Had any Dreams Lately you Want to Share ? What Meanings do you Get ?

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  • flipper

    SERENITY NOW- In your first dream it seems to me it indicates you are in a struggle of some sort in your conscious life, daily with someone else, or SOMETHING else and you are trying to fend it off from bothering you but you can't repel it away from you because your bullets won't penetrate. You seem stuck in a battle with something. You get headaches because it's exhausting to keep battling whatever it is. Only question is : Ask yourself WHAT are you battling , yet feeling stuck with or unable to overcome ?

    Your 2nd dream - I think you hit it accurately that the broken lock may indicate you were insecure in your childhood with the father situation. I find it interesting that in spite of having your own apartment in this dream- you choose to live with your mom , sister, and nephew in your childhood home. To me it indicates a feeling of MORE security with your mom and relatives - yet perhaps you have fears of being , or living alone.

    LOZHASLEFT- In your first dream it seems to indicate that you have concerns about pleasing lots of people - and you get what I call " stage fright" in your life with expectations that you will fail to please others. It's like you are really worried about pleasing others.

    In the second dream- I see a bit of what I saw in the first dream. To me- the fact you went with this celebrity to her hotel, yet it had no doors indicates you felt possibly TRAPPED in the situation without possibility of exiting the circumstance ! The fact you offered to work for her indicates you wanted to please someone again- but in THIS dream you put LIMITATIONS on how far you would go to please her by offering to work only " part time ". Which indicates I feel a progress from the first dream in wanting to have more control of your time in real life ! Do you feel entrapped by having to please others in your waking life ? Do you feel like you need more freedom ? I think this may be what this is about. Just my 2 cents. Let me know

  • serenitynow!

    Mr Flipper your thoughts about my first dream are freaky! My second dream I think is more about my fear of going back to the awful standard of living in my childhood. Its really a nightmare.

  • EmptyInside

    Hi Flipper, I have a recurring dream of being someone else living in the 1920's with a husband and young boy. It's really weird. I don't tell that to too many people, because it freaks them out. I don't believe in past lives or anything. But, sometimes, I think I should make it into an interesting novel or something.

  • Chalam

    Hi Loz,

    I've had 2 quite vivid dreams this week...in the first I was trying so hard to cook a British Roast Dinner and it wouldnt cook properly and I had lots of people waiting to be fed..

    I assume there were JWs amongst those waiting to be fed? I guess the rarity of the meat is similar to the vision Peter received Acts 10:9-23

    In the 2nd I happened to be at a hotel for a convention (?) and so met the celebrity that fans were clamouring to meet when she was going to her car - strangely she had to carried out and was laid out flat for carrying - I talked to her in her car and went to her next hotel with her where her suite had no doors - I then offerend to work for her as her PA but only part time - it concluded with me driving her somewhere in an old car that kept breaking down...????

    You had favour and met the celebrity where others we clamouring in trying. Similarly, her hotel room had "no doors", certainly for yourself.

    One to watch for sure.

    Make sure you ask the Spirit about these revelations :)



  • Lozhasleft

    Wow Mr Flipper - I do have this inner issue with needing to 'please' everyone ! No I havent any 'freedom' needs these days, but its interesting to hear your perspective. Thank you.

    Loz x

  • flipper

    SERENITYNOW !- My thoughts were freaky about your 1st dream ? How do you mean, freaky accurate ? Or freaky weird ? LOL ! Clarify please. LOL! I hope you never have to go back to your scary childhood. I'm sorry you went through that.

    EMPTYINSIDE- It's not very strange to dream we were living in some other time period. I've done that myself before. Like dreaming I was in the 1800's in the old west days. LOL ! I think it may just be a fantasy or escapism into another time period into history to help us deal with the stresses of our waking everyday life. I'm not sure. But hey, roll with it if it makes you feel good.

    CHALAM- Don't think the spirit helps anybody realize their dreams. I believe people discover meanings in dreams better on their own ! LOL!

    LOZHASLEFT- I'm glad that some of what I said might have struck a familiar chord in you ! Thanks ! Kep dreaming my friend. Many times they help us put 2 and 2 together in our lives

  • tec

    I have terrifying dreams about my son - and they did not start when he started having problems. I've always had them.

    The first bad one I had was when he was a baby - I woke up in a cold sweat from dreaming that I had forgotten I had a baby until I found his little skeleton under my bed.

    Another one was where he was at the bottom of a lake, unconscious but not yet dead from drowning. But I couldn't get to him, because circling over top of him were sharks.

    I have recurring dreams also about Aliens (James Cameron), and quite often I have saved my younger son, but had to leave my older son behind or even forgotten that he existed.

    These dreams scare the crap out of me. I usually wake up a bit and change them to where I have saved my son (the alien dreams anyway - the others I just wake up scared and helpless)


  • frankiespeakin


    As far as "before lives" are concerned my view is maybe there could be, but I think the reason for many cultures believing in it may stem from deep inside our unconscious psyche. Could it just be true? perhaps,, Hey there just may be a personality transference or something mixed in our DNA,, and whatever it is that makes us feel we are a person gets tranfered some how by spirit or what ever you want to call an invisible force that transferes our psyche some where else.

    Your dream seems to be coming from the "collective human unconscious " Jung spoke about these are the big dreams,, but don't take my word for it I may not have my understanding on it right but I think it is pretty close to right.

    Jung worked with his clients to help them interpret their dreams and was said to be careful to lets the clients decide what their dreams, meant because they alone were in touch with the whole mood of the dream.

    Good understanding of those types of dreams is a good thing, That's what the unconscious is trying to do and when accomplished bring the psyche into better balance of opposites. Wish you luck on that dream interpretation.

  • frankiespeakin


    Those dreams may be drawing attention to an unbalence of opposites. You keep mentioning forgot,, does that ring any bells? Are you a person who never forgets?

  • serenitynow!

    Mr Flipper I think you maybe accurate. My main problem in real life is getting out there and building a new non JW life. It's scary and I think I'm avoiding making personal changes because of fear of getting out there. When I was a JW I didnt know I was wasting my life, but now I am very aware of every wasted day that I'm not doing something to move forward. I'm still battling the depression, though it is much better. The fact that I get shot in the dream but my bullets just bounce off my pursuers doesnt really bode well does it?

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