reniaa:

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    Interesting, isaacaustin. More than eight months passed between reniaa's last post and debator's first. If they are one and the same person, did she just stay away for all that time or was there an intermediate personna? I'm not interested sufficiently in this to dig into it statistically, but two observations of differences are that Reniaa had a designated avatar while debator's is assigned and debator has never started a thread while reniaa started 14 (not all that many considering she was a member of the board for a year and a half). However, renaiaa's writing style and demeanor are very, very similar to debator's. It would be interesting to run the posts of both personnas through a comparative parser to pull out and count the occurances of identical idioms or particular sentence structures used - but, again, the whole thing just isn't that interesting and probably not necessary, anyway. If these are two different people, their online personalities are so similar it's spooky. Neither seems inclined to concede the smallest point, even one that is clearly lost.

    However, I see now why reniaa left. It had to have been difficult taking all that abuse, as unsurprising as it is. As much as she either started the fights or waded into them, it seems she always led with her chin, so to speak.

    Debator, if you were reniaa before, so what? I am certain you are not alone in your peculiarity - I mean the peculiarity of having reinvented yourself on this board, rather than the peculiarity of your rationalisation process, which is what makes you stand out from the crowd somewhat.

  • isaacaustin

    LC, also certain mis-spellings unquie to Reniaa..such as the term Debator. She used that term once by calling me a good debator. LOL Searching this site for the term you will find its use by Reniaa and as the name of the poster Debator...and other terms such as ATM (for at the moment)...and I thought someone here said she used both name inadvertantly in a comment.

    I am not sure about an intermediary personna, although we did have some crazies come through. LOL

  • Qcmbr

    I sometimes wish I could properly talk to people to get to know them, their motivations and their back stories. I wonder why Reniaa and Debator post as they do, what journey got them to the position of heroically defending the Alamo.

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