Last Night's Intervention

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  • garyneal

    I really like what Qcmbr said and I've been given up trying to show my wife the flaws in her thinking head on. We use to debate the Bible and the doctrines. I've told her about the false dates and even the whole 607 vs. 587 thing.

    I'm now just trying to appeal more to her authentic personality while trying to keep her cult personality from coming out. Read Steve Hassan's books.

    Honestly, I was more successful with her breaking free from the WT in the past when I did not think it a big deal than I am now. If I had known what I know about the WT then and how to combat the cult mind control, she may have fully came out. Now she is fully in, but I still hold out hope.

  • NiceDream

    Not sure if this would help, but I looked in the front of the Kingdom Interlinear and realized the "J" references for Jehovah (or whatever they're called) are taken from Bibles from the 15th or 16th century. That made me wonder why we were using "Jehovah" instead of the name Jesus and his disciples used.

  • today
    today and your wife will change together and you'll do it more quickly and wonderfully on a picnic blanket than hunched over old WTs chewing dusty facts.

    Romance her.

    Be the best husband you can be. Be a better husband than you ever were while in the Borg. Talk about being won over without a word? You can do it.

    Remember when you were courting how sweet you were. Like that.

    I'm now just trying to appeal more to her authentic personality while trying to keep her cult personality from coming out.

    I felt I would never be able to reach my husband, having never been a JW myself. I was reading voraciously trying to understand the doctrine so that I could refute it and get my husband to see the truth. But it was too much. So many errors, so many changes I couldn't keep track. It felt hopeless I would never be able to remember all this stuff. After my first post here I read the books recommended to me. Steven Hassan's books saved my sanity. I'm still researching and filing away info for later use but my main focus now is on loving my husband. I refuse to argue over the WT but I'll be ready to discuss it when he is. I wont force the issue. He's still aloof and standoffish but I'm not. I'm "love bombing" him . This Tuesday he didn't go to his meeting. He never misses. We spent a relaxing evening at home.

  • boyzone

    Beautiful post Qcmbr, right on the money

    Your approach is beginning to work with my JW parents now. After 3 years of small talk, they're now wanting to talk more indepth with me, and without prompting from me, starting to tell me their disatisfactions with the Society. Softly softly...

  • wannabefree

    Have her read "Truth in Translation" by Jason Beduhn. Witnesses love the fact that it points out the NWT to be an accurate translation (on selective verses). I read it with the hope of keeping my faith and squashing doubts. It had a reverse effect for me. I came to appreciate that the NWT translators attempted to be accurate, even to the point of putting the footnotes in the study edition that give alternate usage of the term. Just as Jehovah's Witnesses could show the "Truth" with a KJV, you can clearly see the other side of the story with the NWT.

    The end of the book deals with the name Jehovah being added to the Greek Scriptures as an inaccuracy. When you read between the lines and take the whole book into consideration it opens your eyes ... at least it did mine.

    The Watchtower quoted this book in an Awake! magazine for praising the accuracy of the NWT. I figured if they were going to accept the praise, I should also accept the criticism offered.

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