JWs having Facebook Sex - Strongly warned to get off FB at CA yesterday

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  • minimus

    There's no need to be "selective" regarding TV either, so you might as well just get rid of it! (Same reasoning).

  • grewupjw1969

    I must have missed the FB sex......They are really losing it.

  • bulgogiboy

    Behind closed doors, do you think a lot of elders and COs are masters of 'the poopenshaft craft' with their wives?

  • ldrnomo

    FB is also a great way to keep in touch with relatives and that's one of the things that I think the bORG would rather not see the rank and file do. Attention to family takes attention away from them.


  • zagor

    Facebook sex?? Thats horseshit, they are trying to single out one site because of networking opportunities it gives that they can't control and not because of "sex chatter" How come they are not so strongly talking about porn sites?! In fact, if my memory serves me well you can't even post anything obejectionable on the FB as per regulations anyway. A frined of mine apparently had some photos even deleted because they showed her breastfeeding a newborn baby.

  • observador

    "some had went on to arrange secret rendevous and this was occuring among single, married, young, old and sadly even those in positions of responsibility within the congregation."

    Wow! What a bacanal!

    Even the "heavies" are having that much fun????!!!

    I guess only me is not having that much fun. :( Believe me, these COs are completely paranoid.


  • sass_my_frass

    I love hearing absurd rules like this, it gives me hope for the JW young and restless. The difference between what Kids These Days are learning at school and what the GB were taught when they were there fifty years ago (before they left at age fourteen) is so distant, they can't even know how ignorant they look to teenagers now. More of that, I say. It costs them thousands of young members every time. Bring it on!

  • freydo

    Is having a FB account no longer "a conscience matter"?

    Can you be df'd for "goin' against the slave"?

    Is it going to be like no smoking - 6 months to cancel your FB account or you're out?

  • Pistoff

    What is interesting about this is that the GB ranting about Facebook reveals to younger people how truly OUT OF TOUCH the GB is; the unspoken, and maybe unconscious realization is there that maybe they are also OUT TO LUNCH about some, OK all, other matters of behavior and belief.

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