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  • beksbks
    Love this site, & I have never insulted anyone at any time (I hope) but for goodness sake someone ban that dickhead Bane who's one rather large pain in the ass.

    LOL, right on! That was a worthy first insult.

  • finallysomepride
  • GLTirebiter

    I like that this site is open to all types of people and all sorts of opinions. It's a refreshing change from that alternate reality zone, where being different is forbidden and thinking is a crime. If you've been in a protective environment and have a thin skin, yes, it takes a while to learn how to play well with others, but that itself is a valuable learning experience.

    I like hearing what others have to say. I don't agree with you all, but that's part of life. You learn that way, you grow that way.

    I like knowing that others have had been through some of the strange experiences I've seen, and made it through to a real life on the other side.

    I like how much I've learned by lurking here for almost two years before I first posted here. It helped me more than I could ever imagine.

    Thank you all, and especially Simon for making this board happen.

  • GLTirebiter


    Happy Canada Day, especially you in Alberta, British Columbia, and Yukon (where it isn't tomorrow just yet!)

  • transhuman68

    I like this site because sometimes, just sometimes, it seems that we are nearly all singing from the same songbook, and it aint Kingdom Melodies!

  • Quentin

    Bump to the top....great thread....

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    as jws we lived in an environment were being different especially in our thinking was more than just discouraged there were threats from the org & other jws. We have to learn to appreciate our differences and not be afraid to express disagreement w/o lashing out.

    It takes time to learn its ok to have an opinion about the creator,bible the future and get out of that treacherous heart crap that made us afraid to have thought & feelings of our own. we were taught that if we felt unhappy about something the gb said we were weak possibly dangerous & deserved destruction. that stuff messes with your head.

    here we can say what we want & were among others who understand because of this similiar experience.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    AMEN - I too love this site! You guys often have me laughing out loud! I always learn something here too, no matter the subject...

  • BANE

    Quentin you wrote...With that experience at the hands of "Gods People" and the manner in which my mother was disfellowshiped I struck my tent in 1974 and moved on. Wish I could say I never looked back, it just wouldn't be true. It took a long time to get the Watchtower out of my system and I don't think my experiences, as a Jehovah's Witness, or the aftermath, are all that different from what others have gone through. Weather you're a current Witness, living in hell on earth, agonizing over what to do, or an ex Watchtower slave, making a life for yourself, we've all have made the same journey, one way or the other. We all have the same story to tell. Which can be summed up in one word betrayal.

    One more thing before I end. I didn't get caught up in 1975. Some folks did. Don't know why, but I just didn't think about it much. I didn't experience the "body of Elders" in the way many of you have. When I left it really hadn't taken full effect. I will say, from what I have read over the last several years, including Ray Franz book, it is without a doubt the most insidious burden the Society has ever placed on the backs of Jehovah's Witnesses. Highhanded, kangaroo court, lynch mob mentality, unjust, power monger, dictator, thug, bully, Gestapo are a few words and phrases that come to mind. What a millstone.

    Oh yeah... you SAY you are not apostate then WRITE the above? HAHAHA...That screams apostasy! Reading that idiot Franz book and then putting down the brothers like that! HAHA...You are not an apostate? Yeah right!

    Finallysomepride, That´s right...You guys moan and bewail that the organization disfellowships NOW you want to ban me from here? Isn´t that the same thing? HAHAHA...You cannot take it so you resort to trying to ban. You cuss and scream like a little girl about organizations policies then you are acting EXACTLY like you SAY that act.

  • agonus


    Seriously, nothing personal here, but do you even know what the word "apostate" means? It's from the Greek apostasis, which literally means "a standing away". "apo-" = "away", "stasis" = "to stand". That's it. No Satan, no judgement, nothing evil, nothing like that. By this definition, the Governing Body of the Watchtower organization and ALL its adherents are apostates, yourself included. Haven't you all "stood away" from the vast majority of teachings your supposed founder, Pastor Russell, adhered to? Hence the futility of labeling ANYONE an apostate. If you ain't Christ, you an apostate. Period. End of story.

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