I was BANE...I have an apology to most of you.

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  • miseryloveselders

    Guys, this is more for me than trying to fit in here. I still believe in the teachings of the witnesses. It is the little stuff that has pissed me off to no end. I married a worldly woman. I never get invited to the get togethers because of it but they tell me all the time that I am a member of their family...We are a small congregation so I should not be looked over. Been in the truth 16 years and people younger than me are always appointed. I am there and do service etc. This is crap! I am a pioneer too but I miss a month and tell the Elders and they come to tell me what is wrong with me etc. Not to mention all the other points I have already mentioned. I would love to read the book, however living in Mexico it is not at your local library. I also can't pay for things in dollars. I was hoping it would be free to read on the internet.

    Just wanted to say I understand where your coming from. There's still some things that I agree with the WT on, but the handful of issues that I do disagree with them on are biggies. Then there's the little stuff as you and Ynot mentioned, such as facial hair, constant pressure to do more, amongst others. Those little things add up, and eventually you've got a straw on the camel's back scenario developing in your heart. I've seen enough brothers upset in times past because they feel slighted by not getting appointed. As someone appointed, let me tell you...you're missing out on absolutely nothing!!! It's thankless, its pointless, its stressful, and makes for a miserable existance. As JWs we do more than what's written in the scriptures. As an appointed man, you'll do even more. Endless meetings, and endless nonsense. We have meetings about meetings!!! This religion is like a Union with a bunch of Jimmy Hoffas at the branches and GB barking orders, while they do absolutely zilch! This religion's entire purpose anymore is to suck anything they can out of people, whether it be financial or physical resources. You ever see the movie, The Blob? Thats what this religion does to people in that it sucks people up and removes all traces of a normal existance, so that you no longer exist as an individual. Rather you're part of a toxic enviroment labeled a spiritual paradise. All of this done in the name of uniformity, which the WT labels falsely as unity. It's all B.S., as you've found out from the way you're treated and passed over in the congregation.

    Let me ask you, are you still pioneering? You say you're in Mexico, so maybe spending 70 hours a month in field service there produces more results. As for us here in the U.S., I really have to question the intelligence of anyone still pioneering. Especially if they're not fudging their numbers. Are you planning on continuing to pioneer considering your recent change of heart? I'm not in the position to offer anyone advice, but as someone who's anonymous on this board, yet very visible as a so called good example in the congregation, its really difficult to maintain your demeanor and a positive disposition once you start down this road of apostacy. Parts of the book 1984 come to mind, because you start slipping up. I can't remember what poster on here told me that it would happen to me, and I ignorantly said it wouldn't happen to me. Sure enough, I've been slipping. People occasionally see it on my face that I'm not the same man I was several years ago. The book 1984 calls it a FaceCrime. Since you're not appointed, and you're married to an unbeliever, you've got a pretty good head start on other faders. Plus your congregation is treating you like crap.

    On one hand while hanging around it is nice to arrogantly look around the audience at a meeting and chuckle to yourself, "wow, these people really can't see through the hype!" At the same time though, you're expected continue going along with the hype despite knowing better!! It will break you down eventually. It's wonderful to have a forum like this to express yourself, and read the thoughts of others going through the same. I hope you hang around Bane, and I hope your situation works out for the best. I hope you express yourself freely on this board, and I hope you find a measure of peace knowing what you know about this organization.

  • yknot
    What is conditionalitly of the congregation mean?

    Fair weather friends only .......

    Some judge you based on FS hours, privilege, attendance (hell I have heard whispers about where in the KH a person sits) others by your appearance, spouse or comments....whether you are worthy of being in their social circle.


    By the way a lot of us still believe that 'believe list' ....... None of those things originated from the WTS or Russell.

    No Trinity

    No Hellfire

    No Immortality of Soul

    Premilleniallist-Literal 1000 year reign of Christ


    So where are you on 1914 and 1918's temple inspection and 1919 appointment?

  • GLTirebiter

    Bane/Botzwana (may we just call you "B"?), bygones are bygones, and I hope you'll say the same to we who sparred with you. Things got a bit out of hand on both sides from time to time. Good to hear of your awakening!

  • Botzwana

    Yknot, Still thinking about those things. Give me some things to think about. I have been reading here and that is a start. Terry I believe his name is has been great with the field service posts. 100 years of preaching but yet if you get 10 random worldly people in a room and ask them what witnesses believe they could not tell you. Most will say witnesses don't believe in Jesus...That is not a good record.

    GL, Thank you. If people are still hostile I don't blame em. I was scripturizing with the best of them. I was making an ass of myself too.

  • TD

    I love the word, "Scripturizing"

  • digderidoo

    You can't be a real effective witness unless you own a computer"- That was said to me when I didn't have one.

    That's an interesting one, i remember back in the early 80's when computers were becoming the new must thing to have, there was a talk given by the circuit overseer at our circuit assembly to suggest that it was a bad thing to own a computer. I remember afterwards hiding the fact i owned a zx spectrum.

  • yknot

    Actually it was one of Terry's comments that made me come back later after I accidently clicked into JWD.....

    Okay here is something to gnaw on.....

    1914 is Jesus parousia

    *** w09 12/15 p. 24 par. 20 The Messiah! God’s Means of Salvation ***
    Since 1914 we have been living in the period of Christ’s pa·rou·si′a, or presence. Although his presence as King of God’s Kingdom is invisible, it is obvious from the fulfillment of prophecies. (Rev. 6:2-8) Nevertheless, just like the first-century Jews, most people today ignore the evidence of the Messiah’s presence

    So when exactly did Jesus let us (WTS, GB, Anointed, Reigning WT President) know via angels oops I meant restored holy spirit** about his parousia as 1914? ..........

    Answer: 29 years later when Fred Franz penned 1943's DC release 'The Truth Shall Set You Free'.

    From 1877-1943 (Jan-Apr)....66 years of 1874 being as 'truth' as real and as passionate as 1914 is proclaimed today. Keep ever present in mind that the demands and insistance of urgency were the exact same as they are now.... (if not more, cuz they used to have more FS time requirements and sales board tracking progress)

    ** Please note that 'holy spirit' was considered 'unnecessary' by Rutherford starting in the 1930s but Rutherford retrodated that belief so as to say that 'holy spirit' was removed as God's mode of deliverance to the WTS back in 1918; all of Rutherford's changes and revisions were under the alleged divine guidance of Angels........Please consider comparing this to the instruction given in Gal 1:6-9 and then ask yourself 'What is the gospel of 'truth' of the WTS compared to those of the Apostles are the one in the same?'

  • Botzwana

    Yknot, I thought the witnesses already knew 1914 would be a significant year before it happened. They just thought the big A would be that year.

  • palmtree67
    Yknot, I thought the witnesses already knew 1914 would be a significant year before it happened. They just thought the big A would be that year.

    I actually think it was a fluke. They had predicted so many dates, that something was bound to happen on one of them......They got lucky. Something finally happened in a year they predicted something would happen. In actuality - NOTHING they predicted for that year actually happened.

  • dysfunction

    I am watching America's Most Wanted and the guy that they are are looking for molested 17 girls from age 5 on up, and here is the sick kicker he was a Jehovah Witness. The show had a picture of the kingdom hall and several females who was molested by him said their story. Sad thing is that one women said that she would have trusted him around her kids because he was likeable and looked up to in the hall. I also think that he was an elder.

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