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  • LouBelle

    Intelligent you can like to be, but get it - I think not.

    Clearly you cannot or do not have any sense of humour, or perhaps you just do not understand african humour - who knows.

    I was clarifying something you had assumed about people or JWs in Africa - I was a JW and I am an African, but it amazes me how you felt the need to question my intelligence instead of just saying "thank you for clarifying Loubelle, I was wrong"

    tsk tsk tsk

    Oh and can anyone tell me where I can get better English?

  • LouBelle

    Had a quick squiz over the many comments, and I have one more thing to say: I DO KNOW MORE THAN THOSE OLD MEN SITTING IN SOME OFFICE AT BETHEL HEADQUARTERS!

  • BANE

    Loubelle, I do not think EVERY single African uses the word. I don´t think you can speak for everyone on the continent.

    No, you don´t know more than the Governing body. You do not have holy spirit anymore. Like many here, you have actually forgotten the scriptures.

    If you were in Paul´s day you would say you knew more than him. I bet for Jesus too. Your arrogance is SO haughty Bizarro. You probably learned the word HERE. I have never heard it in my life. In fact I still don´t know what it means. Dub? I have heard of George DUB Bush but not in reference to Jehovah´s people.

  • MsDucky

    The devil can quote scriptures.

  • Twitch
    Your arrogance is SO haughty Bizarro

    You would know, Bane.

    Leave the nice posters alone, kid. Love thy neighbor

  • isaacaustin

    Bane, thanks for continuing to post your stupidity on and accentuate the fact that you are a JW wannabe and the damage the org does to peoples' psyche.

  • miseryloveselders

    I'm sitting here trying to figure out why you guys/gals keep entertaining this dude. I guess it keeps him busy though. The summer is too long, and if he's a true dub, he doesn't have any friends to hang out with. So he'll waste his entire summer on various message boards until the fall when he enters junior high.

  • Twitch

    I dunno; must be the inner goon in me, trying to break free


  • Gayle

    LouBelle, you are smarter than the GB,,when I realized that even 'I' was smarter than the GB, I realized the WT organization was in big trouble! :)

  • isaacaustin

    I think we do need to ignore the maggot. he/she/it is not worth anyones' attention. It just becomes so comical to see the maggot try to claim he is a firmly believing and servig JW when he doesn't even know JW talk.

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