What Stupid Things Were You Counseled For?

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  • dandingus

    Got counseled once for telling a sister (we were both about 19 at the time) that her dress looked nice.

    Apparently that "made her feel uncomfortable". And here I thought women liked to be complimented on their appearance if they put forth the effort to look especially attractive on a particular day. Obviously not this one.

    And of course, later I got talked to for holding my girlfriend's hand. We were both in our twenties and had been dating for months. We were just walking down the street holding hands and talking (not in field service or at a meeting) and an elder saw us. Got an earful about "innappropriate displays of affection for unmarried persons", yada, yada, yada...

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    I recieved counsel from the platform from the CO. I had grown a beard and no elder had spoken to me, I'd had it several months. The CO in one of his talks mentioned beards and how it was almost apostasy. It was taking a step out of line. (1980) Some elders after the meeting claimed it was in his outline they had a special letter from the society about apostasy and they didn't know and he didn't mean me. One decent elder confessed they had discussed it at the elders meeting and rather than talk to me felt it was better to allow him to single me out in such fashion. (and i was a nice brother at the time, who treated elders with respect)

  • doublelife

    When my husband and I were dating, we got counseled several times for not having an officially designated chaperone at the kingdon hall. I mean, seriously, do they think we were going to have sex right there in from of everyone in the kingdom hall just because there wasn't an official chaperone?

  • blondie

    We had arranged to have 2 chaperones, women in their late 50's who had raised 8 children between them. Had been married, but their husbands had died. The elders told us that the chaperones had to be a married couple. So we had a couple, newly married and only 25 act as our chaperones...they didn't like that either. We finally asked the CO if the older sisters qualified or not or did they have to be currently married? He "talked" to the elders; I guess he chewed them out.

  • 5thGeneration

    Ties too bright:

    Wife's dresses above knees:

    Hair too long:

    Suits too expensive:

    Music too worldly:

    I could go on but I'm getting a sick feeling in my stomach!

  • NiceDream

    Mine is the stupidest time I was counselled...at my sibling's judicial meeting!!! I guess they wanted to bring me down while they had their chance.

    They said I was "bringing down my husband" so he couldn't "reach out" and advance as a servant in the Hall. *sigh* They couldn't use him unless I started going out in service more.

  • peaches

    my humor.....one time i went into this "questionable" store....and i bought this toilet paper roller....looked good and fit right in...ANYWAY....being an elders wife and having a key to the hall,,,,i went one evening,,,cleaned the hall,,,the put this roller in the mens bathroom stalls...hahahahahaha

    so,,,when the "dump" is done,,,,and a swirl of toilet paper was needed,,,it played,,,,,hahahaha..."old lang xyne" ....should old acquaintence be forgot and never brought to mind,,,,,etc etc....

    i tried to be good,,,but....i just never could be...and i did try....it was a continuious battle...one that i lost...over,,,and over,,,,and over....and over....

  • serenitynow!

    Skirt too tight on my butt. From some creepy brother, who told it to my father, who told me. Of course I was in my 20s, definitely out of my father's house, so he couldn't tell me what to wear. And something about a man telling a woman something like that is just unseemly to me. I felt like the brother needed to stop looking at my butt, maybe he wouldn't be so offended!

  • excito-are

    Got counseled for mastabulation.

    I guess, it ws fair enough. As I was giving a talk from the platform while doing it.

  • asilentone

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