JWs having Facebook Sex - Strongly warned to get off FB at CA yesterday

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  • SirNose586

    What the hell is Facebook sex and why was I not invited to the party??? LOL Im on Facebook a lot of the time and all this immorality flew right over my head cz Ive NEVER seen any such thing!!!

    Hey Carmensroom, you should friend me (or anyone else):


  • dozy

    " This was given as the needs of the circuit so all CAs will not hear this talk...unless your Circuit is into the dirty-dirty. "

    Remember that the "needs of the circuit" talk is now based on a WTS outline. The CO is given a degree of license to make "local application" but generally the same talk will be given everywhere.

    These pronouncements tend to be a bit of a nine day wonder - you will find that a few JWs will delete accounts in a bit of a knee jerk reaction and then open new ones a month later once the fuss has died down. All the younger (& many of the older) JWs I know have FB accounts. Some have hundreds of friends. They aren't going to delete their accounts.

    Typical of the WTS with its tired old door to door magazine distribution model. It should embrace the new technology and opportunities and heavily market through this channel. It should also encourage JWs to build and develop friendships through it. But no - it condemns and tries to control.

  • Bangalore

    Governing Body is the right word. They really govern over the life of rank and file members. But all this micromanagement could backfire especially among the youth.


  • Quillsky

    Mary said.....

    There's no way that the youth in Dubdumb-Land are going to give up Facebook-----it just ain't gonna happen no matter what the Slobbering Body says. If the goon really want to see another mass exodus, I just dare them to try enforcing the issue. This is a great example of how out of touch with reality Crooklyn must be if they think they can get an entire generation of people to give up cyberspace.

    But sadly they managed to get a generation of kids to give up education........

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I am a bit sorry to hear this. Just this past couple weeks I finally got my cousin [who was my best Jw friend for 40 years or so] to begin reconnecting with me after years of his shunning me. FB was the key to that after years of up and down and mostly shunning me.


  • truthseeker

    What they're saying is because a few JWs screw up and act irresponsibly, that the rest of us must suffer collective punishment.

    It's like saying because a few JWs get drunk, no JW should be allowed to drink.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Whether it's Facebook, LinkedIn, or JWN, The Internet genie is out of the bottle, and nothing's gonna stem the tide of disclosure! That's the GB's worst nightmare....

  • treadnh2o

    " My wife and I face each other when we have sex. We don't face books when we have sex. I've never heard of such a thing. Peace out, Mr. Flipper"

    Then do you "Flipper" over? LOL

  • dmouse

    Ok, I've closed my facebook account. Good job they never mentioned 'Adult Friend Finder'

    Seriously, if you want cybersex, there are thousands of sites more suited to it than Facebook. Jeez, what dorks!

  • winstonchurchill

    I'm fairly certain that the various "prohibitions" on certain "acts" in the bedroom are widely ignored by a large percentage of the R&F.


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