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    Hey Palmtree67,

    please don't leave, i just got here, and i have enjoyed reading your post

    but if you do decide to leave, just remember you have back up on this



    OUTLAW, any "evidence to support your laughable point" and that the brigade of fools actually exists in other "buildings." Popular opinion is on cue with this, remember:

    .....Alice in Wonderland


    Time and time again..You have proved your not honest..

    All anyone has to do is read this thread..Or any other thread you`ve posted on..

    You`ve proved my point for me..

    You have also shown this board,the dictionary is not your friend..

    So I`m going to show you the definition of "Bigot"..

    bigot ..

    ['b?g?t] n a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race

    There can be no doubt your a Religious Bigot..You tolerate no other religion but the WBT$..

    Look at the sign you posted above......"No Christians..No Muslims..No Jews"..

    As a Jehovah`s Witness`s..

    You support the destruction of anyone,not a Jehovah`s Witness..

    Your not a nice person Alice..

    Your a Liar and a Bigot..No decent person wants to be like you..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW


    “I don't know which is scarrier: The fact that you actually watch Jerry Springer, or the fact that you're dumb enough to admit it. Then again, given your lack of intelligent posts on here since the day you arrived, perhaps watching the losers on that show somehow makes you feel better about yourself. Hey, maybe if you're really lucky, you'll be an invited guest on there soon!!!”

    I overheard that years ago. It was joke. None-the-less it is much more intelligent than the repulsive garbage that comes from you and what your little throng of rejects resort to.

    But shun empty speeches that violate what is holy; for they will advance to more and more ungodliness, and their word will spread like gangrene. Hy·me·nae′us and Phi·le′tus are of that number. 2 Timothy 2:15-17

    ...and Mary. It's no joke but go on spreading gangrene if it makes you "feel better about yourself."


    gubberningbody, pasting repulsive pics of yourself is short for: "I have rocks in my head and thus nothing remotely useful between my ears and have to resort to posting trash as a cover-up for idiocy."

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    Does anyone else know why Alice is slinging mud with you guys but wont have a decent talk with me? I just would like her to address my questions.


    "-Why does the WT spend time teaching "iffy" points instead on focusing primarilly on what matters... Jesus' message.

    ie: Jesus died on a cross or stake, Millions now living will never die, 1914."

    Jehovah's Witnesses don't spend that much time teaching whether Jesus died on a cross or a stake nor does the overall theme of the Bible revolve around the date 1914. This was stated in 1909:

    Wt 1909, Dec 15

    While our faith and hopes would be equally clear and logical whether this age ends in October, 1914, or a century later, nevertheless our expectation that "Gentile Times" will conclude October, 1914, undoubtedly has a stimulating effect upon our hearts and influences all of life's interests and helps to "wean" us from earthly joys and ambitions and to set our affections on things above!

    It's actually opposers that are obsessively focused on the 1914 prophecy in an effort to disrupt the harmonious theme in the Bible and a time-line without contradictions, showing the fulfillment of every prophecy.

    I've already stated this but it doesn't really matter whether Jesus died on a stake or a cross in itself. The only reason Jehovah's Witnesses have taken issue with this is because there is evidence the cross was derived from polytheistic religions as are many Medieval Christain teachings.

    How Pagans Influenced Religion of Jesus

    w57 3/15 pp. 166-167 Did Christ Die on a Cross?


    Clearly there is no Scriptural support for the traditional cross as a symbol of Christianity. Then how can its adoption by professed Christians be accounted for? It was borrowed from the surrounding pagans. It is another one of the many paganisms that the early apostate Christians adopted so as to appeal to the pagans and to be more like them. In this they followed the example of the Israelites who wanted a king so as to be like the nations round about. Thus Dr. Killen, in his Ancient Church, writes:

    “From the most remote antiquity the cross was venerated in Egypt and Syria; it was held in equal honor by the Buddhists of the East; and what is still more extraordinary, when the Spaniards first visited America, the well-known sign was found among the objects of worship in the idol temples of Anáhuac. It is also remarkable that, with the commencement of our era, the pagans were wont to make the sign of the cross upon the forehead in the celebration of some of their sacred mysteries.”

    The Catholic Encyclopedia gives similar information about the widespread use of the cross. Dr. Hislop, in The Two Babylons, likewise tells of the pagan origin of the cross and questions that Christ died on one. The very fact that the cross is one of the most common of all pagan religious symbols should make us doubt that it could also be the symbol of the pure Christian worship of Jehovah God.

    There's nothing to suggest Jehovah's Witnesses spend more time on “iffy” points in the way of printed page or vocally instead on focusing on Jesus' message.

  • dandingus
    Does anyone else know why Alice is slinging mud with you guys but wont have a decent talk with me? I just would like her to address my questions.


    It seems to me that she doesn't actually have any answers for you. She has ignored you over and over (which is rude), sidesteps the issue by going somewhere else with the discussion, or just gives you a non-answer that doens't address what you asked. I think she refuses to acknowledge your questions because (and this is my opinion) I don't think she wants to process the ramifications of what you're asking. As I say, that's my opinion.

    I find this thread interesting otherwise. I've enjoyed the exchange between you and sabastious. It's provoked some thought on my part and that's always welcomed!

    EDITED: After I posted this comment, she did in fact respond (sort of) to your first question (Why does the WT spend time teaching "iffy" points instead on focusing primarilly on what matters... Jesus' message.). Sorry Alice, if I didn't give you enough time to put your answer together. But there are more questions to go, and he has good points with alot of them. I look forward to reading what you HONESTLY think about them (Outlaws observations about your honesty notwithstanding).



    It seems to me that she doesn't actually have any answers for you. She has ignored you over and over (which is rude),"

    Direct this to the dysfunctional “attention whores” that initiate cyber-drama. It's "rude" among other things. The fact that they direct such a label to me is an indicator of cognitive dysfunction.

  • palmtree67

    To the extent that people are pathologically narcissistic, they can be controlling, blaming, self-absorbed, intolerant of others’ views, unaware of others' needs and of the effects of their behavior on others, and insistent that others see them as they wish to be seen. [7]

    People who are overly narcissistic commonly feel rejected, humiliated and threatened when criticised. To protect themselves from these dangers, they often react with disdain, rage, and/or defiance to any slight criticism, real or imagined. [11] To avoid such situations, some narcissistic people withdraw socially and may feign modesty or humility. In the case of feeling the lack of admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation the person can also manifest wishes to be feared and to be notorious (narcissistic supply).

    Though individuals with NPD are often ambitious and capable, the inability to tolerate setbacks, disagreements or criticism, along with lack of empathy, make it difficult for such individuals to work cooperatively with others or to maintain long-term professional achievements. [12] With narcissistic personality disorder, the person's perceived fantastic grandiosity, often coupled with a hypomanic mood, is typically not commensurate with his or her real accomplishments.

    The exploitative, sense of entitlement, lack of empathy, disregard for others, and constant need for attention inherent in NPD adversely affect interpersonal relationships.

  • dandingus

    There is nothing wrong with my cognitive ability. And what I said was true. Before your last post you had ignored friggin for three pages worth of banter and bickering with other people. And please check my previous post again. When I saw and read your reply I edited what I said to give you credit.

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