Had any Dreams Lately you Want to Share ? What Meanings do you Get ?

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  • flipper

    Wow ! Didn't realize this thread had been bumped up ! Kind of a fun thread, isn't it ?

    SERENITY NOW ! _ Yeah, I'm surprised I never saw that movie either. I really like Tommy Lee Jones- great actor ! I'll have to watch it.

    CULT CLASSIC- Glad I was of help. I hope you continue to get good things from your dreams.

    END OF MYSTERIES- Wow ! End of Mysteries- THAT was a scary dream ! Man alive. I'm thinking the snake like Cult Classic said may represent a religion perhaps which swallows up victims ? Perhaps the WT society ? I don't know. Are there any people in your life who have been tricky like that snake was ? just curious.

    LEOLAIA- Interesting dream. Yeah, I think we ALL have sexual dreams at one time or another. They can be very pleasant- or at times disturbing depending on WHO is in the dream ! LOL ! I'm glad you got a good message from your dream in staying loyal to your boyfriend. That's cool. It's really good when we can feel good about ourselves even in our sleeping subconscious life. Good for you.

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- Wow ! What a strange dream you had. Well- Since you've dealt with a lot of crazy JW people over the years- I'm not surprised ONE of them popped up in one of your dreams ! LOL ! Even though this crazy guy was rolling around on his back like cat- I'm assuming he didn't want his stomach scratched like a cat, did he ? Considering you've dealt with a lot of cazy JW pedophiles- he could have been one of them in the dream . I know you had fears in real life about the pedophiles possibly exacting vengeance on your husband when he was an elder- so you may be dreaming about an unfinished fear you had from the past about that. Those fears may still creep into your subconscious thoughts and come out in dreams. I've had that too- past fears coming out in dreams while I sleep. It can be startling and disturbing after waking up for sure. Hang in there with it- hope you have some better dreams soon. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    LITS - I've had those dreams where we end up at assemblies/conventions. Hate those!

  • frankiespeakin


    Your dreams seems to indicate a balance of opposites,, which is good IMO for the psyche.

  • frankiespeakin

    About twenty years ago while I was a JW I had a couple of dreams where I was down by the corner store naked and smoking a cigarette,,, and then coming to my senses and realizing I'm naked and smoking. So I'm trying to get rid of the cigarette and hiding behind building trying to run home before anybody sees me and it is night time.


    Hi Flipper,

    As per usual, great thread started by you! Can you stand hearing one more dream?

    I dreamed I was was having dinner with an elder's wife. I was amazed that she was talking to me, since I am disfellowshipped. Next thing I looked up and there were two elders with stakes. I knew they wanted to kill me. They wanted to burn me. I ran around outside the restaurant, then ran around the building and ducked inside the back door. It had nice rich varnished wood. I ducked behind the wooden part, but the sun was shining through the glass. I started to relax, but the elders ran inside the restaurant again and they spotted me. The doorway was too bright where I was hiding. They came after me again --- and I woke up.

    I figured this is a spillover from a past life where I was burned at the stake for being a witch.

    Do you believe there is such a thing as past lives?


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    The last memorable dream was of a night with Fabio.

    Interpretation: I need to get laid by a gorgeous hunk.

  • flipper

    CULT CLASSIC- I agree- I hated assemblies as well ! LOL ! I always fell asleep after the lunch break early in the afternoon sessions !

    FRANKIESPEAKIN- That's hilarious ! LOL ! So are you insinuating to the female board members that you are smoking hot while naked ?? !! ( Just teasing ) Bad joke. Since you were smoking while naked. ( I know, you get it ) I dig pretty deep for humor sometimes. Perhaps the dream means something in your life is naked and openly exposed ? Don't know. Haven't a clue. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    ESTEE- Very interesting dream Estee. I don't know if I believe in " past lives " or not. I'm not sure. I lean towards NOT believing it- but anymore I'm not THAT dogmatic towards anything. I'm open minded, it's a possibility. However I think in THIS dream your fears of the power and control of the elders is creeping up from the past into your dream. All of us were always made to feel fear of elders- that they were always out to get us so to speak. So I think this is a spillover from being trapped in the mind control cult- Jehovah's Witnesses. I too have had dreams about being chased by elders- believe me ! You aren't alone !

    I don't think it's about you being a witch in a past life. You're too sweet a person to have been a witch ! LOL !

    WHITE DOVE- I'm sure you'll find your FABIO type guy soon sometime. Meanwhile- hang in there , keep looking. The right guy will show for you - I know it. You are a very caring, nice lady nd you deserve the best ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • thenoblelodge

    My sister died 12 months ago (17th August ). Obviously the first anniversary has been very distressing. The other night I dreamt I was showing my granma a photo album I had made her, I turned over a page and there was a picture of my sister looking happy and healthy walking toward the camera.

    A very long road stretched out behind her. She had the legs of her jeans rolled up to her knees, something I know she wouldn't have done because she was born with club feet (the feet turn inwards). She had many operations when she was a small child and being in plaster up to her knees caused muscle wasting.

    Suddenly the picture came to life and she was walking toward me. I felt such happiness for her and for me but couldn't understand why she was suddenly alive when I knew she was really dead.

    I woke up and felt so sad because the dream seemed so real, so vivid.

    It really sucked.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I'm sorry about your sister Noblelodge. That's really sad. I've dreamed about my grandmother A LOT since she died. The last dream I had about her I was walking and suddenly realized she was waiting for me to see her. When I looked up and saw her, she smiled at me. Then I woke up.

  • flipper

    THENOBLELODGE- I'm so sorry you lost your sister a year ago in death. My deepest condolences to you. Perhaps you were dreaming about your sister being alive as your subconscious wishes that things could have been totally different- with your sister here again. I have heard it said ( not sure if I believe it ) that when we dream about deceased friends and relatives that they might be trying to contact us in our dreams from wherever they go after they die. I have dreamed about deceased friends and relatives as well- and I experienced what you did feeling sad that the dream wasn't my real conscious life. Hang in there friend. Sorry for your loss.

    CULT CLASSIC- I have had dreams about good friends and grand[parents or uncles who died commending me for the good I'm doing in life . It makes me feel better after knowing maybe they are seeing me from the beyond somewhere noticing

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