JWs having Facebook Sex - Strongly warned to get off FB at CA yesterday

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  • awildflower

    It just may be better than most jw's are getting at home with their jw mates!

  • darkl1ght3r

    I don't know bout that... I'm fairly certain that the various "prohibitions" on certain "acts" in the bedroom are widely ignored by a large percentage of the R&F. They HAVE to know deep down that even the lofty F&DS has no scriptural right to make such prohibitions. But for those who have a mate who takes those prohibitions to the extreme, then yes, FB sex might present a scintillating temptation.

    It is funny that they require that sex be "dignified" before God.... because human coitus is sooooooo very dignified looking. hahaha

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Georgiegirl.....I tried to explain it in another thread, but it got removed.

    Since this FB sex stuff involves typing.....the condom goes over the keyboard.

    That could also save your keyboard from uncontrolled laughter while drinking liquids.

    Think About It

  • flipper

    My wife and I face each other when we have sex. We don't face books when we have sex. I've never heard of such a thing. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • garyneal

    My JW sister was removed as a regular pioneer because she had a Facebook account. She wouldn't delete the account so she was demoted. She thought it was completely ridiculous that they asked her to get off FB.

    As do I and hopefully my wife would consider this equally ridiculous. She is regarlarly on Facebook and has lots of friends (many of them 'worldy' no doubt). I sincerely hope someone at her congregation says something this stupid to her.

    I remember the pastor of the old fundamentalist church I use to attend would rail against the Internet saying that we are 'inviting Satan into our homes' with things like CYBERPORN. (Remember that word?) This, of course, was in the mid 1990's when the WWW was becoming very popular. Needless to say, I realized then how full of crap his words were and realized that I was attending the wrong church.

  • Gerard

    Wait to see in the April's Awake for the best christian features of chastity belt for your computer.

  • carmensroom

    What the hell is Facebook sex and why was I not invited to the party??? LOL Im on Facebook a lot of the time and all this immorality flew right over my head cz Ive NEVER seen any such thing!!!

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Welcome Carmensroom!

    You picked a great thread to post on.

    I would throw some Facebook sex your way.....but, I'm celibate. (no FB account)

    Think About It

  • Mythbuster
  • 111111

    we will be sorely missed, were terribly funny.

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