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    Loubelle, I do not think EVERY single African uses the word. I don´t think you can speak for everyone on the continent.....Bane


    Have you ever been to Africa?..

    Have you ever lived anywhere,besides your moms basement?..

    If you had been to Africa..

    You probably would have learned how to fetch by now..


    Been eaten by a local Tribesman..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • BANE

    That´s right apostates! See there! Jehovah´s truth is winning! Same thing happened at IMDB. The idiot apostates tried everything to break me except it was put right back in their faces with Jehovah´s scripture. They gave up and had the talk that you guys are having...¨Oh let´s ignore him now¨ You obviously cannot win. I will never turn to the darkside. I am defeating you all with scripture. Your retorts? ¨Oh, you are a dog etc.¨

    Pretty piss poor arguments. I THOUGHT apostates were enlightened...At least that is what you claim here. The only thing so far I have been convinced of is how the faithful slave describes you guys. If you had NOT mocked, had not cussed, had NOT dissed the org I would´ve come away with a totally different viewpoint of apostates. But you don´t. You do EXACTLY as the society says you will act. Mean, aggresivo, bad tempered and think you know it all...

    So fantastic how the brothers warn of you guys...And it is always spot on accurate.

  • kurtbethel

    BANE, who are you to say that LouBelle does not have holy spirit? You have no authority to claim that and your words have no credibility.

    I testify to the fact that I have personally observed LouBelle is wholly spirited.

    She is also smarter than the governing body. They cling to believing a collection of incoherent and illogical beliefs, while she abandoned those beliefs when she saw the folly of them.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    BANE is a typical Jw.

    He is unable to think outside the box painted for him. But, my experience has shown me that those coming here are not fully happy with Watchtower integration. They are like the guy that keeps going to the refrigerator when not hungry. They are looking, trying to find something, but not sure what they want. If the refrigerator smelled as bad as they say it does they would just leave and never open it again.

    Keep looking, tasting, BANE. Eventually, you will see the mold and begin to slowly cleaning out the bad stuff. Eventually you will realize that the refrigerator itself is the bad stuff.

    How is that ole' 'generation' sandwich tasting now? That thing has been tossed and returned so many times it is bound to be 'smelling bad' to you by now. Give it a taste and smell. NuuuuuLight just keeps going out and back on - looks like a blinking light to the rest of us. Could the refrig be getting too old and messed up to work right? Worth a thought at least. Everyone is allowed a thought now and again.



  • CuriousButterfly


    Speaking from someone who is still active I am surprised at your attitude and remotely even visiting this site let alone posting. If your elder body aka BOE got wind of you posting on this site you would be in a JC meeting faster than you would ever imagine. You can condemn me but I a least try and respect everyone on here.

  • isaacaustin

    Ahh, yes the maggot came here to see the other side and low and behold, we showed him that ones who leave the org are angry, bitter and unable to face reality. LOL Keep going maggot, you're doing great!

  • Twitch

    lol, eh, whatever. You can lead a horse to water,...

    what CuriousButterfly said, though I doubt Bane is an active witness. Prolly just a kid, and/or mentally unstable, definitely narcissistic and full of self loathing manifested as a hatred of those who've broken the barrier that he cannot. No true witness would act like this.

    Speaking from someone who is still active I am surprised at your attitude and remotely even visiting this site let alone posting.
    If your elder body aka BOE
    You can condemn me but I a least try and respect everyone on here......Curious Butterfly


    I reposted the above post..

    In hope you could concentrate long enough to read it..

    There are many active JW`s here..

    Reading,asking questions,learning as they go along..

    Deciding for themselves if something is right or wrong..

    If you were a JW..You would understand what is going on in this forum..

    Your not..Your here to disrupt..

    The fact is you have no idea what we are talking about most of the time..But..

    You still run your mouth..


    I`m Bane..How come I don`t get more posts?..


    Why do you all laugh when I drag my ass across the lawn?..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • isaacaustin

    Bane does the "you apaostates are so afraid of me i only get 10 posts" as a rouse...either to try to accelerate his increase r to simply disrupt...probably disrupt. The thing maggots like that hate the most though is to be ignored. So they reply that they won, that all you can do is ignore.

  • Violia


    I actually think you may be right about the usage of certain terms, like dub and even JW. I used to use them prior to my leaving as I had heard them used in my extended family. I was told that the term JW is not one they use and they find it offensive.

    I do not think I know more than Jehovah or Jesus. I still accept the Bible as God's word. I just do not believe that the governing body speaks for Jehovah. I can read and do read my Bible. Reading my Bible ( not the Watchtower) is actually what helped set me free.

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