2010 district convention badge

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  • wantstoleave

    Thundaar....I know here that if you don't get one months prior, they're few and far between to get a hold of. I like the suggestion of turning a program into a badge.

  • thundarr

    man i dont want any1 to feel or pity sorry for me a but i do want people to think b4 they speak how would u feel everyone bash you are make cracks to you or your family. I do try to follow the golden rule and i know many here do ask well . Why cant people be polite if jesus was here would crack on each of us feeling guilty if it desired is just and I dont think I was impling everyone here is against the jw.

    and the last post i am thinking the same thing now i get a couple of holder from office depot and make the badge but it funny in a way how simple question can stir up a fire of sorts

  • steve2

    My apologies if any of my comments have upset you. I wish you well in finding yourself a replacement badge.

  • VM44
  • VM44

    My favorite badge is the circuit assembly one from 1970 that Black Sheep posted on the first page of this thread.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Just ask for some lapel badges when you get there. They are not a bunch of ogres. If they throw you out because you don't have an official one, you shouldn't be taking your children there anyway.

    I wore one that was just a handwritten piece of paper in my holder when I was a kid. Nobody made a fuss about it.



  • tec

    I have no idea how to get a replacement badge.


    But welcome to the forum, Thundarr.


  • BANE

    Thundarr, I wouldn´t bother with the trashy people here. They all hate the organization. Don´t believe me? Search through my posts. They hate the governing body and Jehovah´s organization.

    Some are sly and try to mislead by twisting the bible and some are plain morons that just mock. They cannot defend anything logically so they resort to mocking...

    They SHOULD change the name of this site to apostate.com or something like that. The people here are apostates are rude as heck. Wish there were a REAL Jehovah´s witness website that would ELIMINATE apostates that posted junk.

  • jwfacts

    Hi Thundarr,

    I know what you mean about children. I lost my 2 year old in a shopping center and have never panicked so much. I bought a necklace for him after that with his photo and my phone number on it.

    I have found a link to the badge. It is at http://www.sendspace.com/file/jxpmdk Click on the regular download button. It is a pdf and needs to be cut but has the crop marks. If that link does not work for you let me know and I can create and image and post it here instead. I have a Mac and love it. Once you learn how to use Grab it makes cutting and pasting images very easy. I am happy to assist if you need.

  • steve2

    Hi Bane, I may have asked you questions, but I don't think I've expressed any hate towards the organization. Some of your comments have got me thinking - I never want to assume that I know it all.

    It's good that you feel able to honestly yourself on this forum - I know your comments provoke a reaction in some posters, but not everyone. Seriously, this forum has provision for differing points of view- something that I honestly think you would not find on a pro-JW site.

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