I was BANE...I have an apology to most of you.

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  • FlyingHighNow

    Welcome back and congratulations. I used to think the same thing about wedding rings and wedding customs. Please stay, open your eyes, heart, mind and soul.

  • nelly136

    welcome back botz (sounds better than bane anyways).

    **What do you guys do without the org? I have enjoyed just staying home watching TV and not preaching SO MUCH!**

    going to meetings and out on the doors is just an expected 'habit', is it something you would actually choose to do if you wern't under pressure to perform?

    the less you do it the less you miss it.

    sometimes people feel the need to replace one habit for a new one so they dont miss the old one, for me i just liked the gap and it filled itself in naturally with other things.

  • FlyingHighNow
  • Hadit

    WOW! There are miracles! Welcome back Botswana. It's nice that you apologized - I think you may have ruffled at least a feather or two! You will be going through a rollercoaster of emotions - all very normal. Breathe! Take your time to think - now that you have the freedom to think for yourself independently. I finally got to the point too that I didn't care if I was destroyed at Armageddon - I didn't want to serve a God that would destroy billions of people. God is supposed to be LOVE - how is that loving? There is no explanation for that. The elitist thinking really bothered me too and the rampant misogny. It's awful. I gave myself permission to research and then everything unraveled and here I am. It's not an easy road and you certainly feel lost at first but once you get your bearings it starts to come together slowly. One day at a time.

    Shepherding calls: Tell them you are going through a tough spell - depressed/not feeling well and say you can't handle talking right now. That will most likely buy you some time to think and plan how you want to proceed.

    I think the next thing to do is to live your life! Enjoy your freedom!

    Good luck!


  • designs

    Take your Lightbulb moments however they come enjoy the journey.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    It's nice to have you back BANE.

    Your avatar hasn't got any better but your attitude sure has changed.



  • isaacaustin

    Botswana, apology accepted...as though it never happened.

    Nice to 'meet' you. I did actually wonder what had happened to you.

  • isaacaustin

    Botswana, apology accepted...as though it never happened.

    Nice to 'meet' you. I did actually wonder what had happened to you.

  • isaacaustin


    Outlaw, I knew you would give me grief over this. So ok, let it out now. Get it out of your system. I am sure you, Issac, and MsJones are going to have plenty to say. I never played you and pretended. I was sincere at the time. I apologize to you if I ruffled your feathers but you guys are just as guilty. You rode me pretty hard too.

    My reply:
    Thanks for explaining...and I do believe you. At the time I could not imagine you were really an active JW, because I could not have imagined such a strong believer coming here. I do beleive you now, and it goes to show that you never know what is going on in one's life or what lays ahead. I did ride you hard too...so i apologize for that. Good to have you back.

  • moshe
    He says they aren't pagan anymore because today they mean something different....Well...SO DOES HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS!

    An epiphany is a marvelous thing to have! Welcome to the enlightened world.

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