Had any Dreams Lately you Want to Share ? What Meanings do you Get ?

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  • flipper

    Gawd- I had a crazy dream last night. In books I've read about Dreaming- it has stated many times dreams are about " unfinished situations " in your life that are trying to sort out within your dreams.

    My dream was : My son Flipper junior and me were being chased by government thugs who wanted us to release some important numbers - a code we had written down. Only problem was is this code had information that would cost our families & friends lives if these government people got them from us. So as we turned a corner, Flipper junior wrote down the wrong code on another piece of paper . We handed it to one of the government guys and he said, " This is a FAKE code number ! Your son has the real one ! " Then just as he was lunging at my son - I put my arms around his neck and strangled the guy to death ! ( I've never killed ANYONE in my dreams before. ) So I threw the dead government guys body into the other guy knocking him down. My son and I ran to safety.

    Then- A second dream, a little later was almost a continuation of the first one. Mrs. Flipper and I were having a dinner party at our house and a knock came on the front door. It was a credit card collection guy dressed up in a suit. He asked if a lady we knew ( single mother ) was at our house . I said " No ". He said she had given our address as an alternate address and she owed $ 40,000 to the credit card company. I said, " No, she doesn't live here ! And you should stop harassing her ! " Then I proceeeded to lecture him asking " Are you going to insist she make huge payments of $300 or $500 to you or will you allow her to pay it off at $10 or $20 per month ?? " I continued, " You don't have the right to terrorize a single mother and try tearing her life apart over her debys ! " I conclude, " Get off of my doorstep and get the hell off my property ! " And that was the end of the dream .

    My meaning I take away from this is : I hate ANY organization or people unjustly controlling other people's lives and I'll even fight to the death for that freedom for others or myself. The government guys and bill colector could very well be extensions of WT society members trying to still control people I love- family or friends. This is kind of the message I'm getting here. Your opinion ?

    So What dreams have YOU had lately ? Let's talk about them and figure out possible meanings , O.K. ? Should be fun. Look forward to your takes. Hope everyone is having a geat weekend ! Peace out to all, Mr. Flipper

  • OnTheWayOut

    Your first dream is either replacing JW elders with "government thugs" and means they want confessions out of you


    you are getting close to the truth about Bigfoot and the government will need to try to stop you from exposing the truth- something similar to MEN IN BLACK, but not (necessarily) with aliens from off-world.

    I think your call on the second dream is dead-on.

    I don't remember my dreams. I have, on occasion, thought about them in my waking moments but they are gone by the time I hit the floor.

  • Lozhasleft

    My dreams are usually so graphic I could sell them to Spielberg....but lately I keep dreaming I'm going to a building where to be able to go up to the first floor I have to really struggle by pulling myself up strenuously through kind of manholes in the ceiling....weird.

    Last night I dreamt that a friend was in labour and had a baby girl...

    I regularly dream I'm in conventions or meetings and people wont talk to me...no surprise there....

    Loz x

  • flipper

    OTWO- Yeah, I think I still have subconscious fears about elders harassing me after all these years ! Haven't heard from them in over 3 years now. Knock on wood. They should know better and for their own good leave me alone - as I'll breathe fire and brimstone at them at my door like a dragon if they harass me.

    Yeah, who knows, maybe my son and I WILL get pictures of Bigfoot this year ! Gonna keep trying. But I think my hate of high control groups hurting people I love- comes out in my dreams. So you don't remember your dreams ? Perhaps try writing them down just after you wake up if it's still fresh in your head a little

  • flipper

    LOZHASLEFT- Interesting dreams you are having. Especially the one where you are crawling up through a manhole in the ceiling to get up to the next floor. Perhaps that could indicate you are struggling to move on and gain your freedom in your post-life JW exit ? You want your freedom, but it will take effort on your part like struggling to freedom through the manhole. Just my 2 cents. It's fun to ponder

  • trueblue

    I had a dream one time when I was about twelve years old, that God was on the other side of the waters and God was very angry with me and the waters began to rise and I started climbing up the side of a mountain with vikings, etc. behind me and when I reached the top of the mountain there was a Mcdonolds with it's golden arches.

    Had someone say to me after I told the dream "Through trials and tribulations there is great reward"

    I think JW's just scared the crap out of a young boy and he had a nightmare.

  • flipper

    TRUEBLUE- I'm sure that a lot of the JW things we were taight scared the Be-jesus out of us and crept up in our dreams. Who knows maybe the McDonald's in your dream WAS paradise. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • trueblue

    Ya Mr. Flipper,

    I was just thinking about that because I have PTSD from it all and my therapy is to work my hiney off to release anxieties so I don't get physical and make them (JW's) scared and feel what I did. But through all the hard work I sure have a nice place to live that I can call "HOME!"

    Thanks, Trueblue

  • flipper

    TRUEBLUE- Yeah, I hear you. I think we are all going through a sort of therapy called " living life after JW cult mind control" - so I feel ya. Glad you have a nice place called home. Good for you, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Leolaia

    Last week I dreamt that I was taking a picture of a mini black hole a few feet away from me, and it was quite pretty and lovely, and then (irl) my bf got up to use the bathroom and I complained (irl) that he interrupted me from taking my picture.

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