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  • Twitch

    Bane, did you shat on Palmtree's nice floor again? BAD DOG!

    *takes Bane by collar and shows him doodoo*

  • isaacaustin

    Just remember Bane, anytime you need relief from the oppressive cult-group you love that calls itself God's org, or that you need to vent about them you are ALWAYS welcome here at



    Look how the other apostates are here! Outlaw Issac etc. By their posts you can tell exactly who they are.
    They have become vicious animals after leaving the truth.

    Pointing out your a Dumb Ass..Does`nt make anyone an Animal..

    I don´t know if what happened to you was true or not.

    Exactly what happened to me?..

    Tell everyone on JWN,everything you don`t know..

    But you blame God for it.

    I don`t blame God for anything..

    Unless you can provide a post that proves what you say..

    People are going to know your capable of saying anything,to defend the WBT$..

    Fetch the stick Bane..

    Small Black and White Dog with Stick Desktop Wallpaper

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • isaacaustin

    Bane, how come you were never accepted into the JWs? Were you turned down for baptism, or were you simply unable to live the JW life after baptism?

  • palmtree67
    Palmtree, You left God´s organization. How could one believe anything you say

    Everyone not a JW is a liar?

    And everyone who is a JW tells the truth and shows true brotherly love?


    Your masters must be so proud of you.

  • tec

    Palm left the witnesses because of how terribly she was treated then, and continued to be treated afterward.

    But Palm can't be believed because she left the witnesses?

    Bane - do you see that your reasoning doesn't make sense. You can't accept what she says because it shows flaws in your belief system, so you resort to "well, you left, so you're just a liar anyway."


  • designs

    Maybe BANE and our resident Calvinist are related. The Governing Body and the General Assembly do have their similarites hmmmm

  • palmtree67

    Thank you, Tammy.

    But BANE is wrong. I don't blame God for what happened. I am at peace with Him, he knows the truth of the matter.

    Without the constant harrassment and belittling from the JW's, it is alot easier to worship him in peace.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Bane......I'm not trying to slam you and I really can't remember any background info you may have posted about yourself. Could you please tell us how long you were a JW, born-in or not, ever an elder or MS, Pioneer or any other type priviledge? Many of us here have extensive backgrounds in the JW's and it wasn't just a little "nitpicking" that caused us to leave.

    Think About It

  • isaacaustin

    Bane is just here to get attention...something the JWs do not give him. he will seek whatever he can get- positve or negative.

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