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  • cantleave

    Bane come up with some reasonable arguments to show that you are not just spouting off the crap "taught" by the morons at the WTS.

    I have read you posts hoping that you may have something interesting and new to say, but you are just repeating the same old same old BS that I heard for 42 years.

    BTW if you haven't worked out the WTS is just a money making racket and Jehovah is a figment of their imagination.

    Jehovah is not real, never was real and is nothing more than a translation error.

    If he was an all powerful let him strike me down tonight. The Jehovah construct is a weak minded, petty piece of sh+t with no morals and and an inferiority comple4x. why the hell would you want to worship such a despotic, moronic , low life scumbag?

  • transhuman68

    Apostate gang mentality? We can't even agree on which day of the week it is. (It's a sunny winter Saturday morning.)

  • mrsjones5

    Ya, it'a hot sunny Friday summer afternoon here.

  • beksbks

    Hey it's a hot sunny Friday afternoon here too!

  • agonus

    We wouldn't even be having this debate if people on both sides of the issue didn't take themselves so goddamned seriously.

  • cantleave

    It's 01:20 Saturday morning here in the UK. Its raining and I'm going to bed.

  • BANE

    Cantleave, So you donĀ“t believe in God huh? So you believe in Evolution that you indeed came from a monkey. Sounds about right...

    Me? Our eyes are better than any camera, our minds are simply incredible....Yeah, I am SURE we were created. I am sorry you feel otherwise.

  • cantleave

    So as not too hijack this thread I have created a new one to counterpoint your eye fallacy. Please read it and watch the videos.


  • Quentin

    This is what makes this site so great...weak minded, can't think outside the box aplogists come here(don't have to be jw's by the way),hi-jack threads, spew their unloving hate filled puke, insult the honest integrity of every one who writes a sentence the little snakes don't agree with, who thump their chests like a silver back gorrila and claim victory over evil apostates. Yet, what have they accomplished? Nothing.

    Why? Because, their locked down simple minded comments show lurkes they have nothing to offer but hate. Hate of people who have moved beyond meaningless closed minded medevil thinking. People who desire to stand in the light of freedom, freedom to think for themselves , freedom to rule their lives as they see fit, not be ruled by others who wish to keep them in bondage.

    The title of this thread is: "why I like this site." What's not to like about a site where hurting, broken people can see they do not have to live in bondage, stand in the shadow of others. A site that shows there is freedom to be yourself, express your thoughts and not have to live in fear for doing so.

  • Quentin


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