JWs having Facebook Sex - Strongly warned to get off FB at CA yesterday

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    FRANKIESPEAKIN said: The WT has always warned about gatherings of JWs where there is no control, be it JW roller skating, or big get-togethers of any sort, they are against it if they can't control it. They are after all a mind "Control" cult.

    Face book is a very real threat to the WT's control over the rank and file and it has the very great potential to undermine that control.

    They are panicking over the fact that the Disfellowshipping process used to keep the average JW in the dark about why so many are leaving the JWs will be rendered ineffective by anonymous contact with former JWs and by those who are still JW but remain anonymous for sake of family contact will have an avenue of contact that supersedes or bypasses their control restrictions on who the JW can communicate with.

    The WT is terrified, expect much more in the way of warnings and even disciplinary actions for those not heeding the WT's Face book warning in the future.


    I found most of the posts on this were hilarious, being a FB user myself....but I just had to comment on your post. I was still "in" when the GB began cracking down on big picnics and giving us yet another reason to feel disgust at being suffocated a little more with even MORE of "Jehovah's requirements" they had conjured up.

    It still brings a smile to my face to think that the GB has such a battle on their hands trying to control the JWs like they were nothing but a large bunch of ants put there for delivering THEIR literature, and the ants are seeing a huge pile of sugar that they are able to sneak to and ENJOY without the GB catching on....heeheehee.

    Guess what? (grin) I got an email from FB to let me know from a fellow FB user that THIS SUBJECT was here on JWN...how's that for irony?

    The WTS forbid all my JW family and friends of 30 years to speak to or associate with me when I walked away on my own, from this damaging cult.....and I have made ever so many NEW friends on Myspace AND on Facebook....while reconnecting with relatives all over the world! So take THAT Watchtower!

    The more they try and strangle their drone workers, the more they are going to rebel....it's only common sense.

    Hugs to all,


  • bulgogiboy

    This was virtually inevitable, in fact I'm surprised it didnt happen sooner. I hope it does become a DF'ing offence to use FB, it might cause large numbers of jws to realise how much they are being controlled...

  • agonus

    They're afraid of apostate contact/doubts, period. Sex is just a convenient cover.

  • inbetween

    in my area, a lot of JW use Facebook, among them elders and MS.

    Personally I do have an account, even though, I just check it once a week, not too much into it. Good for sharing Photos, and wasting some time, thats it.

    No talk, from CO or anybody else ever mentioned it so far. We will ahve our CA this spring, will be interesting...

    oh btw, we seen twilight and new moon, is that worse than having a FB account ?

    guess we are bad examples .....

  • GLTirebiter

    Here's the reason they want JWs off of facebook: they might become fans of the Pope!

  • PEC

    I have 200 Facebook friends and I haven't had Facebook sex. What am I doing wrong.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I see many JW's I used to associatte with. Non seemed bugged by the internet

  • independent_tre

    This has nothing to do with FB sex and everything to do with Information Control. The whole hooking up/ FB sex is a smoke screen.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    The net is getting bigger than the GB can control. Alot of the youngest don"t think the net is evil

  • ziddina

    All Time Jeff: "Each young generation is going to be wondering why Jehovah's Witnesses are turning into the Amish of the internet. ..."

    " Amish of the Internet ...." Gotta love it!!! Zid

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