Some christmas spirit, WT style!

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  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    PSac - I agree wholeheartedly with you - not casting aspersions on Paul or any other apostle - just pointing out to our friend Debator that things were not all as rosy in the first century as the WT and the GB seem to want to paint the issue.

  • PSacramento

    Paul understood that it was noT WHAT was being done but the INTENTION and heart behind it, even Jesus said in John, "those that are not against me are for me".

    All that is done in Christ's name with Christ and Love in our hearts, is good in God's eyes.

    I mean, what can God possible find wrong in a day that celebrates the Birth of his Son? what can God find wrong in a day that we celebrate God's gift to us of our Child ? What can God find wrong in a day that celebrates Fathers, Mothers or Love ??

    Seriously now.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    The picture actually reminded me of... Bethel.

    I think it must be at Patterson, judging by the cubicle partitions, light fixtures, and ceiling. The metal 'box' on the ceiling, above the head of the goatee guy looks to be the recessed stairway to get into the attic. Of course the decorations are different, but I think they coached the bethelites that they used in this picture by saying, "Hey, everybody pretend that this is a party before the Gilead Meal." Bethelites would automatically understand that everybody should pound a few drinks back on an empty stomach as fast a possible, women would laugh at nothing, and guys would "be hospitable" with any single sister in sight.

  • Liberty93

    Has anyone on here ever had the thought that Jesus became an apostate and was not only disfellowshipped by the Faithful and Discreet Slave of his day, the "Pharisee class," and was eventually killed by them?

    I don't mean this as some snarky point - I'm being rather serious. Jesus went up against men who, by all the accounts in the first century, were chiefly concerned with making absolutely certain that they did not contravene the Law, but who did so by adding on so many extra obligations that no normal man could keep them, and he was expelled for doing so. Consider if Jesus came to the Kingdom Hall today - he wouldn't turn in service hours, rather helping people he found; he wouldn't play the gossip game; he wouldn't comply with all of the minuatiea and regulations added on by fallible men who neither enter into the Kingdom of Heaven themselves nor allow others to go in.

  • Liberty93

    Oh, and someone said that was bad photography work. But consider how it makes you feel. What are the unspoken messages in the skewed camera angle, etc?

  • Nice_Dream

    I noticed the skewed camera angle too. They're trying to create psychological uneasiness. Too bad they're missing out on a real office Chirstmas party.

  • bohm

    Holy crap, i didnt even notice this topic would be debatored! :-D . Talk about picking the right fights - bator, you miss the obvious point: The picture is obviously propaganda, the "worldly" people is made to look really bad and shallow. Personally i think that is quite distastefull, but what gives, its not my religion :-).

    Billy: You crack me up!

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