I was BANE...I have an apology to most of you.

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  • mrsjones5

    What's a Kingston?

  • TheListener

    Welcome to the board...again.

    Keep an open mind and heart and you'll do fine.

    When I read CoC I fully expected a hate filled rant - I thought that seeing that would help me get back to meetings and studying again.


    Instead I found logical and lovingly presented information (I say lovingly because I can't think of a more appropriate word).

    Read it, love it.

    I remain very much a christian. The one thing I realize since being out of the witnesses is how much I neglected Jesus. When I was a witness I heard some worldly people say we didn't believe in Jesus. That was so dumb to me because we mentioned Jesus a lot and believed in him. But, I didn't understand until a couple years after being out that I didn't have a relationship with Jesus. Just think, he is our redeemer, savior, judge, king and more. God has put him in charge of absolutely everything (except God himself). That was not something that we talked about at the meetings or in service.

    Good lck.

  • garyneal
    She is confusing (as are most JW's) a human expectation of the flesh, with God's expectation of the spirit.

    I've always had a problem with the concept that church people must wear their Sunday best. I always felt that in any place (of all places) where it really should not matter what you look like it would be within a house of worship. But I guess people are people and they still tend to judge a book (at least initially) by its cover. At the church I attend, people can dress pretty much anyway they want.

    I remember reading in Steve Hassans books that cult members tend to dress in a way that reflects their leaders. That is why you see so much 'uniformity' in the dress of people in high control religions like the witnesses.

  • cyberjesus

    I am just curious, why exactly arent you logging as BANE anymore? ITs kinnda weird isnt it. I dont think you were banned. How do we know you are really BANE? just wondering?

  • sd-7

    comic cover

    I'm sorry--I just immediately thought of this old comic I once read when I read your post, former Bane. I do remember your rather animated discussions with people. Amazing. Wedding rings, of all things! Well, we're all here to support you if you need help to find your way. This is just the beginning for you. You've got many choices ahead. If you're not married, for the love of God, don't fall in love with a JW!!!!! If you are, well, it could get ugly...but I'm sure you'll land on your feet. You sound a lot more like a genuine person than you did as Bane. Welcome to reality.




    People who have been defensive of a cult are like ocean liners - they take a long time to turn around. You seem to be trying to run before you can walk. When you posted as Bane I treated you in a kindly way as you seemed genuine. This time I am not so sure.

    Being of a cynical nature, I will need a little longer before accepting that your road to Damascus turn-around is for real.

  • Botzwana

    Don't tell me Gladiator, I have to sit in silence and can't comment. Then I have to have meetings with the apostate elders before I am allowed back in?

    SD7 I wish I could have my old name back. Everytime I tried to log in it kept saying it had no recollection of me or my password so I created another profile. I love the character of BANE. The only guy to really ever break Batman.

    Guys, this is more for me than trying to fit in here. I still believe in the teachings of the witnesses. It is the little stuff that has pissed me off to no end. I married a worldly woman. I never get invited to the get togethers because of it but they tell me all the time that I am a member of their family...We are a small congregation so I should not be looked over. Been in the truth 16 years and people younger than me are always appointed. I am there and do service etc. This is crap! I am a pioneer too but I miss a month and tell the Elders and they come to tell me what is wrong with me etc. Not to mention all the other points I have already mentioned. I would love to read the book, however living in Mexico it is not at your local library. I also can't pay for things in dollars. I was hoping it would be free to read on the internet.

    Maybe one of the mods can fix the BANE problem for me?

  • isaacaustin

    Bane/Bots, please check your pm!

  • yknot
    Guys, this is more for me than trying to fit in here. I still believe in the teachings of the witnesses. It is the little stuff that has pissed me off to no end.

    Like what?

    I will start ya off.... on the 'still believes'

    No Trinity

    No Hellfire

    No Immortality of Soul

    Premilleniallist-Literal 1000 year reign of Christ

    (Your Turn!- cuz I sincerely want to know)


    Little Stuff list:


    Dress attire

    Conditionality of Congregation

    Always reaching out (but are always told to 'do more')

    Pagan but not equally pagan (wedding rings, holidays, b-Days, pinatas, windchimes and heart shapes!)

    Encouragement that can turn into a JC

    Blackmail via personal property

  • Botzwana

    Yknot, that list is golden. That is pretty much right. A few more things I could add on though...

    Little stuff list:

    Halloween is evil and so is every other holiday.

    Facebook and social networks are evil. That was recently said at our DC.

    Beards. That is absolutely a man made rule. Good call on that one.

    Bad comments list:

    "You know if you don't go to the meetings you will never see your father again"- that was said to me when my father had died and I had missed two months of meetings...

    "You can't be a real effective witness unless you own a computer"- That was said to me when I didn't have one. I countered with OH YEAH? what about the brothers in Africa that don't even have clean drinking water? He said I was being ridiculous...

    What is conditionally of the congregation mean?

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