Song Book changes - the 'real' reason behind them - EYE OPENING

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  • agonus

    Yep. Christ is not mentioned anymore without his BFF, Faithy Discreety McSlaveypants. He's totally impotent without them.

    Which is interesting, when you consider that the GB has freely admitted that the anointed have no more spiritual insight than the other sheep.

    In what parallel universe do the spiritual mathematics in this equation add up to anything comprehensible??

  • moshe

    Thank you Mad Sweeny for the latest light on the F&DS, so the GB of 9 old men, decided they would print a WT article that disembowled all the old anointed and because they control the printing press, that makes it "truth". It is obvious that they appointed themselves, unless they let all the anointed vote on that.- Hardly! Way back in the early 1970's I talked to an elderly brother who was of the anointed- I asked him how often President Knorr asked him what the Holy Spirit had told him, " it's never happened"- So I found out that the anointed had no voice and no power to make any changes in WT teachings.

  • dig692

    This is truly disturbing. I sang a new song for the first time this week (before seeing this thread) and I instantly felt like I was doing something wrong. It was just a weird feeling in my stomach and chest and I just couldn't even pretend to sing the words.

    Now reading all the posts on this thread and seeing what the new songs are really just makes me sick. The WT study articles of late have been more blatantly promoting the worship of the GB as well, and it amazes me how few people even raise an eyebrow to these mind control methods.

  • skeeter1

    Next, there will be a mention to the sheep that they should "sing louder" to honor the Governing Body's new song book (but not hold hands during song)!

    Thanks for posting. Seems the Governing Body wants more glory for itself.

  • abbagail


    ...the better to deceive you with, sang the Big Bad Wolf.

    To echo the other comments, Shocking! but not Surprising...

    Truly, the SQUEEZE is obviously being ramped up several notches.

    Frightening, really. I pity JWs still blind to the GB tactics, who long ago replaced the Holy Spirit and the Lord with itself.

    Thanks for exposing this!

  • megawatt

    Just heard about this yesterday and explanation given to me was "the old songs were to similar to church songs". My BS detector went off and of course found the real truth.

    This cult is amazing. And thanks goes to all of those who posted up their cliff notes and comparisons, not sure if I wanted to go back read any of their song books and disect it. Wasn't in the mood and don't need to ruin my saturday morning.

  • Heaven

    My Father mentioned a couple months back that they received a new song book. He showed it to me. It's a paperback.

    I asked him "What was wrong with the old one?"

    He said "Nothing."

    I asked "Why did they come out with a new one then?"

    He paused and thought for a minute ... and then said "There must be a reason why."

    (This is his stock answer when he doesn't know why. I didn't say anything ... but I knew why. )

  • sacolton



  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I have a 1950 pdf and the new book but what was the title of the middle one?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    wow seems they update the book quite often

    1909 Hymns of the Millennial Dawn 110 pages

    1915 Hymns of the Millennial Dawn 120 pages, without music

    1916 Angelophone Hymns 100 pages, available in hardcover and paperback

    1916 Hymns of the Millennial Dawn 120 pages without music

    1916 Hymns of the Millennial Dawn 336 pages with music

    1925 Kingdom Hymns 64 pages

    1928 Songs of Praise to Jehovah 304 pages, with music

    1928 Songs of Praise to Jehovah 144 pages, without music

    1944 Kingdom Service Song Book 64 pages songbook, 1944

    1948 Kingdom Service Song Book 64 pages, reissue

    1950 Songs to Jehovah's Praise 96 pages songbook

    1962 Songs to Jehovah's Praise 96 pages, reissue

    1966 Singing and Accompanying Yourselves with Music in Your Hearts 128 pages, available in both paperback and leatherette

    1984 Sing Praises to Jehovah 225 pages, available in both pocket and full-size editions [sb]

    1992 Sing Praises to Jehovah 225 pages, large print, lyrics only

    Now a 2009 version

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