High Profile Case: Seeking Reinstatement

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    Hi Headspinning - I can well understand your ex's concern in view of the world news - just remember Jehovah will not let you be destroyed even though you are not in an approved condition with the WTS. You ARE in an approved condition with Him because of your repentence and love for Him.

    I have recently signed up for an interesting news site called The Extinction Protocol:2012 and beyond - while I don't hold to the 2012 hooplah just because it is so popular and the scriptures show He will take action at a time mankind is not expecting, nevertheless this site is filled with scientific material - not religious commentary unless you specifically click on the Prophecies subtitle and there are a couple things in the archives that are truly fascinating - one I recomend is entitled Civilizations unraveling - Global Protests + Uprisings Maps in Time Lapse - have to scroll down a tiny bit to find it, but there is a short video that is so well done and the music background is exquisite too - fits the mood - makes one think Brother Russell had it all correct about the world going into a state of anarchy - just that he was 100 years off - 2014 instead of 1914 maybe. I think this actually was listed under Dark Ages: Has Modern civilization reached its zenith

    and then another item that happened before the big quake in Japan was Planet Earth shaken, rocked and rattled and still trembling - shows all the areas around the globe with seismic trembling increasing and tectonic shifting occurring - magnetic energy becoming very low for the earth and scientific basis for very possible pole shifting - fascinating stuff.

    A scripture that occurred to me while praying for you this morning was Col 2:20- If you have died to the flesh together with the Christ and have been set free from the ruling spirits of the world why do you, as if still belonging to the world, further subject yourselves t the decrees and commands of men...............Col 3:1- If however you were raised up with the Christ, go on seeking heavenly things where the Christ is sitting at the right hand of God. Keep your minds on the things above, not on the things of the earth. For you died to the world and your life has been hidden with the Christ, in union with God. When Christ, in whom is our life is made manifest, then you will be made manifest together with him in glory.

    Don't let any teachings and traditions of men persuade you to think these messages don't pertain to you - they do. And your safety rests in Him. And then I had another thought from the little book called Practising the Presence of God - by Brother Lawrence - an 16th century monk that is just marvelous and totally scripturally based - simple and direct - It is okay to pray for relief and deliverance from problems, as long as one remembers to include "if it be His will" and then search for understanding of His will. Love, Salty

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    Hey Salty...

    I just had a look at that site you mentioned. I will have to spend more time on it when the baby's asleep. Thanks!

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  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    Well well....still "high profile case"! :-)

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