I was BANE...I have an apology to most of you.

by Botzwana 129 Replies latest jw friends

  • wobble

    Yea ! welcome back Bane,

    You were the "bane" of some peoples lives, but who gives a flying fudge !

    I remember your contributions to this board as ones that I appreciated, and now your eyes are wider open, you will contribute even more, I have no doubt !

    Even crusty old Isaac will enjoy your posts !

  • thetrueone

    Good for you Bane, humanity welcomes you with open arms

    Getting out of a corrupt deceitful religious cult is always going to be beneficial toward a individual

  • bigmouth

    Hi Botz. Welcome back. I wrote a (spoof) article about wedding rings a while back. It's quite factual and you may enjoy reading it.


  • geevee

    Tell them you are suffering from a clinical depression and that when you are able you will be back....

    My advice to you is to read... get a couple of so called apostate books, Crisis of Conscience being the first and main one by Ray Franz, then get a copy of another book called The Gentile Times Reconsidered by Carl Olaf Jonnsen. The Four Presidents wont hurt either. Get the other side of the borg coin and have some great reasons to stay away.

    The friends and activities take care of themselves when the time is right. Your routine will change and you will find other things soon enough.

    Embrace change, and be thankful that you blinkers fell off!

  • yourmomma

    I would just like to comment first to Bane/Botzwana that I have the utmost respect for you coming here and admitting your mistakes and apologising. That is so refreshing and honorable. MUCH RESPECT TO YOU!

    Secondly, I think that this is another clear case, just like Newagegamer on youtube, of when a JW apologist goes on the internet, part of the reason he is there no matter how fervernt of a defender of the watchtower they are, they are having doubts, otherwise they would not be on the net. And usually the more fire the more doubt they have.

    Some apologist wake up, and disapear as they are embarrassed, but the honorable ones like Bane, do exactly what he is doing now.


  • yknot
    I know of one apostate from my childhood. He was a brother and of course it made the rounds that he became an apostate. I would like to know how to contact him. I don't think it appropiate if I say his name here. But If I ask the brothers how to contact him they surely wouldn't tell me.

    Maybe post which congregations he has attended and see if anyone attended the same....

    Life is going to get easier but you are still in the midst of the storm.....so steady yourself and make decisions that wisely affect the rest of your life.

    Prayers for you to find resolve.


  • Botzwana

    Yknot, the congregations he attended are in Atlanta GA. His father is a VERY well known witness, some would say fanatical and really rode his kids hard. He had two sons. One is still serving and the other one Randy has left. It's Randy I would like to talk with.

    It's funny some mention darkside. Revenge of the Sith is one of my favorites. To see anakin turn against the jedi is interesting. The points the Emperor made WERE right. They didn't trust Anakin. Mace said so way before he turned.

    I have read where ones when in a religion for so long and have been struggling to do the right thing go absolutely hog wild when set free. I bought some of those christmas cakes today and had a blast eating them. I never would've touched them before.

  • yknot

    Start another thread......'Help me find a Brother from Atlanta, GA'.....

    Several posters are from that area......(but not me of course, I am a lone wolf out here in the Syrian Arab Republic)

    Won't be long.....

    I disagree..... we are not the 'darkside' it turns out that the WTS as an entity is a Palpatine-esque character and all of us were duped into giving it our allegiance......

  • diamondiiz

    One question here. What made you come to an apostate website while wts forbids it's members from doing so while ignoring all the evidence you've read about wts and still defend them? I'm just curious how you could ignored strong facts about 607, UN scandel and others like it and still defend this organization??

    btw, welcome back to real world

  • sacolton

    It's amazing how one can change once your eyes are opened.

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