Had any Dreams Lately you Want to Share ? What Meanings do you Get ?

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  • EmptyInside

    Last night, I had a dream that I gave birth to twin boys. I have no clue who the father was! But, I still was talking to the Witnesses, so I didn't get df-d. They even gave me a huge baby shower in the dream. I was even nursing my infant in the dream in front of this other sister. Which I found weird even in the dream, since I'm a very modest person.

    Just a weird dream. I don't know if it had any meaning, other than I've been around a friend who has a 6 month old baby. And she always wants me to do things with her and the baby. And this is hard for me right now. Because, I'm trying to distance myself from those in the congregation. And plus, I'm kind of sad that I may have missed my chance of having a family, since I have waited so long to find a fellow borg member. ugh.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    last night i dreamt that my ex and i decided we both would rather talk civilly to each other rather than thru lawyers and text messages... i also dreamt that i bawling my eyes out saying over and over to my son, 'i am so sorry'

    perhaps the reason i dreamt about communication with the wicked witch of the north was that on sunday in an emergancy i actually had to telephone her...

    shudder shudder!


  • flipper

    DOOFDADDY- Any time my friend. It was an interesting dream you had.

    END OF MYSTERIES- THAT is a freaky dream. I got the chills just reading it. It sounds like you were having a deja vu experience of our training we got in the witnesses about the Nephilim who ( allegedly ) were angels coming to earth having sex with women. It sounds like THEY were talking to you in the dream saying " we don't value what God gave us - the gift of women . Almost sounds like they are envious we human men have sex with women ! I don't know the meaning of THIS dream - it's way out there. But it could be some emotional hangover from being a JW

  • flipper

    EMPTYINSIDE- It sounds like to me that your subconscious mind is wishing the witnesses WOULD be more accepting in their behavior towards you- i.e., giving you a baby shower,nursing in front of the sister . Your mind while sleeping is having a debate with itself on WHY JW's are NOT more accepting towards others. Yet when you wake up - reality comes back and you find the witnesses ARE NOT very accepting towards others. And like you said, it could be haning around your friend with a baby , or wanting to have one yourself. Hang in there- dreams are exhausting sometimes.

    AUSSIE OZ- Like Emptyinside - it sounds like subconsciously you are wishing there existed more peacefulness between you and your ex-wife. Yet there is the guilt creeping up in your dream regarding your son. So it is crazy. Dreams are strange- trying to find meanings sometimes is a challenge. Hang in there. Keep close to your son

  • frankiespeakin

    Just thought I would post this. I have been reading a lot lately about Carl Jung. And so I search periodically some stuff on the net too.

    You may find this interesting it seems pretty much Jungian based about dreams:


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Two nights ago I dreamed I was staying at a concrete 3rd world hotel on the DMZ of South Korea. There was some political stuff going on so all us Americans were on the roof. This Korean hotel worker was on the roof and acting funny, when I noticed he had a detonator. I kicked him and stopped him from blowing up the hotel. North Korean jets started bombing the DMZ and the dream was like the chaos scenes you see in a movie. People were handing out machine guns and running all over the place. I remembered seeing guys I worked with in the past. When getting ready to evacuate the city in a car, I noticed I picked up the wrong brown leather jacket in the confussion. The brown leather jacket had a brown wallet in it like the "BMF" wallet Samuel L. Jackson had in Pulp Fiction, but instead of saying "BMF" on the wallet it said "Keyser Soze".

    It was a very vivid and frightening dream. Few days before this dream there was one with 2 blondes and a device.

    Think About It

  • frankiespeakin

    I also see or understand a little better that dream interpretation is serious business since it is used by the unconscious to communicated to the conscious. And I think it can be great benefit to ourselves to learn how it conveys meaning.

    I think if done correctly you can avoid ego inflation or deflation. Hey Jung suffered through a serious bought with the unconscious and managed to pull thru it and tells us about what he learned. Of course he used an "active imagination" and dream work to get there.


    Active Imagination is a concept developed by Carl Jung between 1913 and 1916. It is a meditation technique wherein the contents of one's unconscious are translated into images, narrative or personified as separate entities. It can serve as a bridge between the conscious 'ego' and the unconscious and includes working with dreams and the creative self via imagination or fantasy. Jung linked Active Imagination with the processes of alchemy in that both strive for oneness and inter-relatedness from a set of fragmented and dissociated parts.

    Key to the process of active imagination is the goal of exerting as little influence as possible on mental images as they unfold. For example, if a person were recording a spoken visualization of a scene or object from a dream, Jung's approach would ask the practitioner to observe the scene, watch for changes, and report them, rather than to consciously fill the scene with one's desired changes. One would then respond genuinely to these changes, and report any further changes in the scene. This approach is meant to ensure that the unconscious contents express themselves without overbearing influence from the conscious mind.

    Of the origination of active imagination, Jung wrote:

    β€œIt was during Advent of the year 1913 – December 12, to be exact – that I resolved upon the decisive step. I was sitting at my desk once more, thinking over my fears. Then I let myself drop. Suddenly it was as though the ground literally gave way beneath my feet, and I plunged into the dark depths.” [1]

    Carl Jung developed this technique as one of several that would define his distinctive contribution to the practice of psychotherapy. Active imagination is a method for visualizing unconscious issues by letting them act themselves out. Active imagination can be done by visualization (which is how Jung himself did it), which can be considered similar in technique at least to shamanic journeying. Active imagination can also be done by automatic writing, or by artistic activities such as dance, music, painting, sculpting, ceramics, crafts, etc. Doing Active imagination permits the thoughtforms of the unconscious, or inner 'self', and of the totality of the psyche, to act out whatever messages they are trying to communicate to the conscious mind.

  • flipper

    FRANKIESPEAKIN- Thanks for sharing Carl Jung's views. Interesting. I agree that dreams are the subconscious minds attempt to help us to " strive for oneness and inner-relatedness from a set of fragmented and dissociated parts. " I agree. Dreams are very important to our mental health I feel.

    I've also read Frederick Perl's " Gestalt Therapy " sessions he conducted at Esalen Institute at Big Sur California with deamwork seminars. And I tend to agree that we dream about unfinished situations we have not dealt with or concluded in our waking , conscious life. It's why some dreams re-occur. I'm glad you study this ! I find it interesting as well.

    THINK aBOUT It- Very interesting dream Think ! LOL ! It appears you see yourself as a hero in your dreams. I tend to do similarly in my dreams ! Funny. Do you KNOW the poster Keyser Soze here on the board ? He's a pretty cool guy. Kinda strange how you found HIS wallet ! LOL ! And the dream with the blondes ? Well- What can I say ? Shows you're normal. I think all of us red blooded American guys have had dreams with Blondes in them ! LOL ! Dreams can be really nice ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • serenitynow!

    I have recurring dreams. I have dreams where I am in serious peril- being shot at by various people. I shoot back but my bullets never penetrate. I actually struggle to wake up from those dreams and usually have a headache when I wake up. I'm not sure what it means.

    I also dream often about my childhood home. I dream I'm living there again but now I'm an adult and I'm there with my mom, sister and nephew. I also have an apartment in the dream, but for some reason I live at home. In my dream there is always some major issue like plumbing problem; often the side door lock is broken, sometimes we're not even legally in the house, just squatting. I think I just basically see my childhood home/my childhood as being unhappy and life was hard. I'm sure that the broken lock on the door has something to do with not feeling safe; which was a reality when I was a kid after my father abandoned the family.

  • Lozhasleft

    I've had 2 quite vivid dreams this week...in the first I was trying so hard to cook a British Roast Dinner and it wouldnt cook properly and I had lots of people waiting to be fed..

    In the 2nd I happened to be at a hotel for a convention (?) and so met the celebrity that fans were clamouring to meet when she was going to her car - strangely she had to carried out and was laid out flat for carrying - I talked to her in her car and went to her next hotel with her where her suite had no doors - I then offerend to work for her as her PA but only part time - it concluded with me driving her somewhere in an old car that kept breaking down...????

    Any clues here Mr Flipper plz ??

    Loz x

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