Last Night's Intervention

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  • wasblind

    hey BD, try this

    since you and your wife are at odds when it comes to religion,

    have a limited amount of time per day or even out of a whole week

    to discuss it. After that put it on the back burner , come together on

    things dealing with making family time better for the both of you, do

    something that you know will make the whole family happy, stay away

    from anything dealing with religion, if you need to vent about that we're

    here, right now it's a sensitive spot in your marriage, don't keep pokin' that sore spot

  • donny

    I would not say debator is stupid, he is simply trying to defend something that he still believes in and has obviously invested a lot of time in. I understand that mindset well. I remember in the days before the internet I heard a religious talk show that had Ray Franz on as guest. Although Ray was very cordial and explained his views very well, I was on the other side denying everything he was saying. Not because I had the arguments and facts to back my "side" of the story, but because the idea that all this time and effort I had invested in the organization was a waste was an abhorrent thought to me.

    I don't hate everything about the JW's, I just hate the GB's policy of absolute unity at all costs which is found nowhere in scripture.

  • brotherdan

    I don't hate JWs either. I hate the mindset and the blindness. But they are victims just as much as someone that has been raped is a victim.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Brotherdan, I don't recall if I have mentioned in one of your threads how I helped my wife to leave the Borg along with me (and you may be past the point of trying this; I don't know).

    While I was still a MS in good standing (but knowing the WTS was a scam) I got really strict with my family's spiritual schedule. I made sure that we would have Family Worship Night as directed by the Organization EVERY week, sometimes more than once.

    As the family head, I chose scriptures to read and discuss. No other books. Just the Bible. And I used scriptures that were fairly obvious in meaning and yet either misused or ignored by JWs. We would read the scriptures and I would ask what it means. If they tried to give me the WT version, I would ask again, "Is that what it says? Read it again out loud."

    Example, read together John 14: 12-15 then ask, "Who does the Bible say we should exercise faith in?" (they'll try to say, Jehovah); "If we ask God to do something for us in prayer, who does it?" (again, they'll try to say, Jehovah); "Who's commandments does the Bible tell us to obey?" (and by this time, MAYBE they'll get that it's Jesus but they still might say Jehovah).

    I didn't make any commentary on the verses other than ask them to read it again and re-ask the question(s).

    My wife picked up quickly that the WT answers in her head were not the Bible answers. Within a month or so of this type of Family Worship Night she was thinking for herself and doing research during the day while I was at work, and really wanting to know what else the Bible said that she had been misled about. I didn't tell her she was betrayed by the WTS; I let her figure it out herself just from reading scriptures together week after week.

    I hope it works out for you, brotherdan. Maybe you can do Family Worship Night and spin it that even though you've recently had doubts and have fought with your wife about it, you really desire to know God's word and serve Him together as a family again. If she can still submit to your spiritual headship, maybe you can get this off the ground. But don't expect miracles; be patient; and don't dive into false doctrine right away.

    Also, do you still pray to Jehovah? Try dropping the false name and pray to your heavenly Father as directed by Jesus. Perhaps read Colossians 1:13-19 and all of John chapter 14 and then give a heartfelt prayer. Jesus says HE will do it for you if you ask.

  • Chalam

    Great points Mad Sweeney!

    Every blessing in Christ :)


  • poppers

    Mad Sweeney - that was simply brilliant.

  • GLTirebiter

    Sweeney, I am awed. You give "headship" a good name!

  • debator

    I think have said All I need to say on the subject of what constitutes inspiration biblically with regards to deut 18 and speaking words directly from God hense why the bible is called "God's word" as apposed to other non-inspired works that jews used from their leaders etc at that time. I will just reiterate the Bible makes it clear the difference between people having authority from God and inspired prophecy. My opinion is purely bible drawn and people can see this by the scriptures used. Readers should note it is the apposers that have had to goto extra-biblical sources for cut'n'pastes on what to believe regarding false prophecy and they read these into the Bible. Rather than use Bible creteria.

  • cyberjesus

    Yes you have debator, thanks so much for your input. lets move on.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    my wife pretended to be interested in hearing what I had to say. I thought that it was great. But then I realized that she was deliberately trying to start a fight.

    Get over the urge to talk. JWs are always trying to get out of the obligation to answer awkward questions. Attacking your character for something you said is very common. Expect it. Don't give them anything.

    It is better to ask a question. Make it a good one. If they try to get out of it by using tactics that they, or the WT, condemn in other religions, pounce on it. Remind them of what they said, or ask them to read the article condemning the tactic to you.

    Use the likes of Bane, mAlice and Debator to practice your skills. Don't listen to posters who think you shouldn't entertain them. Go for it.

    They use the same tactics and logic and blind faith that my family throw at me. It's better to make mistakes with a faceless Watchtower goon on the internet than with your own family members.



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