Jehovah correcting the organization

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    One episode of Jerry Springer was a man who married a horse. What about then?.....AIW

    Alice how can you possibly talk about honesty,honestly?..

    You haven't been honest since you arrived..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • thetrueone

    The second I realized that some of those that can't produce any evidence to support a laughable point explode and start spewing profanity.

    I'd like to see some evidence that you actually have a resemblance of a heart and a brain.

    Oh wait a second, the WTS has that now and they are using it to its fullest.

    ( Property of the Watchtower Corporation S/N AIW 73250731 )

    This brain is unlawful to use without the written consent of the owner, WTS. Copyright 2010 .


    ........................ ...OUTLAW


    OUTLAW, any "evidence to support your laughable point" and that the brigade of fools actually exists in other "buildings." Popular opinion is on cue with this, remember:

  • StAnn

    Years ago, I went back to the KH after a long absence (long story, won't share it at present.) Anyway, during the Service Meeting, the elder on the platform said something that was so inane and stupid that I literally laughed out loud. He was reading an instruction from the GB. I'll never forget that day because it was when I truly saw just how mindless and stupid so many of the JWs can be. I lost all respect for my mother and all other JW converts that I knew for having joined that group of their own free will, since it was so obviously ridiculous.

    I get that same feeling anytime I read a thread with Alice Rachel's posts. I just feel like, wow, how can anybody really be that dumb and still survive in this world? How do they find their shoes in the morning? I have to admit, reading the thread tonight, I've been chuckling at Alice's posts because they're just so typical of the kind of nonsense I heard at the KH. You know, if she said these things by commenting during the meetings, they'd all bow down and worship her and proclaim her anointed! Thank goodness we're all beyond that now.

    I can't believe I was ever a part of it. At least I have the excuse that I was a born-in and it wasn't my fault.

  • StAnn

    Outlaw, I'm confused. Who is the horse you are referring to, Alice Rachel's mother or Alice Rachel's father?

  • gubberningbody

    And the simple question has still not been answered.

    That's what I thought.

    AIW is just an attention whore.

    But this is who's really on the other end...

  • DaCheech

    st. Ann.......... It's called:

    1. cut and paste

    2. selective quoting

    3. quoting out of context

  • Mary
    AIW said: One episode of Jerry Springer was a man who married a horse. What about then?

    I don't know which is scarrier: The fact that you actually watch Jerry Springer, or the fact that you're dumb enough to admit it. Then again, given your lack of intelligent posts on here since the day you arrived, perhaps watching the losers on that show somehow makes you feel better about yourself. Hey, maybe if you're really lucky, you'll be an invited guest on there soon!!!

  • frigginconfused

    Alice... Why are you ignoring me?

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