What Stupid Things Were You Counseled For?

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  • mouthy

    I was cleaning the Kingdom Hall & I wore a pair of slack with embroidery down the sides,
    I was told they were not suitable for the kingdom hall. I said "I am CLEANING!!! "

    "But the neighbours see the flamboyant dress so it is better to show modesty for Jehovah"

  • minimus

    Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

  • blondie

    I remember the CO telling us sisters that we had to wear nylons on 100 degree days. A sister in our group had been in the missionary work in a very hot assignment. She brought a picture of her and her husband getting ready to go in "field service"; she was in sandals without nylons and he had on a short sleeve shirt, no tie, shorts, and sandals. She share it with the CO.....................

  • minimus

    I never understood why they want you dressed up to do chores. Stoopid.

  • RosePetal

    We were counselled at my daughters wedding as they were not happy with the fact that we organised disco type music that by the way was chosen carefully so as not to offend. When the sound check was tested they complained it was too loud we explained it was because they were just testing and the sound would be adjusted but the P.O. refused to pray and say a blessing over the food. My hubby was so cross he asked him to go home if he was not happy with our wedding arrangements, only one elder offered to say a blessing even my brother inlaw refused as they all wanted to suck up to the P.O.

    And all because my daughter did not want barn dance music and dancing at her wedding which everyone else had to endure to please the congregation. My husband was also counselled by an elder for wearing a bow tie to our nephews wedding and having his hair too short [his hair was receding for goodness sake]. He has been counselled for not wearing a jacket on the field service even though smart with a shirt and tie in sweltering weather and not wearing a jacket to the group and kingdom hall in sweltering weather. I've been counselled for not wearing tights [panti-hose]. In the l980's we were told not to wear Jeans or trousers even casually. My hubby has even been counselled about the type of shoes he wore. He wore a smart dress flat cap for the field service and the visiting C.O. critisised him for wearing it ironically the watchtower some months later showed a brother on field service wearing one. He was also critised for wearing a woolly hat by the elders but as he was thin on top he would get very cold so they said he should wear a smart trilby. You could not make this stuff up.

    How wonderful to be free LoveRosepetal

  • Adiva

    I got streaks in my hair and was called in to talk to the elders. They also mentioned that I wore too much makeup (I wore eyeshadow and mascara) and called me a Jezebel.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I was counselled for giving a sister a lift in my car with no-one else there. I was about 50 at the time and she was in her 70's.


  • Hecklerboy

    Got counceled for being interested in a girl I met at a Kingdumb Hall build. She was a pioneer and I was studying. I was raised in the whole mess but waited till I was 23 to get dunked. We both were really interested in each other. She was a very cool sister.

    Well after one of my weekly studies the brother I was studying with told me I shouldn't be seeing her because I wasn't baptised yet. It was wrong for her to be interested in me and she could lose her pioneer status for seeing me. Of course I didn't listen and tried calling her. She refused my calls and kept making up excuses to not talk to me. Still pisses me off today when I think about it.

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    When I was younger and had hair, I used to comb my hair straight forward. The elder showed me a picture of Caesar and said that my hair looked just like Caesar's and that was not appropriate. I changed my hair combing to please him.

    You should have told him...........You came, you saw, now STFU Brutus!

    I never understood why they want you dressed up to do chores. Stoopid.

    Stoopid yes, but more like Cult.

    Think About It

  • Lozhasleft

    If some of these werent so tragic they'd be funny...

    Loz x

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