TRINITY Challenge for JW's, Unitarians and Anyone Else

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    TRINITY Challenge using ONLY the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures -- Let us debate and reason on the Scriptures about whether God Almighty is a Trinity, or is only One Person.

    On another thread, BANE said that we know for a fact immediately that nearly all religions other than Jehovah's Witnesses are FALSE because almost all of them believe in the Trinity. And BANE claims he can "Out-Scripturize" anyone with the help of Jehovah. So here is his chance.

    So, I challenged BANE to a debate on the Trinity using only the New World Translation. He has yet to respond. So I am now issuing that challenge to him and ANYONE else who would accept.

    Let's do it!

    But BEFORE you start debating, PLEASE look at the following list which EXPLAINS exactly what I mean when I say TRINITY:

    The historical Trinity Doctrine of the Christian (Protestant and Catholic) churches has always been this:

    * There is only One True God by Nature.

    * There are Three Distinct Persons who share equally the Nature of God.

    * There are NOT three different GODS (that is the false doctrine of Tritheism or Polytheism).

    * There is NOT one PERSON who is revealed three different ways (that is the false doctrine of Modalism).

    * However, each Person of the Trinity does have His own "role" or "function." The Son willingly obeys the Father. The Spirit willingly obeys the Father and the Son. (This is known as "Functional Subordinationism")

    * Each of the Three Persons is called "Jehovah" (or "Yahweh") and "God" in the Bible.

    * Jesus IS Jehovah, but He is NOT The Father or The Spirit.

    * The Son is the One who died on the Cross, NOT The Father or The Spirit.

    * The Father is the One who sent The Son into the world. (Jesus did NOT send Himself)

    * The Son was praying to The Father. (Jesus was NOT praying to Himself)

    * While Jesus was on earth (and even after He returned to heaven), The Father had a greater position or rank of authority within the Godhead.

    * The Father, Son, and Spirit are EQUAL in Nature, Essence, Attributes, Qualities, Power, Knowledge, etc.

    * The Father, Son, and Spirit deserve EQUAL worship and praise and prayer from Christians.

    * The Son took on flesh, and became 100% Human in addition to being 100% God. That is why He had certain human limitations while He was on earth.

  • Titus

    I will not take part in this debate. Thank you for invitation.

    UD, I am active Jehovah's Witness. However, I don't share all of their beliefs. I mean - officialy I do, but I have some personal beliefs. So, I never try to argue and debate about JW's doctrines as their defender.

    Thank you again!


  • cantleave

    Hi, I am not here to defend / decry the trinity or otherwise, In fact I am agnostic.

    The one question I have is this?

    If mankind was created in Gods Image, why do I as a member of mankind, find the above so hard a concept to grasp?

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    Thank you for your question.

    My answer would be:

    1:) God is infinite and we are finite. I know that sounds like a cliche almost, but if it is true that there is a Supreme Intelligence and Designer that caused the Big Bang and started the process of evolution or creation, and this Supreme Intelligence has always been alive, then there are definitely going to be things about this Supreme Being that we cannot fathom.

    2:) When the Bible says we are created in God's Image, there seems to be a great deal of confusion among the different churches and religious groups and preachers about what exactly this means.

    However, if you go straight to the source, in the New Testament, it explains that being made in God's Image and Christ's Image is referring primarily to our morality and being Christ-like in the way that we show love for others and the way we treat others.

    Based on that teaching from the New Testament, I would say that when Genesis says humans were made in the "Image of God" that it means He endowed us with the ability to think and love and have a built-in moral "law" just as God Himself does.

    3:) With that being said, the Bible does show that our being in the "Image of God" has been tainted somewhat or muddied up, due to sin. We all fall short of God's Image due to the sinful natures we inherited and the willful sins that we choose to commit.

    So, even though we are made in God's image, and have the ability to think, love, and demonstrate morality, we also have an inner war with sin.

    In addition, there are many teachings in the Bible that are probably hard to grasp or understand for us, including the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, Jesus becoming a Human, how free will works together with God's foreknowledge, etc. I would say that the idea of the Trinity is not much more difficult to grasp than those other Bible teachings.

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    Thank you. I commend you for doing your own personal Bible studies and having your own personal interpretations of the Scriptures just like the Beroeans.

    Just out of curiosity, do you mind if I ask you what your personal beliefs are regarding Jesus? Do you believe Him to be God or a second god? You don't have to answer, and I'm not trying to debate you, I just was curious to know.

  • Titus

    I haven't studied that matter in details yet. But I will one day.

    I don't believe in trinity, but I believe in Jesus' deity. That's what Scriptures clearly teach.

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Titus said:

    but I believe in Jesus' deity. That's what Scriptures clearly say.

    Amen to that Brother Titus!

    Wow, then that is awesome! I can truly refer to you as my Brother in Christ now! :-)

    I hope you do study the Trinity in detail, and if you ever want someone to study with about Deity or Trinity or anything else, I am here for you. I am available through Private Message or E-Mail: [email protected] .

    I am not an "expert" but I have studied the Trinity and Deity of Christ in detail for years.

  • Titus

    Thank you, UD. I'll gladly ask you for counsel when I'll study it!

    My e-mail: [email protected]

    That's my e-mail account for disturbing the GB, but you can write me there.

  • EndofMysteries

    UNDF - Everyone's concept of God and the scriptures is greatly mistaken. Read the old testament in Hebrew Interlinear if wanna try to make more sense of who God is.

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Care to enlighten us a little more EndofMysteries?

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