What Stupid Things Were You Counseled For?

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  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell


    A sister told me when I was in my early 20's on the Australian summer that I should dress more like the wt picture women: heck, you can't even get clothes like that here.

    Elder counselled me for saying 'bloody' in the kingdom hall.

    Elder counseled me for going on calls alone with old married pioneer brother cuz it was a bad example to the engaged teenage couples.

    Using the word 'totalitarian' in a TMS talk because it was too big and the brothers might not know what it means.

    Chewed out by elder for impersonating bono while singing 'in the name of love' ( I wore blue glasses and spoke with an Irish accent).

    Told off for wearing slacks to the bookstudy

    Recently counseled for 'liking' Steve Hassan on my Facebook page!

    On it goes...

  • NCO

    Well I got fired from the JW's in 1992 so my experiences are from the good ole 80's. You call it disfellowshipping, I call it being fired.

    Plenty of local needs talks devoted to rumors that circulated among the congregation about me. Never anything concrete, as back then as a teen I was a good JW and tried to live as I was taught. But when you're the only teenager with a car in a small congregation, you become a 50 meter target. It didn't help that the car was a 2-door. Just disregard the fact that it was a 1976 Mustang II (a Pinto with a trunk basically) that was GIVEN to me by my non-JW grandfather.

    Hair too short, then too long, then just "too worldly". I did what I could with it. I just had bad hair. After I was fired, I grew a mullet halfway down my back. Now it's high and tight and I'm sure that's not acceptable to an organization that refuses to publish a JW regulation 670-1 that defines acceptable hairstyles.

    Listening to 80's hard rock/heavy metal. Ok they got me there. Not like the music that the mainstream JW teens listened to was any better, but it's just the loud electric guitars and screaming vocals were just too much for JW's I guess. Funny story about 80's rockers. My dad HATED it. Then one day I had the TV on and a Def Leppard video was playing. I forget which one but remember it was from Hysteria. Dad saw their drummer Rick Allen playing with his feet and his one arm and just sat there and watched in amazement. Coolest thing he'd ever seen.

    Stopping at the post office to pick up mail while in field service. Not counselled directly, it was just one of the gripes from a particularly unpleasant backstabbing little elder who would drive his company van to meetings.

    Not showing proper respect for elders. Well I apologize if I've come across that way Brother X, I didn't mean things that way, please tell me specifically how I gave that impression so I can not do it again. Which only resulted in anger and berating for another hour in the meeting.

    Not going through "chain of command" when interested in a single sister. Apparently, according to the elder, I should have talked to my body of elders who would then contact the sister's body of elders. Or maybe he was just not happy that a young teen male such as myself was interested in girls.

    Strangely enough, I never got a word of counselling for driving too fast. Closest I came to that was when I passed my great-great-uncle (an elder in his 80's) on the way to an assembly. He came up to me later and started to say something about it but another elder who was close to his age cut in and said "now Oliver, you know you weren't going more than 45!" and shut that down quick.

    All the nitpicky counselling serves just one purpose and that is to beat people down and establish control. To act like the Pharisees during Jesus' time, when they'd "travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are." Or so Jesus said. What would he know? He was never a JW and never would last very long as one.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Oh that reminds me, your talking about music: an I was driving to the territory with an old sister and had U2 playing on my car CD. She called it 'devil music'.

  • EmptyInside

    Most of these things were the elders/other publishers personal opinions and not even in the literature. So many unwritten rules here,that varied from congregation to congregation. Don't they have anything better to do,apparently not.

    Teenagers seem to be picked on the most,and the most likely to leave at that age.

    This didn't happen to me,but my two older brothers were counseled for seeing Joe Cocker in concert. And they announced from the platform the names of all the young people that went to this concert to please meet the elders after the meeting. They didn't know why their names were announced,then,they were chewed out for going to a concert. They all had their parents' permission.

    One mother stuck her head in the room,and said well,my daughter was planning on going to the concert too. She just couldn't make it.

    It's funny how one of the elders involved,actually,years later,put on concerts locally. And his youngest daughter did worse stuff than any of those "kids" that he chewed out in the back.

  • sarahsmile

    My brother had a long back and natural curly hair. Prior to meetings he had his hair nicely combed and shirt tucked in. One time he gave a very good talk but his wavy hair had fallen out of place and his shirt was un tucked in the back. An elder who only wanted his sons to look good was standing in the back bad mouthing and gossiping about my brother. I was very young heabout 12 years old when he looked down at me while he pointed at my brother and said what a disgrace. His name was George Burns, Vancouver,Wash.

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    Before I was an MS I was counselled for allowing my sister in law to stay the night in my house, she is like my own little sister, she was 16 at the time and all her family were away on holiday and was scared to stay on her own!

    When I was an MS I was taken in the back room for driving too fast.

    When I was an elder I was accused of being arrogant because I pulled up elders for shouting in elders meetings and backed up everything I said with a scripture.

  • HarryMac

    Lots of stuff. But yeah, like Minimus, when we first started studying at the age of 13 I was told repeatedly by the MS studying with our family that people thought that I 'liked to fool around too much'.

    I also remember my mom being irritated with people that seemed to not like that I laughed in the KH after meetings (not laughing at people... just enjoying my life).

    I was supposed to be miserable and I just didn't seem to get it! Well, they did wear me down and make me miserable in the medium run.

    But now I'm out and free.. and smiling!

    Suck it sados!


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