Last Night's Intervention

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  • palmtree67
    Tired of the fight. Tired of the defense. Tired of my own struggle with faith.

    Yes. There are moments of great tiredness.

    Don't give up. It gets better, it really does.

    ((( Dan )))

  • donny

    Debator said: This is the bible set understanding of inspired prophecy. Witnesses have never claimed to hear and speak words directly from Jehovah. they have never claimed inspiration!

    Then why does the Society make their "current light" as absolute doctrine that cannot be questioned. The "we're not inspired" excuse does not give them authority to proclaims dates as truth until otherwise "updated."

    Take for example the pastes below from the Awake masthead, one from 10/22/95 and the second from 11/08/95. If I had publicly stated before 11/08/95 that I did not believe the Creator promised that the genreation that saw 1914 would not pass away before the end, I would have been counciled and reproved and eventually disfellowshipped if I did not accept this "truth." Yet after Nov 8, 1995 I would be commended for stating a true statement.

  • brotherdan

    Thanks palmtree67. Today I feel on the verge of giving up. I'm trying to keep my head up.

  • palmtree67


    Take some time to look after yourself. Go for a walk or a run in a park, if that's your thing. Take your kids to a swimming pool or playground.

    Get outside and leave things as they are for a bit.

    The problem or issue will still be there waiting when you get back. But you will be better able to deal with it with a clear head.

    You need to be a little bit selfish right now. Don't forget to look after yourself.

    Healing is an exhausting work.

  • tec

    Keep your head up, Brotherdan. Kids make it hard, believe me, I know. Don't expect everything to come around at once, or even quickly. (I'm sure you already know that). Keep up your strength for a drawn out 'battle'. At least your wife is willing to talk to you (unfortunately on this occasion, start a fight), but she's willing.

    Anytime you need advice on a particular way to handle something, ask for it here. Most everyone has been through what you're going through.


  • BluesBrother

    Has anybody commented on the situation where a J W "Sister" is here attempting to counsel a baptized "Brother"? The gender thing matters not to enlightened souls like us, but it is really out of order in J W land...Didn't the WT study week before last remind sisters of their role "in subjection"?

    I just thought it might be ammunition if things got tricky...

    I will admit to not reading in detail the several pages of this thread right now, but I hope to come back for some of the good stuff I can see posted.

  • boyzone


    They claim to be administrators which is allowed scripturally.

    They also claim to be prophets which is also allowed scripturally IF they get it right. They don't get it right so that makes them FALSE prophets.

    Speaking as administers for Jehovah as shepherds given authority by his son is not the same as Speaking TO God directly being inspired

    and having him speaking directly to you.

    But the Society claim that God does speak directly to them by Holy Spirit. How on earth do you think they can claim to be his "channel of communication" otherwise?

    You're right, the Society have never claimed to be inspired, but they do claim to be Spirit-directed, which is the same thing. You are just playing with semantics as you try and make excuses for a false prophet Organization that has none.

  • today
    my wife pretended to be interested in hearing what I had to say. I thought that it was great. But then I realized that she was deliberately trying to start a fight.

    Don't take it personal. I know that's hard but don't take it personal. This is one of the most important things I took away from reading Combatting Cult Mind Control. No matter what she comes at you with, when you find yourself getting upset, or short, or discombobulated remember you are dealing with the cult identity and not her authentic self. When I got this I felt such a compassion for my husband and I no longer react to his manipulation. Make your point with much love and gentility. She's hearing you, even if she has ulterior motives. I know about being tired and wanting to give up and having kids puts this in a whole other difficult category. Palmtree is right do something selfish rightnow, something to help you decompress if it's just going somewhere to have a beer. You have a lot of support here. There are quite a few people here who are rooting for you and your wife and praying that you guys will come through this together. Do something for her too, something that says I love you and your special to me.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    You're just overwhelmed right now. You're learning a lot very quickly that is a complete paradigm shift from everything you've known, and the situation at home is stressful. And don't add to the stress by arguing with debator. You're going up against a mountain of worthless fallacy from a faceless, nameless man/woman.

    Just about two years ago, I was dealing with my own meltdown. But hang in there, and you'll learn that you can have a happy life without the Watchtower fantasy of having your own pet tiger... very soon now.

  • brotherdan

    I keep telling myself to stop arguing with him, but then he says something so off the wall stupid that I can't keep my own stupid mouth shut. I have a real problem with that.

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