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  • Quentin

    Bane said, on another thread:

    Quentin, You HAVEN´T MOVED ON! That is my whole point! You STILL come here after leaving the org for what...YEARS now and still talk bad about them. You CANNOT move on. You say you are not locked down but I don´t see that at ALL! You come here day after day to talk about something you were GLAD to be away from. YOU are the prisoner sir. If you truly wanted to leave you wouldn´t come here.

    It´s like a woman that is raped. She doesn´t go back to the same man to get raped EVERY single day of her life does she? No, she may even move to a different city hoping NEVER to have the experience again. Not you guys. If the org was SO bad to you you would NOT come here to bash it every day.

    You are the pathetic ones. The ones that cannot move on with their lives.

    Sorry Bane, wanted to banter with ya, but the other thread I started wore me out. Post whatever you wish. Get back to ya, promise.

  • sabastious

    According to any JW posting on here at all would fall in the catagory what BANE is talking about.

    It's a blanket judgement. Some do need to take a break from this forum and let go. Many have let go but still like to hang her and reminisce.

    I'm not going to deny that the catagory doesn't exist, but I will say that any Witness will use it as a crutch to demonize people who have left the organization.


  • nugget

    Bane is an intellectual lightweight who just uses the standard WTS circular reasoning.

  • steve2

    Bane specializes in declaring what the "truth"is whilst disobeying it (if he really believed the witnesses had the truth he wouldn't post on an apostate site).

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    If you truly wanted to leave you wouldn´t come here.

    That isn't even circular reasoning. It isn't reasoning at all.

    This forum isn't the Kingdumb Hall, Bane. Coming here is nothing like any Kingdumb Hall.

    Did you forget your foil hat?

  • moshe

    This place is a theocraptic ministry school, where JWs learn it's OK to dump on the WT org.

  • Twitch

    Bane does have a compelling fascination with vipers, it would seem. A figurative grain of sand in your oyster. A muse for your amusement or pinada for your frustrations. Tolerance is a virtue

  • alfmel

    Not being a psychologist but having studied psychology, it seems this forum is theraputic for those with doubt about the organization. They feel they have been hurt by the organization, and wish to express their hurt feelings, and even attack what once attacked them. True, a person should move on at some point, but the length of healing is usually related to the length of hurt.

    One has to wonder, too, why a JW would come here. One might say to defend the faith, but Bane's words quoted above are not a defense, but an attack. It seems Bane may have doubts, and in an effort to confront them he comes here to attack and destroy them. If he can make apostates look bad, then he can reassure himself that apostasy is not the path to take. One really has to wonder: is he here to enlighten the lost soul or to mock it?

  • Quentin

    Hmmm, lets see, haven't moved on eh? I haven't been to a meeting since 1974. In 1978 joined, along with the wife, Tyler Street Methodist Church in Dallas. Taught Sunday School. Made friends who were not jw's, friends who took you for who you were, not what they thought you should be, one I devoted a thread to, because he was a down to earth, all round caring person. Celebrated ALL holidays. Went to college, which I didn't get to finish, that's another story. Learned to think for myself, not how any church, organisation said I had to. Voted, became a Freemason, went to movies of my choice with no fear of being condemed and many other things. Doing it all without my life being micro-managed by some entity who claimed they had the bible truth to do so.

    I never said I was locked down, my comment was directed at you and other's of your ilk. I don't come here day after day, have other things to do, this board is not my lifes work. Want to be a jw? Knock yourself out, don't expect me, who has seen behind the facade of the wtbts years of bible falsehood and un-loving treatment of their own, to keep my mouth shut simply because YOU don't like what I, or others, have to say. That's comical.

    Your woman being rapped is uncalled for, an amoral comment a loving caring person would not have made. That's the thing about you, your spite and hatefull attacks drip off you like water drips off someone who just stepped out of a shower. I pity you and the hatefilled live you live. Do hope you will find the love and affection you so despertly need....that's all I have to say, from this point forward....

  • Simon

    I think I can translate:

    "You people show that the org does cause harm and are making stuff public. If you could all just disappear it would make life so much easier for those of us who want to just close our eyes, drink the cool-air, swallow the red-pill or whatever it is we do to continue in the fairy-tale world of the WTS".

    The fact is, people need to talk and discover that their experience is not unique and they are not alone ... I can understand why pro-WTS members would want to avoid that though as it makes it just so darn hard to keep people locked up doesn't it?!!

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