What Stupid Things Were You Counseled For?

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  • Darkside Blues
    Darkside Blues

    The sister I had studied with at one point nagged me about my skirt length. Because of her I hardly ever wear skirts below the knee. Screw their version of "modesty".

  • JustThatGirl007

    Writing letters to another brother out of state when I was 16 (my parents didn't even let us talk on the phone).

    Skirts too short (always at or just barely above my knee).

    Breastfeeding. No joke. My daughter was in cradle position, NOT nursing at the KH for a good 6 mos, and some dumbass elder decided I needed to not be nursing her in the auditorium. I was in tears. He also said other friends have complained. BULL SHIT. Also, I told him, through tears, "You know, by law, you are not allowed to talk to me about this." He said, "Well, let's not bring the law into it." Freaking assclown.

    Parenting. Same elder decided that we were too lenient w/ our autistic toddler.

    Parenting again. According to another congregation's elders, we were not lenient enough w/ the same child.

    For saying that onions make me throw up while prepping lunch at a KH remodel. Nobody was there besides the food service crew (3 others people, incl my own mother) except some blow hard elder who was just taking a break. He decided to tell me A FEW TIMES not to say that during the actual food service. Idiot, wtf? Really? Who would discuss somethign involving vomit during ACTUAL lunch service?? The lunch line hadn't even started yet.

    Not mine, but my brothers' experience: Same blowhard elder elder counseled my brothers HARDCORE..... They had each gotten blonde highlights in their hair and this elder had a major issue with it. It was agreed that my brothers would be spoken to at some point in the near future about their hair. Right as the WT was starting, the blowhard elder took the mics from them both and said, "You can't do mics because of your hair." That caused the BIGGEST stink in that congregation that I've ever known.

    If sisters can dye and highlight their hair, why is a young man highlighting his any different???

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    When I was 19 I offered a door step Bible study to a young mom about 24 years old and she accepted the offer. I was so EXCITED and could not wait to get back to the car group to tell them.

    There was an elder in his 60'd in the car group that day and you could just tell he was supper upset with me over it. I could not grasp what I had done wrong. He said I could not keep the study and to give him the address. I kept asking why, he just kept saying I could not keep the study and gave me no real answer. I was on the verge of tears and said "no the woman had said she wanted to study with me and I could not see why I would not be able to keep the study." The elder would not let up so I finally gave him the address and he gave it the study to another sister. He told me the reason was because I did no have a car and he felt the study was too far from the hall and he did not think it right of me to ask someone to drive to the study.

    The young mom quickly stopped the study after she learned I was not allowed to come back.

    Now 30 years latter it still sound crazy.


  • DarioKehl

    What a GREAT topic, OMG. I'm showing my "worldly" relatives this stuff because they're very curious about what kind of hell I had to endure growing up in this strange cult. What an eye-opener!

    My stuff:

    -too strong a "line" in my haircut

    -talking about how to legally get out of a parking ticket. elder's neurotic wife was "stumbled" and I was approached at the following bk study. mind you, she would count her time to the MINUTE.

    -not showing any display of emotion when counseled about my FS time being below the national average (apparently, i should have been crying?)

    -seeing the matrix

    -knuckle popping

    -gum chewing

    -always sitting in the back

    -studying a WT during a thursday night service meeting

    -having a charity license plate (child abuse prevention--imagine that!)

    -intentionally leaving my jacket at home one evening when my car broke and i had to ride a bike to the hall--conductor said i was avoiding having to read or lead in prayer

    -not commenting enough

    -being in college (while pioneering and MS)

    -passing an elder on the hwy on the way home from convention

    -saying "ass" on line

    -going to applebee's after "every" thursday meeting ("is that necessary?")

    -enjoying a martini at applebee's after a thursday meeting ("is this a habit?")

    -not singing

    -not singing loud enough

    -not clapping sincerely

    -not singing on a bethel bus tour

    -never setting the speaker's microphone correctly (this one jealous asshole with low self-esteem would always run up and re-do ANY adjustment i made when i had stage mikes)

    -having any friend who was female (it will lead to illicit sex!)

    -having any friend who was male (GAY!)

    -a full trash can in the men's restroom when hall cleaning was not assigned to my book study that week. mind you, again, this was a 12:30 pm meeting on a wednesday and the same asshole who applies in 90% of the items in my list called me out IN FRONT OF EVERYONE while car groups were being arranged

    -being negative

    -having a materialistic attitude (because i was complaining that i never had enough money from my $66/wk pioneer income to have ANY kind of fun...i wanted roller blades, that's all!)

    -wearing a baseball cap backwards

    -being sick too often

    -"not saying 'hi' first" to people in the coat room

    -dressing too nice

    -cologne.... ah yes... not showing consideration for those who have chemical sensitivity

    -the BEST part--when i shaved my head--nothing! nothing at all! no one said a word, no privileges were removed, nothing!

  • notjustyet

    Not a formal counseling, just stupid rule at convention.

    At a convention and a 8-10 yr old parapalegic, or a cereberal palsey boy in a laydown wheel chair had been wheeled up to a 2nd floor level to get a better view of the Drama on Sunday.

    He was wheeled into a specially marked area just for wheelchairs etc all marked in blue and designated for this use. The parent was getting him all situated as that drama was getting ready to start and

    an attendent approached the father and told him that he would not be able to be stay there as they had been told not to let anyone be in that area. Now location was not blocking the view of anyone above at all as the

    next level of seating would be behind him and started about 7ft up.

    I aproached the attendent and got fairly heated at him and told him that this area was designated a space by law, ADA and that he does not have permission to deny this child this spot. He said that was the rules and the father said it would be okay and the

    father of the boy did not cause a scene and pushed his son back to the floor area where all good children with physical challenges are supposed to be.

    I was livid!!!

    That was a pretty good wakeup call for me, made me see that something was not right here.

  • AwSnap

    I wore dresses just like this, and I'd get pulled into the back room because they were cut too low. Are...you...eff'ing...kidding...me....

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    I had a top on that was very much like this dress and a sister pulled me aside and said it was too low cut and guys could look down and see my breasts if I ever bent over and she just did not feel it was right for me to be wearing it. I was just so darned ticked off that day, I was only about 20 years old and she was pushing 40 at the time. I told her well I could cut my breasts off if that would help because I cannot stand to wear tops that come up to me neck in the summer.

    She just walked away in a huff.


  • BroMac

    using scriptures that are not in the WT study. my reply "all scripture is inspi", he walked away

  • agent zero
    agent zero

    holy sht, DarioKehl, that's quite the list!

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    One that will affect me for the rest of my life is on my Bethel application I but down that my teeth were in good conduction I was in my mid 20's at the time. When we got to Bethel I got a really bad tooth ache after we had been there for about three months.

    My overseer was always going on and on about how he hated the pioneers who came to Bethel for the free health care. How he knew of many who got their teeth fixed and medical care and how they were just free loaders.

    There was no way with his ranting that I could do to the dentist so I let my tooth go to the point that it fall out. If I had only went when it first started I would be fine now. Now instead I have a crown and a tooth that still bothers me 15 years later. I was so stupid to listen to him.


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