My friend got a certified letter saying he is being DF'D

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  • hamsterbait

    I think the Beth Hell room share thing is covered by the application form:

    Have you ever had a homosexual experience or homosexual tendencies.

    Of course they think because they are the GB NOBODY will ever lie. NEVER NEVER NEVER!!

    (We've all read accounts of what went on there, shared by former residents there.)

    The brother and sister flat-share thing came up at a congo I was in. They said it would look odd to the neighbours.

    A LIE of course - most normal people mind their own business, unless you rub their nose in yours, like witlesses do.


  • NiceDream

    Were there 2 witnesses to see they had been in the same house overnight, or did your friend admit she was a roommate?

    I know 3 cases where the wife moved out and was living with her boyfriend while still married, and the husbands had to camp out overnight outside the house and take pictures that the boyfriend's car was there. They also had 2 people in the car with them to have 2 witnesses. The elders wouldn't go on heresay, even though one of the women was frequently seen around town with her boyfriend.

    In another case, my former friend left her husband and lived with a few boyfriends for a couple years. No one had "proof" ( videotaping or taking pictures that the guy's car was there overnight) so nothing happened. When she moved back into our territory with her boyfriend, the elders visited her a few times and she said the guy was just a roommate. She was finally DF'd a few weeks later after she married the guy.

    Your friend could appeal to the CO and say there aren't 2 witnesses, but it may not be enough. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, and I hope he's able to pick up the pieces. All 3 of the 4 guys I know are remarried, some not scripturally, but they are all happy and have better marriages then before.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    This obviously presumes that sex does not take place during the day time.

    This is what I find incredible. Two people COULD BE doing it EVERY DAY and not get DFd ("we just go to her place for lunch, to save money so that we can pioneer") but if it happens at night, it's automatically considered sexual.

    It's blasphemy every time they call themselves "God's organization."

  • flipper

    FOOLSPARADISE - Your friend is being victimized unjustly . The fact the elders sent him a certified letter in writing stating he's being DFed and that WITHOUT LEGITIMATE PROOF or EYEWITNESSES - your friend has them by the legal balls here. I know, I went through this 3 years ago myself. Tell your friend ( if he still has witness relatives he wants to stay in touch with - or if it's the only way to see his JW children ) to fight the false accusations like hell. Judge Rutherfraud is right- the elders and WT society don't expect or like a fight.

    Your friend has to have courage though. And NOT be intimidated by the elders. Elders are just tools used by the WT society. Only human.

    What I did was after they told me I was being DFed in absentia for " circumstancial fornication " 3 years ago with no evidence or eyewitnesses is I appealed the decision AND sent the JC a Doc Bob letter which essentially states you will sue them for slander and defamation of character if they falsely DF you. It is pretty thorough and indicates your attorney will be contacting them if they carry this through with no proof. I used this method and they overtutned my Disfellowshipping. They sent a copy of my appeal to the Bethel legal department- along with the " Doc Bob " letter . A month later the appeal committee chairman elder said " The decision is not to DF you. Bethel told us to let you off. "

    So- If your friend has JW relatives he wants to keep in touch with- he might want to consider doing this. OR - If his JW ex-wife won't let him see his kids. But he can fight legally in the courts for that right , if the kids are under 18. He HAS the right to see his kids. His ex is just being a vindictive witch it sounds like. My JW ex was the EXACT same way. Been there, done that. Good luck to your friend

  • BANE

    WHy does the friend want to have them by the legal balls if he DOESN´T WANT TO BE A WITNESS!!!!!

    Man you apostates are something else. You say you hate the org then you RUN AND HIDE from being cut from it. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!

  • flipper

    BANE- You don't understand the situation as posted in the initial thread. Read it afgain. The JW ex-wife is NOT letting this guy see his children. Threatening to sue the elders or WT society for DFing him on no evidence - might be the ONLY recourse this guy has to get his JW wife to allow him to see his children. Yes- Legally he could go to court to get half time visitation on child custody - however how do you know this guy doesn't have JW relatives he wants to stay in touch with ? It doesn't indicate in the initial thread that he WANTS to be DFed or Dissassociated. He wants to control his destiny- not allow the ELDERS to control it. He can certainly do whatever he wants to . Are YOU trying to control him as well ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • BANE

    Flipper, the friend KNEW what he was getting into when he signed on to becoming a witness. Ok? Hebrews 13:


    Is he being obediant when he tells them to shove off and avoids them for a month? No he isn´t. I agree with his being DFed.

  • mrsjones5

    the friend KNEW what he was getting into when he signed on to becoming a witness. Ok?

    You have no way of knowing that, you can only guess. OK?

  • 5thGeneration


    Show some respect for God's word and don't post scriptures so small that we can't read them.


  • flipper

    BANE- No Jehovah's Witness knows what they're getting into when they sign on to become a witness . Because they're all under the influence of cult mind control. They are told initially it's all a loving brotherhood and a bowl of cherries - then after being in the JW's for awhile - reality sets in with injustices , rape of the mind , and control measures designed to take their free will away and put them in a sedated , cult induced state.

    If you don't agree - then answer this : WHY did the WT society start printing one version of the Watchtower for people in the field, non-witnesses- and start printing a Witness only version to be used for their WT study's ? The reason is to say things to Witnesses in a more hardcore, strict, controlling fashion , than they would say to people in the field ! Thus the WT society MISREPRESENTS needed information to newly interested people initially ! Information that they are NEVER aware of until being in the witnesses for a year or two ! That is deceitful, dishonest , and scamming JW members to control them. Think about it

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