Bane admits that Christians are to abstain from "eating blood".

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  • moshe

    Titus, go back to Bollywood. I am asking this to be the end of this topic from the rest of JWN.

  • pirata

    There's a good discussion here that hashes out "abstain from blood"

  • peacedog


    Can blood be considered as organ? Or tissue?

    For the purpose of my question, it's irrelevant. Whole blood is transferred during an organ transplant. Why is this acceptable to God whereas transferring via blood transfusion is not? My question is for bane who says "eating" means "taking it in" which includes "putting it in your veins". See his previous posts.

    Obviously taking in blood during an organ transplant is also "taking it in" (bane's words). So why is it acceptable?

    Fourth time asking.

  • Titus

    BANE, answer!

  • Jadeen

    Medically speaking, blood is a loose connective tissue. Adipose (fat), cartilage, and bone are also connective tissues.

    Bone and cartilage are used in some transplants, as is blood.

    From a scientific point of view, blood transfusions are comparable to organ transplants.

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