Bane admits that Christians are to abstain from "eating blood".

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  • ballistic

    LOL @ the FANTASTIC Rick Astley vid. :)

  • wasblind

    " It follows that Jesus DONATED, GAVE his life WILLINGLY as a gift for us. "

    Podobear, good example

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    I didn't notice all of the "um yeahs" but now you mention it......

    1) Constant repetiton of "Um yeah" and other "street slang" refrains

    2) A fascination with a comic book character

    3) The "superb rap" that Bane did to Outlaw (I think it was Outlaw)

    4) An underlying obsession with wrestling ("Laying the smackdown") and musclemen ("Bane")

    5) Gratuitously awful English ("I be SCRIPTURIZING!!")

    Lol, has anyone taken a guess at how old and inexperienced in life Bane is? I have a feeling he may be in his late teens- not that that is anything to be ashamed of, O Mighty Apostate Destroyer and Glorious Scripturizer, Lord Bane! Lol


  • moshe

    I don't see how accepting a blood transfusion in the privacy of ones private hospital room could be a cause for stumbling anyone. The patient or your next of kin, has agreed to the transfusion-The nurse has agreed to perform the transfusion, your doctor has authorized it, the hospital offers the service, your insurance will pay for it, the blood bank has tested and issued the pint of blood and finally, the blood was was willingly offered or donated for this use. No casual outsider has observed the procedure or been forced to agree to it. It is a private matter between you and your doctor, so the KH or any JW is not being hurt by a blood transfusion. An organ transplant is a far more public type of procedure and the WT decided it was a matter of conscience in 1980.

    If some JWs think Jehoobah will punish a fellow JW for accepting a blood transfusion, then let Jehoobah mete out the punishment Himself- He doesn't need any JW stooges to intervene on His behalf. The elders already made the mistake of punishing JWs who accepted an organ transplant before 1980 and as an elder pointed out to me they aren't required to go back to the ex-JW's they disfellowshiped and say, "we're sorry, we made a mistake". The biggest mistake is the ones who died following a false WT dogma.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Jehovah's Witnesses have got to be the craziest "Christian" religion there is. First, they started out with no doctrine concerning blood transfusions. They then let some wacko's within the org. put forth "personal views" concerning blood transfusions. Then, no blood transfusions or products of anykind. Their stand is now no whole blood products, but you can take fractions of blood products. JW's are not allowed to donate blood and actually condemn those that do, but have no problem using up the blood fractions of such people when needed. They don't even have the sense to just let JW's have their own blood stored and use it when/if necessary as a conscience matter.

    Bane's use of "scripturizing" is funny. He should call Bethel and see if they want to use the phrase. Never mind, he couldn't tell them about his "scripturizing" of apostates on this board. Man, they will have his ass if they ever find out he is counting FS time here.

    Think About It

  • Pistoff

    So, Bane:

    You maintain that christians, really you mean JW's, must not 'eat' blood, by which you mean transfuse. Blood must not be eaten, even if by eating you mean transfusing donated medical blood to restore oxygen carrying capacity to the body.

    Why are anointed christians, which you are not, told to 'drink' Jesus' blood? Shouldn't that idea be repulsive to a worshipper of Jehovah?

    And they eat Jesus' flesh. Why would God use such a revolting metaphor?

    Is it because the idea that sacrificing one's child is the only way to placate god, and eating the flesh of a god/man in order to have his qualities are carryovers from pagan beliefs?

    You are certainly welcome to refuse a blood transfusion, and die. Or allow your child to die from lack of blood.

    But in doing so you are following a long established tradition of unnecessary suicidal martyrdom, and child sacrifice to please a demanding god.

  • moshe

    Crazy is an understatement. Any religion that is able to convince it's followers to commit ritual suicide, by refusing a needed blood transfusion after a severe accident or childbirth is a C-U-L-T.

    They cloak their crazy dogmas under the authority of a made up, no-name class of people, the Faithful and Discreet Slave. They are so discreet that Nooo-body has ever seen a real live, flesh and blood one. They give the the legal authority to the WT dogmas, but no JW has ever seen one or heard one. Just try and find a JW, any JW, who is one of the F&DS and will publicly admit to it. Supposedly the entire WT no-blood dogma has the approval of the F&DS class- the same group who supposedly wrote the original acts 15 wording that JW's are willing to die for. Except, it doesn't say "blood transfusions", so modern day JW's have inserted that wording into their virtural pea brain, as per the dictates of the modern day, fake F&DS class. Before Bane or any JW jumps off the cliff to their death for the WT corporation, they need to talk to one of the claimed F&DS who is telling them to kill themself for Jehoobah. If they do that, they will discover no such real, live, person has ever existed, except in the minds of WT leaders.


  • Pistoff

    Much is made of the scripture that says abstain from blood, fornication and idolatry, as if we can compare them.

    1. 'Fornication', or what believers would describe as any sex outside of a marriage between a man and a woman, is pretty common and is adjudicated all the time by elders, etc. People are biological, sex is biological; it happens. Some people can resist better than others.

    2. The acceptance or refusal of blood is rare, and is always accompanied by great stress and trauma. REFUSAL TO ACCEPT BLOOD IN A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION LEADS TO DEATH.

    The 2 situations are not in any way similar; they don't exist on the same plane. If you don't have sex when you have the urge, you might be uncomfortable, frustrated. Refuse blood in an emergency situation, you are dead.

    But let's allow the comparison, and say that FORNICATION=ACCEPTING BLOOD TRANSFUSION.

    Does god forgive fornicators? Ask King David.

    Does fornication mean you will not be remembered kindly by god? King David was.

    Even elders judge that fornicators are forgiven, often with private reproof, or they may say that the fornicator has reproved himself.

    So WHY the radical position about blood? Why don't they publish booklet after booklet about the details of fornication? Or how about a changing of the position over years, saying that while full out intercourse is wrong, oral sex might be acceptable to the conscience of some, or anal sex, or dry humping, or mutual masturbation? Why hasn't fornication been made into components like blood has?

    The WT has a fundamentalist obsession with MARTYRDOM. And they can't just admit that they were wrong, and are wrong, about the jewish position about blood in the OT.

  • wasblind

    "Crazy is an understatement. Any religion that is able to convince it's followers to commit ritual suicide, by refusing a needed blood transfusion after a severe accident or childbirth is a C-U-L-T. "

    The only difference between the Kool Aid Jim Jones served and the WTS is the FLAVOR

  • wasblind

    " Why hasn't fornication been made into components like blood has? "

    It has been, Compare the two sentences on page 71 in the Reasoning of the Scriptures book that says: There the eating of blood is equated with idolatry and fornication, The last sentence in the next paragraph says: "Similarly, any food to which whole blood or even some blood fraction has been added should not be eaten."

    August 2006 Awake on pages 11-12 says: "As for the various fractions derived from those components- and products that contain such fractions- the Bible does not coment on these, therefore each witness makes his own personal decision on such matters."

    I'm not making this bunk up !!!!!!

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