Song Book changes - the 'real' reason behind them - EYE OPENING

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  • nugget

    When I started looking through the book I was horrified. People are singing about an organisation and obdiance to it rather than appreciation for God and Jesus. JWs are being pushed further away from the God they worship. At the few meetings I attend I would have a real problem singing these songs they feel wrong and are self serving.

    On the plus side people may start to notice since the message is hardly subtle. Most people have the old lyrics in their heads so the changes will spring off the page.

    I am so disappointed in the organisation but glad to be free of it's influence. They disgust me.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    "To everything there's a reason and a season"... Isn't that how a really nice song goes?

    Big deal! Can you just not agonize over this?! The new songs and rhythms are very nice thus far.

    Try and highlight the positive in things. All things.


  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Here are some notes a JW sent me re comments about the new song book at the annual meeting.

    "It was announced a few weeks ago that during Annual Meeting we would use the new song books for the first time, so that was great. But there was another surprise for us... Instead of singing along to pre-recorded music there was a live chorus! This was a group of about 30 brothers and sisters on stage that sung along as a sister played the song through a piano (also on stage). They were directed by Brother David Splane of the Governing Body.. The chorus would sing the song and then Brother Splane would ask us to sing. It was very beautiful hearing the new songs, especially when the chorus would sing (they were amazing!). Brother Splane mentioned that the Governing Body was very involved in the making of the new song book.They had to approve of every song and every stanza.Then the Brother said, "If the Governing Body was involved in the making of this book, isn't it in reality spiritual food?...What should be our attitude towards it?" That really got everyone to see that singing is an important part of our worship to Jehovah."

    The whole reason for the new book was to glorify the GB.

  • awildflower

    EndofMysteries: great thread! Keep 'em coming. I'd help you but I got rid of all my jw material. But very interesting indeed.

    Bonnie_Clyde: that made me sick!

  • EndofMysteries

    They should change the watchtower magazine and slogo from "The Watchtower - announcing Jehovah's Kingdom", to "The Dark Pit - announcing the GB tyranny!"

  • cab1000

    All the changes to make it "better" and they get to sell millions of them, guaranteed! A win-win for them, yay!

  • hamsterbait

    The Gibbering Buddies should be trembling in their shoes:

    If they are right then only eternal oblivion awaits them.



  • Robert7

    This is great! Although with your comment:

    I don't know how any of my family will be able to sit back and ignore this.

    I bet 99% of people will never notice any change. The whole point is for subtle brainwashing. What I do hope though is that it will add to the dissonance of people who (like me 2 years ago) feel more and more worship of the GB.

  • EndofMysteries

    17 / old 29 forward you witnesses - "God's new order" replaced with "the paradise". Justice/truth being pushed asided replaced with the kingdom hope being mocked.

    THIS ONE IS FUNNY! Song 18/ old one 114 - with what they've changed, they would of been better keeping this verse in, because now they are denying they were sent by God. But anyway, this verse is ERASED not replaced, but just gone. "Us he gave the faithful slave, him a grand commission gave, that Jehovah's name he bear, in it's vindication share." I think removing it caused more harm then keeping, again after all the faithful slave insertations, strange they cut this one out. The other difference is that old one one of the versus said "May we preach from door to door", has been replaced with, "May be preach with godly fear".

    19/ old 4 - removal of entire verse talking about billions being resurrected and what a time of fine instruction it will be

    20 / old 28 - "Bless our meeting together" cut out verse talking about keeping us humble and meek. Added "may our words and may our actions Magnify your Sovreignty"

    23 / old 47 - Removed "Thru Christ, your son, we now seek joy and peace; once blinded eyes behold truth er increase. Searching the scriptures we hear your command; making our choice with Jehovah we stand" has been replaced with "We who now serve you rejoice in your light; with opened eyes we now see truth and right. Searching the scriptures we hear your command, making our choice for your Kingdom we stand" - So it went from Through Jesus seeking peace and making stand with Jehovah now is saying we are rejoicing in the light (what would that be huh? lol) we have opened eyes and must take a stand for the kingdom (again what would that be?) .

    25 - BIG CHANGES old 200 - "Proof of Discipleship" - I don't know why they didn't just remove it all. The old one went into detail about love to all and to our brother and love to the erring, etc. That love has eyes to see the good, to build up, to seek someones better side, not selfish, etc. The NEW ONE, removes every detail and says there is a law that we must love, and it must be genuine and no other place on earth has this love. That's pretty much the whole song. I guess they don't know what love is or it's dangerous to know?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I feel like the recent years' push toward ever more conformity and control is to purposely drive the conscious class to the surface and root them out. They're perfectly willing to lose hundreds or thousands of free thinkers if it means keeping millions of sheeple duped and with no inclination to learn the real truth. They have to know that this stuff is horribly nerve-wracking to anyone still in who is using his/her brain.

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