Song Book changes - the 'real' reason behind them - EYE OPENING

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  • jehovahsheep

    thanks for all the tibits.this should convince us beyond a doubt that we should not ever entertain the thought of returning to this counterfeit religion.

  • sacolton

    Lady Lee, each new songbook takes Jesus out more and more.

  • cofty
    Lady Lee, each new songbook takes Jesus out more and more.

    You really are right about that. I was a very loyal MS when the 1984 book came out and I hated it. A few years later I read through many of the old song books in the KH library right back to the "Hymns of the Millennium Dawn" it stood out so much that praise of Jesus had gradually disappeared.

    The changes in the new book are disgusting

  • garyneal

    Found this from a link on Funny how the song book went through so many revisions.

    Is it okay to sing from one of the older song books at the meetings?

    One of the Chrisians in our prayer group at work is a Wesleyan and he often speaks of him participating in the band, playing the guitar for the church while they sing some of the old hymns. He's told me that some of the hymns they sing date back to around the 1780's. Funny how the songs from Christendom's religions are 'timeless.'

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    i havn't seen a song book for 12 years... but am a bit stunned by the changes mentioned.

    i think the GB is gearing up, not only for an exodus in 2014, but more than likely lining up a major change. Spend the next 4 years preping the R&F to blindly follow. The placing of the Gb and F&DS as of utmost importance will be used to justify it and manage the fallout...

    that's what i think anyway!


  • sacolton

    Any more changes?

  • daniel-p

    If only we had a PDF of all the changes, showing the old and the new verses side by side.

    Also, I wonder how many times Jesus is mentioned without the FDS in the same line.

  • jdhf

    What's happening in 2014?? I was at the assembly yesterday, and didn't have the new song book. I spent a fortune last year getting the old one bound together with a it's useless. Any songs we sang were changed, and the tone of the talks was basically do or die. We were sickened. It was all about the FDS and Jesus was mentioned TWICE only all afternoon. Makes me sick. Christian my butt...

  • EmptyInside

    I don't like the new songs at all. They all sound the same. And the songs where the words changed are awkward to sing. I can't pretend like everyone else at the hall that I like the new song book. But, I've heard others express similiar sentiments.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    What's happening in 2014?

    It's the Centennial of The Kingdom! The Millennial Reign of Christ will be 10% over but still invisible. It has to have some psychological impact on some JWs.

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