What Stupid Things Were You Counseled For?

by minimus 146 Replies latest jw friends

  • stillajwexelder

    A few did not like the ties I wore

  • Altar ego
    Altar ego

    got counseled by an elder for not wearing a suit jacket while reading at the book study at a haitian brother's hot, smelly, steamy basement. Plus I didn't want my new suit smell like fried bananas....

  • asilentone
  • dissed

    That my wife was too headstrong and it would lead to the ruin of our marriage. I needed to be tougher and put her in her place. I laughed when the Elder said that and he became embarrassed.

  • excito-are

    For anyone that does not know me, I was joking!

    I was at the back of the hall. :)

  • mentallyfree31

    I was approached by an attendant once and he was holding a tissue in his hand and he asked me to spit my gum into the tissue. I was very young when this happened. It was when my family first started studying and one of the first meetings we ever attended.


  • LostnFound

    I got spoken to for talking to my boyfriend of a year (both of us were baptized) after the meetings. Even though it was in the main hall where there were lots of eyes, we were both told to keep our distance. I was also personally advised to 'widen out' and befriend some of the older sisters- as it 'appeared I spoke only to the young men'. Could I help it that all the young girls figured out how crazy it was and left?!

  • asilentone

    Welcome to the board, LostnFound!

  • beksbks

    For climbing out the window in the middle of the night and hanging out with a bunch of other teens, drinking and "touching"..........................hmmm maybe I deserved it...............

  • flipper

    I was counseled for wearing " white socks " to the kingdom hall. Was told I couldn't carry the mikes if I wore them. Had to wear dark socks. Tsk, tsk, so petty ! So once just for the hell of it- I decided to carry the mikes wearing NO SOCKS - just to piss them off. Needless to say- I wasn't asked to carry mikes again

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